I would love to create a NFT Marketplace of ticketing for real events, gigs of music artists


I would love to create a NFT Marketplace of ticketing for real events, gigs of music artists etc allowing users to edit metadata and and image for a couple of templates.

Each promoter would have a kind of admin side where to scan each Near wallet of the attendance to validate their NFT Ticket.

I would like to build a team first in order to create a DAO and start developing the project. No matter where you live on the earth, and the project need as many people as possible.

Imagine a Discord server where a channel is created for each event in order to promoters give support and info to the attendees once they have the NFT to get access to.

I have background on the music industry, I’ve founded a distribution company called Zndrke since 2017 and my last company is called Beat Lock :lock:, it’s a tool for producer and beatmakers that allows you to discover who is making money with your beats with no permission on music streaming services.

All the product design on the web of Beat Lock is part of my work there… all the company parts less coding. We were at WebSummit as Alfa startup and this is how I meet Near protocol.

Anyone interested in the development side? I will manage marketing and product design.



Hello guille!

This is a really good idea, i like it. Making NFTs work with something more physical like events, or music have a bright future.

Did you consider to post that you need people in #jobs channel in our Discord Server? Maybe there is someone insterested in helping you!

In case you need any funding, make sure to check NEAR Foundation grants program here Grants


Thanks!! I will :fist:t6::sunglasses::fire:

Hey @guille,

Thank you for this post. Sounds like a great idea! It might be interesting to get in touch with Minbase for example, @marianeu would be the one to contact, as they also work with ticketing.

In case you are looking for some Devs, you might want to check out Telegram: Contact @neardev :slight_smile:


I will contact with them! Thanks a lot for your help.

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You’re very welcome! Looking forward seeing how this develops :rocket:

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Hello ! I would love to help you ! We can go to OWS and TenkBay right now, they will help with contributors/professionals/resources, and I can find you developers also from NEAR HISPANO.

Please send me a DM and lets have a talk !

@Fritzwagner telegram
→ FritzWagner#6722 discord


Hey there @guille,
this sounds exactly like a case for mintbaseDAO funding.
But first we need to get the project running somehow.

We need you to present a project to us saying when is the first event, how will people get NFT tickets (on near). Because the first step for every single project is onboarding people to near and mintbase. We can give funds for onboarding, but it can not be at the door, just takes faaaar to much time.

Are you planning do develop an app or just use mintbases burning function when people enter the event?
They need to have a wallet with the NFT ticket to be able to burn it at the door…

We are in contact on telegram, ask me any questions there, and maybe create a new post on Mintbase - NEAR Forum following the How to apply for funding with Createbase - MintbaseDAO guidelines (MintbaseDAO was called Createbase before, I know its confusing, definetly need to update things!)


Are there any updates on this project as of today ?

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Definitely yes… since yesterday I’m having a lot of lovely :heart: support to build this project from many people (both from NEAR and Mintbase).

Thanks to all @Benz_Near , @tabear , @FritzWorm , @marianeu !! :fist: :sunglasses: :fire:

Please send me a DM and let’s have a talk.

  • @guille_zndrke on Telegram
  • Guille#0001 on Discord

Hey @guille,

I did techno events myself and I like the idea of using NFTs in the real world. There are so many possibilities in terms of incentivising the community with NFT. :partying_face:

I am actually planing the same right now with my community, since I have one of the biggest EDM/Techno music communities in Berlin. I am also very good connected to Djs and Event Managers in Berlin and globally.

Here is my community:
Sisyaner Telegram
Sisyaner Facebook

I have currently 4 Moderators helping me to moderate the community and I wanted to launch a DAO/Guild on Near very soon.

I would love to connect and maybe you, @FritzWorm and I we can do something together!

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Hi @Kemal ! Nice to meet you! I’m building a team to start this project. Now I have all the info how to get started. I’ll be working on the product design on Figma a couple of weeks. Today I started with name and logo… :fist: :sweat_smile:


Would you like to join? I’m open to everyone who wants to join to this project because I’m sure that as many as possible always is better.

Feel to free to send me DM

  • @guille_mintickt on Telegram
  • Guille#0001 on Discord

Thanks for reaching out!


Hey @guille, I send you a DM on Telegram and a Friend request on Discord. Looking forward to discuss the details with you. Cheers!


BTW i love the logo design! :heart_eyes:


Following this. Could be a great innovation and resource for our events here in Lisbon!


Oh thanks! Sounds awesome :clap:t2:

When we gather the whole team that will work in Mintickt we will put out a Discord server to keep everyone informed of the progress and start building a community with artist/promoters, illustrators the will design different templates for tickets and anyone interested in joining to our community.


Guys sounds great @guille @Kemal @BlackCatCinema
Let me know if you have any questions regarding the NFT functionalities we offer in Mintbase


Here is an update, this is how promoters will start to create their tickets!!

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Looks great! Great idea! Minting Music is happy to help in any way we can. Let’s set up a call.


Thanks for reaching out! Feel to free to send me DM

  • @guille_mintickt on Telegram.
  • Guille#0001 on Discord.
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