[June] NEAR Validators: community manager

Hi Sandboxers and NEARians,

We are excited to invite you to the collaboration with Near Validators!

Brief Description of Project

The community of NEAR Validators provides technical support and deals with bugs and direct escalations. The NEAR Network is now secured by 100 validators.

Brief Description of Project Opportunity

The Near Validators community is looking for a community manager with blockchain technical knowledge to cover working hours in the Asian timezone.


Moderation in the following 3 channels:

Mainnet Validators Telegram Channel

Discord: NEAR

The moderator will deal with the following tasks:

Technical Support: From time to time, validators may require tech support. The moderator will work with onboarding documents to provide the right information.

Onboard Chunk Only Producers: The community is looking to onboard more validators as chunk only producers. Please have interested parties sign up here. Become a Validator on NEAR Protocol -

Feature and Bugs: The moderator will provide support with logs and bugs for the community through Zendesk.

Direct escalations: The moderator should notify the project leader about direct escalation (for example, corrupt snapshots), and help to solve them.

Required Skills

  • Background in running validator / RPC nodes on NEAR, or hasw SRE/DevOps experience
  • Excellent verbal, and written communication skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Deep understanding of and genuine excitement about the crypto community
  • Proven ability to manage large communities and make them successful
  • Ability to express complex technical information clearly and concisely
  • Highly empathetic and professional even under the pressure
  • The candidate must be able to cover working hours in the Asian timezone.

Favourable Skills

  • Native English speaker
  • Experience running NEAR nodes





Next steps for you!

Are you interested in the project? Find it on our Project Dashboard and apply for it through there: https://www.openwebsandbox.org/projects-dashboard

Have a nice day,
from the OWS team.


Hello @AnaNastya it’s been a while
I’m interested in this project to work as a moderator