Guidelines on how to create proposal to "ADD MEMBER TO A GROUP" on community DAO [EN,RU]

A member of community DAO member has the power to vote on proposals.
To become a member of community DAO you’ll need to create an “add member to a group” proposal. The following are the guidelines to follow up to create a proposal.


Click this link to visit community on Astro DAO

II. Click on the + sign as shown in this screenshot.

III. Click this to bring a drop down list.

IV. Choose “Propose to add member to a group”


Click on the circled part as shown in this screenshot and from there, you can choose the group you wish to propose into.

You’ll need a bond of at least 0.1 near in your wallet in other to approve your proposal.
You can increase your wallet balance to around 0.3 near if you’re having not enough balance error from which 0.1 near will be deducted as the bond.


Hi, @bgem :clap:

Excellent, your guidelines is the way to make the proposal from a mobile phone and it is very useful. The interface on a phone and on a desktop PC differ slightly, and while I find both to be very intuitive for some of us, not for others.

A few hours before I had completed the version for a desktop computer (Spanish/English), which is published in this post:

Already with both there is enough help to complete the task. :rocket:


Thanks for your commend.
Both are good as one shows the PC interface and the other shows the mobile interface.
I created the post due to numbers of people requesting for the guidelines to join community Dao as a community member / council member and I think it’s going to be of help for everyone even in the future.


RU/UA/Belorussian version:

Привет! Чтобы стать участником Communuty DAO, нужно:

Шаг 1:

Перейти по ссылке:

Шаг 2:

Нажать на зеленый плюс

Шаг 3:

В появившемся окне:

  • 1 выбрать “Propose to Add Member to Group”;
  • 2 краткое описание о себе;
  • 3 выбрать группу “Communuty”;
  • 4 указать имя своего near кошелька;
  • 5 нажать “Propose”

Шаг 4:

Все готово. Как только консулы проголосуют, станете участником Communuty DAO.
Если остались вопросы пишете в личку @kmotiv telegram