NEAR Community DAO: Purpose, Vision, and Mission


DEFINITION: open structures and clear processes for members to shape governance of NEAR and help make decisions together as a united community :infinity:


To increase accessibility of resources and promote diversity and inclusion, we should experiment with decentralized governance of NEAR community funds.


Community DAO engages all kinds of participants and helps them use their voice in our ecosystem to support anyone contributing to NEAR growth, development, and evolution.

Our decentralized autonomous organization is a place where the whole NEAR community gathers to make decisions responsibly, fairly, and wisely!


We recruit active NEAR users who are willing to review proposals and vote, in order to build necessary structures and processes for decentralized governance:

Please reply with any thoughts or questions. Your feedback is crucial!

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Good post, Its gives better explanation of community DAO
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We need your help to define objectives and key results for this experimental Community DAO on Astro :sparkles:


Target major issues affecting the community…

  1. Decentralization: Give more and more power to the community, entrusting members with various roles in our Community DAO to make decisions together (continually inspired by Creatives DAO, we’re building trust across different groups)

  2. Identity Verification: Address the KYC requirements of getting paid through NF (and / or House of Guilds)

  3. Sustainable Funding: the approach is to innovate around ways to distribute NEAR community funds, according to the overarching vision: a world where all people control their data, money, and the power of governance!


  • Use Community DAO channels (on Telegram, Discord, Forum, etc.) and weekly Study Group meetings to connect and gather feedback on ideas.

  • Create proposals on Astro, comment, and vote! Polls are a good way to gauge opinions, especially if we diversify and grow. Bounties could involve fun rewards, along with NFTs. We now have a Mintbase store!

  • To be self-sustainable, we will offer services, namely DAO leadership and coordination (with support from Deep Work and the DAOcubator program. Effectively, that means our goal is to develop a talented pool of active community managers who understand NEAR and regularly use DAOs. This helps to rejuvenate and replenish our council(s) over time.


Community DAO users:

  • number of active users
  • number of proposals by type
  • number of active groups (with 9+ members)
  • number of votes per proposal
  • number of active DAOs involved

Ultimately, Community DAO aims to multiply as a representation of NEAR to help make informed, strategic decisions regarding our ecosystem treasury. That does not necessarily involve controlling funds in any specific DAO treasury.

Next step: draft proposal for consideration by members of this Ecosystem DAO.


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Community DOA we stand in one spirit.

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We are building a NEAR-based Quadratic Funding platform that could help community members signal their preference on projects to be funded through the Ecosystem Fund.

Letting anyone vote with their tokens would add a more decentralized and stronger signal, as well as funding source for the Ecosystem DAO - additionally to the voting on Astro.

Our current demo allows users to add ideas to our Github repo and fund them as bounties at (

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