[Guide] Createbase Hackathon - NFT Onboarding DAO

Welcome to the NFT-Onboarding Category of the Createbase Hackathon.

The NFT-Onboarding DAO started as a collective that gave artists a warm, comfortable welcome to the NEAR ecosystem. The founders (@whatshertoes, @iotachan, and @starpause ) have been using NFT airdrops as a way to make the orientation experience more fun, but there are a lot more possibilities to explore!

Over the course of the hackathon (May 15 - June 6), you’re invited to submit Payout Proposals to the DAO.

Payment Proposal Logistics

  • Payout Proposals on SputnikDAO need to include a link to a forum thread in the NFT Onboarding category.
  • Each reward checkpoint will require you to update the forum thread with your progress and create a new Payout Proposal.
  • It’s no problem to use the forum post to provide updates and communicate with your teammates in between reward checkpoints.
  • Please include the near accounts of you and our hackathon teammates (if you have them) in the first post of your forum thread!
  • It’s possible to take on multiple tracks/bounties during the hackathon. If you do this please use a separate forum thread for each project you’re working on.

NFT Onboarding DAO Rewards Checkpoints

  • Written Ideation (get a forum post up, min 500 words): 10 NEAR
  • Pitch Deck (flesh on the idea): 20 NEAR
  • WIP Presentation (for feedback): 30 NEAR
  • Live Deliverable (Infographic, GitHub project, explainer video): 40 NEAR

Collecting rewards at every step is NOT required, but if you complete all of them it’s possible to earn a minimum of 100 NEAR :grin: Also, if you submit Payment Proposals along the way you are still eligible for the winning prize pool. There’s no risk to staying engaged :muscle:


NFT Onboarding DAO Funding proposal:

Hey @chloe! This is my first time taking part in any hackathon and I am not understanding what type of project to make here for the hackathon.Can u please help me?


Great question. You can submit any project idea that supports the creative web3 space. If you look in the forum topics for the hackathon DAO’s you should already see some topics popping up.

Here’s my hackathon ideation link.

My account is oclid.near

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My ideation link: IdeationLink

My near account is tanishq.near

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Hello. I had a doubt regarding the awards. Will they be awarded per checkpoint or all at once? As in if I submit all the components till the Github stage, will I receive 40 NEAR or 10+20+30+40=100 NEAR as rewards for each checkpoint? Thank you.

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They are rewarded at each checkpoint. After each task is complete, hackers are able to submit the task to the relevant DAO on Sputnik.fund. For the ideation task, a 10 NEAR payout is appropriate, and for each consecutive task, the payout increases. The total amount available for a full project is 100 NEAR with all tasks completed and a GitHub submission. That would typically require 4 seperate DAO payout proposals.


@chloe Hey! If a proposal expired what should one do? Should one assume it didn’t pass? Thanks!

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If a proposal expired, it means that the relevant DAO council didn’t vote in time and that the proposal sadly didn’t pass. The DAO council for NFR Onboarding is @starpause, @iotachan, and @whatshertoes. IF three days isn’t long enough for the council to get to all proposals, then the voting period should probably be increased.

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Thanks a lot. Another thing which I wanted to ask was, if I work with a teammate on this project, will the payout be awarded to each of us individually (e.g say 100 NEAR per person) or as a team (e.g. 100 NEAR between the two of us)? Thank you.

It is 100 NEAR per project.

Here’s my hackathon ideation link .

My account is electrone901.near


NFT Degrees:

Near account:


I have an idea about a market of hidden NFTs. Check it out here
My near account is ter.near

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really love this and am happy to help in any way!
Near account a017732643a.near

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[IDEATION]: Marma J Foundation: NFT-Onboarding DAO

Link to Ideation: [HACKATHON]: Marma J Foundation: NFT-Onboarding DAO

Submission by: bianca.near
Target: marmaj.sputnikdao.near

Sent a second payout proposal to SputnikDAO because I made an error on the “target”.