Ideation For Hackathon: Learn By Blog

[Learn By Blog]: Learn by Blog is an upcoming website that would be containing a range of NFT tutorials so that people can learn about NFT’s


  • My ideation for this hackathon is that I will be creating a blog dapp that will be having NFT tutorials such as What are NFT’s? How can we make NFT’s more eco-friendly? Creating your own NFT, Tutorials related to the mintbase will also be included. This project will be going to be helpful for users that don’t know anything about NFT’s
    but want to get started with.
  • At first, the idea will be more focused to successfully create a blog
    dapp with a good range of NFT tutorials but later rewards will be
    added and will be given to users who completes the

NFT Onboarding Dao


Project Presentation:
Will update soon

Video Presentation:
Will update soon

Will Update soon


Seems like a great idea to educate the creative community. What parts of this need to use the blockchain?

For example, can users log into the blog with the NEAR accounts? If so, what extra benefits do they get for doing so?

  • maybe users could answer questions about the blog post/tutorial and earn NFT’s for completing the quiz? Gitcoin has a similar platform with Gitcoin quests: Quests | Gitcoin
  • maybe users could submit their own blogs and if the community upvoted them enough they could get added to the platform
    • here it may also be interesting to have a community token that is given out to community members for free but used/burned on blog voting (this could help ensure mostly community members are curating the platform)

Great start though! Looking forward to how this idea plays out as you add to it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks! I will look into these and try to integrate these or something like these

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I see two valuable things here which could each be a project on their own

  1. NFT onboarding blog content. This could live anywhere, in fact it may be more valuable for this content to live on broader crypto platforms like,, (what am I missing :yum:).

  2. Blog dApp on NEAR. Would the project be open source? if so there are extra grant opportunities we can talk about!

Looking forward to updates!

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Hey @starpause! How are you?
For project:blog Dapp
For blog dapp on NEAR yes I can make it open-source so that everybody can contribute to this project. Plus, can you tell me some features that I should try to integrate into the blog dapp.

For:Nft onboarding blog content
For NFT onboarding content, I will write them on the websites that you mentioned so that the tutorials can be viewed by more people. And I also wanted to know that can I also submit the tutorial link for project submission??

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Hey @starpause! Can you update please so that I can proceed with the presentation

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Hi @Tanishq !

Let’s focus this hackathon project on the blog Dapp. It’s already a strong proposal =)

NFT Onboarding Blog Content, please do submit these tutorial links as separate projects so that you can get DAO funds for them. These can be sent to the createbase DAO for 25N.

@Tanishq forgot to explicitly mention, please make your ideation proposal for 10N here! nft-onboarding.sputnikdao.near


Hey @starpause! I already got 10N for my ideation proposal. Now I will start with the presentation work!


Hey @starpause! I created the presentation and my proposal link is: Proposal Link
Presentation link

Hey @starpause! Can you update that if the presentation was okay as I am starting to write the code and any features that I can add to the “Blog Dapp”

Hey, I’d definitely like to see this “Blog Dapp” Proceed. Seems like the Dao proposal has expired, can you please do a new DAO submit so we can vote on it, Thank you.

I fully agree with Comments from @starpause and @chloe, they’ve pointing at the right direction for the problem you are working on solving :slight_smile: .

The PPT did not provide more info and develop the idealization further, but I appreciate you are on a momentane here. I will vote up for it!

In the same time, just trying to know you better, can you include

  • link to your social media (twitter, instagram, wechat etc)
  • Do you have a existing Blog website , can you share :slight_smile:
  • Might be helpful to share a Dapp you build before, if any, on any chain. To understand How can NEAR tech team support your [Blog Dapp] to succeed.

BTW, I like the name" “Learn By Blog”, or for the crypto age can go with “Learning as Mining” just for your reference.


You should have the funds @Tanishq