It's a lot of fun catching scammers and sharing them with the community

I caught a professional fraudster today and had a long enough conversation with him in order to find out what schemes he uses. All our conversation, which in itself is a valuable tool, I am showing you in the form of a screenshot. I am also preparing an animation video about opening the NEAR wallet and I want to include this information there.

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We can consider your proposal for 10N at the NFT Onboarding DAO to be the [IDEA] stage for your cartoon.

The next stage would be putting a deck together with the timeline and a rough storyboard for the cartoon, which you can submit for 20N, even after the 6/6 hackathon end date.

Thank you for the effort to protect NEAR holder from Scammers. The animation idea also sound great!

However I can not vote up for this, for the forum matter. This is not a proper Written Ideation proposal. Since you submit it to the NFT-Onboarding DAO, Please follow the Guild here,

Or check some Ideation proposal Reference below:

I voted you up for the this one :blush:, the BUG proposal you submitted.

Thanks for engaging with us in so many ways! Looking forward to see development of the carton.


Thank you very much for helping me, I’m completely new here, but my eyes are burning with new ideas. I think that NEAR has a great future and I will definitely put my hands on it)) So far, I’m just studying how everything works for you here. Tell me, if I have a team and an action plan to create my own unusual marketplace, will I somehow get grant programs to pay for programmers and designers? Is there such a thing as an advertising budget? Who is doing creative work and advertising?