Gen Ops/Connecteam Report Q1

Hey everyone

As you might know, at the beginning of Q1 me and @mukuls9971 ecided to upscale our team managing workflow and implement new tools to track performances and rise overall quality of service.

After a long evaluation of various tools, we decided to go with which is an amazing tool that does not only include clock in/out and schedules management tools but way more, such as a knowledge base archive, team updates, tasks, and more….

Read more about here:

Recently we had a meeting with one of the reps of the service which was glad to hear our feedback about what could be implemented, such as a real-time status dashboard, changing various assigned jobs without having to clock out from one and then clock back in, rewarding various employees based on their performances, and way more, will post an update soon on new updates and features.

We have been using since 17th Jan’22 to manage different NEAR concierge sub-teams.

As per reports available on the connecteam, the overall experience of the team and engagement level has shown very great progress over the last 3 months.

Let me share with you all the reports to understand the usage.

  1. Jan Month

  1. Feb Month

  1. March month activity (upto 13 March)

  1. Update Feature Usage

The main Feature we have been using upto today are:

  • Clock in/Out
  • Work-Shifts
  • Chat
  • Updates and Announcements
  • Directory

We are planning to increase the features we have been using to improve the engagement and coordination. The main features we are planning to use are as follows:

  • Recognitions: To provide encouragement to team
  • Surveys: To understand how a team is doing?
  • Suggestions: For improvements on NEAR platform
  • Welcoming new team members with a brief announcement on the app.
  • Work details done during the shift.
  • Auto clock-out after a specific time & to clock in again.

For a few aspects, I need to discuss with the connect product team to understand how to implement the same. For example:

  • To provide a clock-in/clock-out timeout period so that we get better control on how people are doing.
  • Survey forms

Thanks @stanisnear, connectteam has been awesome application for team coordination. If we can use the work-details feature of it, it can automatically create the report and make everyone much more productive.

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