Funding Proposal for the NEAR Writers Collective

Total monthly fund: $4500

Purpose: Provide content writing service to the NEAR ecosystem.

Introduction post: Introducing the NEAR Writers Collective

Measured by:

  • Articles and content produced
  • Number of events organized
  • Number of partnerships

Target for 1st month:

  1. Collaborate with the NEAR Wiki.
  2. Deliver one article per week to NEAR Projects. February’s collaboration will be with: OIN Finance, NEAR Tiger Academy, and Muti Collective
  3. Collaborate with OWS for the creation of Workshops for writers
  4. Promote the guild’s services within the ecosystem
  5. Start writing a repository of resources for writers

Target for 2nd month:

  1. Continue outreach to projects within the NEAR ecosystem and deliver 1-2 articles per week
  2. Have the first writers workshop together with OWS
  3. Stat an experimental writing project in collaboration with NEARxPublish and other creative writers within the NEAR ecosystem

Target for 3rd month:

  1. Further establish the NEAR Writers Collective’s as the entry point for new writers in the NEAR ecosystem through outreach and workshops
  2. Continue to write 1-2 articles per week for projects within the NEAR ecosystem
  3. Conduct 1 workshop per month in partnership with OWS
  4. Kickstart of experimental writing projects (literary NFTs, writing contests, etc…)

Target for 4th month:

  1. Continue with the writing of articles (1-2) for NEAR projects
  2. Conduct one workshop per month/AMA with OWS


  1. Production of articles for NEAR projects
  2. Organising Events, Workshops, Contests
  3. Building a community of NEAR writers

Cost Factors:

  1. At the beginning the guild is planning on producing an average of 10-12 articles per month. The cost per article will vary on the kind of article and the research involved in it. The price range is between $80 and $130 per piece.
  2. Monthly cost for Community and Project Management
  3. A share of the budget will go for the design of articles, banners, promotion of events, and making of videos
  4. A share of the budget will also be used for the organization of writing contests and funding experimental creative writing projects


Looks great, and one of my fave Guilds yet!

Can you please breakdown the cost (approximate) for each initiative?

Would encourage @Community-Squad and anyone else who wants to chime in to provide feedback, too!