NEAR Writers Collective: Plan Update

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I had written an introductory post to the NEAR Writers Collective which was followed by a request for funding. I am now writing this post to announce a change of plans.

After some reflection, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to go forward is not through the setting up of a guild, as it would only add a layer of bureaucracy for me to deal with, but join NEAR WEEK instead. Joining NEAR WEEK will make the onboarding and running of activities I had planned for the guild much faster and will allow for a greater impact.

The NEAR Writers Collective and NEAR WEEK share the same objective – providing quality content to the NEAR ecosystem and creating a community of talented writers. The union of our forces will enable us to achieve these goals and provide a much-needed service to the community.

After talking to the NW team, we have decided that I will join NW as head of content and accomplish what I intended to through the NEAR Writers Collective. This means that I will work on the onboarding and mentorship of writers, production of quality content pieces, and contribute to the development of Better, the upcoming platform for content bounties.

Collaborating with @JPALHUMAIDAN will bring the most benefit for everyone as it will create more opportunities and will allow us to grow faster and stronger!

Note: For those that expressed interest in joining the NEAR Writers Collective, nothing will effectively change. You will continue to have access to writing and mentorship opportunities through NW. In regards to projects, terms will have to be re-discussed in light of the changes.

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This is an interesting update @Aria … Thanks… Looking forward to it…:grin:

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Thanks for the Update @Aria

I’m still waiting for your news!

What you have told us so far about Better seems great to me, understanding that it is a platform that is under development. I hope you can tell us more about them soon.

Congratulations for what you have been doing for our Writers Collective, and now in conjunction with NEAR WEEK.

Thank you very much

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Sorry, these past weeks have been hectic, you can expect a response by the beginning of next week :slight_smile:

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is there any minimum qualifications for candidacy for a writer who wants to offer his services to you or NW?


Good English is a must as well as an example of your writing skills. I’m not necessarily looking for very experienced writers as I can help with it at the beginning. However, before I commission a piece I need to make sure some basic requirements are met:
-correct grammar
-familiarity with Web3 and NEAR