EMERGENCY SCAM! Stolen NEAR tokens from my near wallet via fake website NEAR wallet (seed phrases)


I have big problem and i need your help ASAP. Today, morning at 10:48 I was attempting to check my tokens amount on my NEAR protocol wallet. Google search engine suggested me fake website which was looking exactly the same as the official one.
Link to FAKE website: https://nearwallet.site/

Unfortunately, I didn’t recognise properly that website it’s a fake one. I’ve used above website and i went through Import Existing Account process, I gave them my seeds phrases and the fake website directed me to the official site and then I was able to put my seed phrases again (It confused me) but I went through the process of Logging into NEAR protocol wallet, everything seemed to be ok.

After couples of minutes I realised that somebody is trying to steal coins from my NEAR protocol wallet because I received an e-mail from NEAR protocol about transaction in progress and secure code. I didn’t make any transaction at all, I didn’t request any secure code. I didn’t want to move any coins on my wallet and few seconds later i’ve noticed that all my money is gone.

My wallet name is: jakub.near

I have no idea who hacked into my wallet but I have checked the adress where coins were sent. He has accumulated all coins from my account on this wallet adess: 9ebef819489ae5e6641cc5573740dadc751c35c3ae37c110e4fad8101494e418.

In addition iam sending you a transaction ID : 5Bagm53Z6aE9WX7qJir3t5qAPtBVwoiU7BGq7n2QruuE

History of Activities on my account down below, see attached photos.

I will be much appreciated for any help or information.

Kind Regards

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Hey, hello @Hiimdjjay .

First of all, sorry for this happening.

It happened to me once, at least my lesson was not so expensive (It was like 9 NEARs, but a bunch of NFTs).

These kinds of scams are impossible to track, there are just exchange wallet addresses (I have checked the account you post).

I hope I’m wrong, but usually don’t

Thanks for reporting the scam site, in my part of the world Google didn’t suggest that url.

Being a decentralized protocol there is nothing else to do, but thanks again for reporting the scam site.



Thanks for flagging this, we’ve shared it with the security team internally and will endeavour to get it taken down ASAP :100:

Sorry to hear this has happened, unfortunately, I think we can expect more to pop up as we continue to grow. It’s a game of whack-a-mole at the moment, and the best defence is for sure education.