EMERGENCY SCAM! Phishing via fake website NEAR wallet (seed phrases)


I have big problem and i need your help ASAP. On 08.04.2024 I logged into fake wallet website, which looked exactly the same and it stole my seed phrase.
Original website - app. mynerawallet. com, the fake site has extra li between instead of ll

I understand that there is no way to get it back. Can you please at least shut it down? I still have access to the UI part via website, but can’t perform any actions.
Right now scummers are waiting for withdraw tokens from staking, so we still have time to shut down the account.

You can see on the screenshot the scummers deleted my keys and withdrew money from staking. (can not upload any image to the post)

my wallet name is vladarefev.near


Hey, if you still have access to your wallet and have ability to perform transactions, please rotate your keys ASAP.

Here’s the tutorial.

You’ll need to import your wallet to Meteor Wallet


A friend of mine lost 51 NEAR this night.

Very sad.

Sorry about this bro