Stolen Funds from my wallet

I had my funds stolen to the wallet 5c33c6218d47e00ef229f60da78d0897e1ee9665312550b8afd5f9c7bc6957d2

i checked and found out that this wallet is huge, it’s top 10 in size. i don’t know how it happened, but i lost my funds, and a i cannot believe this hack is a whale in Near protocol.

I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. It can be disheartening and frustrating to encounter such situations. It’s important to be cautious and vigilant when managing your funds, especially in self-custodian wallets like Near. Remember to exercise caution and be wary of suspicious links or phishing attempts. If possible, please send me a private message providing more details about your incident, such as your wallet address and the suspicious link you may have interacted with, etc. This will help us better understand what happened and raise awareness within the community. Thank you!

So sorry about this notice.
Do you receive any token with name “WON” in the last days ?

No, i didn’t . i just had NEAR , but i wonder if it was a fake wallet who read my words. i installed a wallet by chrome webstore. aaaaand it’s gone.

I’ve got my funds stolen today as well by that address, i sent some near, from kucoin to binance, and it went straight from my account to this address, it didn’t even register in binance’s transaction history, i think this address is from some shitty binance bot, smh.