Warning: scam near wallet website

This is to inform the community that there is a scam near wallet website, which is what you see on First when u search Google.

Scam website: https://walletnearo.com/

Original website: https://wallet.near.org/

Pls be careful family


Tnx for the prompt alert.


Thank you for the alert.


Hey, thanks for sharing with the wider community. Both have been reported to the Security team, hope to see them taken down soon.

We’ll likely see even more of these as we continue to grow, so education and vigilance will be the #1 defence :shield:


Security team could create a post in forum to reporting scam


Thank you for the update

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Thanks for this update and I just checked and the website is still up

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Yeah, unfortunately these things take time - which is a real shame since it’s pretty urgent IMO


But it’s cool, I guess your team is working on it.

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This is perfect case for why there needs to be a scam alert overlay on the web. Right now, as @David_NEAR said, the main thing we can do now in the current Web paradigm is educate people and be vigilant, but what If it is a new person that we have not connected with? These people that will be most susceptible to scams like this and this could turn someone off to NEAR and Web3 in general.

I have been thinking about a scam overlay for the browser that would prevent people from seeing or clicking through a site like that. Same thing with a fake minting site. As soon as someone reported a scam like this and it was verified, everyone with access to the overlay would get the scam alert information when they encounter the bogus information. The scam overlay could be a browser extension or it could be loaded as a proxy server if someone starts on a site with the overlay instantiated. The latter would be a way to get the functionality without having to install a browser extension.

Of course, it would only work if it was in widespread use. I am wondering if stopping scams in this way could be something the web3 industry gets behind.


thank you for the warning. we have also spotted it on the first day thanks to community reports.
Near is getting popular each day :rocket: and it’s no doubt another opportunity for impersonators scammers :frowning:

please feel free to contact and report such incidents to our mods 24/7 on Discord and Telegram
It will help us react more quickly.

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