El Cafe Cartel Coffee Marketplace

Project Name: El Cafe Cartel

Project Background:

El Cafe Cartel and its collections are one of the most established on NEAR and are actively supporting the growth and development of the ecosystem. We have been creating a coffee ecosystem which exists in both web2 and web3, connecting coffee enthusiasts from all around the world.

With our core focus being onboarding people through coffee, we have directly brewed and provided coffee services with our coffee at multiple irl events including:
• NEAR APAC 2023
• NEARCON Lisbon 2023
• Chain Abstraction Summit Seoul 2024
• ETHSeoul 2024 and the list is ever growing!

We have been developing both our coffee products, and more recently, our coffee marketplace which will allow us to scale our business and begin to generate revenue as a result. The coffee marketplace will allow the purchase of our coffee products in fiat currencies as well as crypto, with much improved management processes for customer orders and deliveries. As part of this funding, we would like to scale up the marketing activities and partnerships through coffee, in tandem with our rollout of the product and expansion into different delivery regions.

Strategy and Implementation:

•	Exclusive Coffee Drop Partnerships:	
•	Engage with other projects and creators within the NEAR ecosystem to launch coffee products with collaborative art and branding which can be accessible for their communities for a limited time exclusively.

•	Integrate NEP 141 Tokens for Coffee Product Payment:
•	Through our coffee marketplace, we will support payment for our products in project native tokens from across the NEAR ecosystem. This will be done over several promotional periods and will open the door for cross-project collaboration and expansion of irl product utility for other projects too.

•	Community Engagement and Rewards Initiatives: 
•	Increase the involvement and participation among el cafe cartel community members and the wider near community; while implementing reward events / programs for our coffee products. Largest supporters will be showcased in the leaderboard section of our coffee marketplace.

Budget Breakdown: $3000
• Coffee Product + Packaging Creation for Limited Drop Partners
• Integrating support for NEAR project token payments for coffee products
• El Cafe Cartel Content Creation
• Community Rewards and Marketing
• User Onboarding:
• Onboard at least 500 users to our Coffee Marketplace platform, signing up with either NEAR wallet or by email; through our marketing campaign. This will involve an exclusive NFT redeemable for those who sign up to our site.

•	Engagement of Content:
•	Achieve at least 30K impressions through a series of written, image and video content as part of our Coffee Marketplace rollout.

•	Limited Coffee Product Collaborations with entities in NEAR and other ecosystem 
•	Launch at least 3 limited time coffee product collaborations with other NFT collections or projects on NEAR through their own native token.

Payout Wallet:

Aescobar7359/ bennybrown_nft

• Aescobar
• Bennybrown

Conclusion: Through this funding, El Cafe Cartel seeks to execute key activations which are critical for the growth of our business within the NEAR ecosystem. Through our coffee marketplace and products, we are committed to not only advancing our presence but also enriching the wider NEAR community through a series of partnerships outlined above.

Personal Disclosure: Since this proposal is being submitted to the NFT DAO, of which I am a contributor, I will not be involved in any decisions related to this proposal. All decisions will be made by @krikkraktrak & @Punter.near, with advice from @plugrel if necessary. There is a guarantee that funds will not flow to my wallet, and if it is necessary for them to do so, a receipt, invoice, or proof of transaction will be posted on the governance forum