[Closed] Advertisement for NEARProtocol in 2 global coffee publications

on behalf of El Cafe Cartel we put the following proposal forward.

The goal of the project is to onboard coffee lovers and coffee roasters to NEARProtocol through an article in two well renowned coffee publications, Bean Scene and Global Coffee Report. These two publications have a global marketing reach of over 100,000 viewers a month.

The article will showcase NEARProtocol, Cryptocurrency and NFT use cases and provide information on our goals to onboard both coffee enthusiasts and international coffee roasters to our NEAR Coffee Market Place. The coffee market place will allow coffee roasters to list their products through a webstore and have them purchased in native cryptocurrency.

Readership stats are as follows of the 2 publications:

Global Coffee Report
Print: 5,850+
eNewsletter: 12,957+
Website: 25,196 views per month
Combined socials: 21,000+

Print: 5,942+
eNewsletter: 22,000+
Website: 25,684 views per month
Combined Socials: 27,000+

Costing for Bean Scene - $3200 USD - Full Page Article
Costing for Global Coffee Report - $3900 USD - Full Page Article.
There will be some cost for the team to organise, interview, engage NEAR for any comments before final publication.

The launch of the publications will coincide with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in August 2023.


That’s awesome, but what are your expected outcomes and metrics after the events, as well as your cost breakdown? You appear to have recently joined (the forum) not the ecosystem, there are some guidelines for proposal submission, if you can take some of your time to go through them and edit your proposal, it will catch the council’s attention.

Thank you and wish you best of luck.

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thanks Bakaka, i have actually submitted the MarketingDAO application form also and detailed cost breakdown and other outcomes. I am also happy to do it here. I have been around NEAR for along while and am a Co-Founder of El Cafe Cartel NFT Project. Have only recently joined this forum as we have finally produced what we believe is a marketing campaign that is worthy for consideration.

Yeah, I mentioned it in my response, but for the sake of transparency, try to post the same information that you filled out in the form to avoid misunderstandings from community members. For example, if you got approval now, someone may think that your proposal is not reachable enough to be approved without knowing that you submitted the complete details via form, hope you get my point.

Best of luck

Hello! Do you have a plan to mint your collection on Aurora and include Aurora NFT marketplaces into the publications? Thanks!

Hey Dacha, Sorry for the delayed response. I’m having issues with how many responses i can post as i am still new to the forum.

Although we aren’t planning to launch a new collection in the imminent future, there are opportunities to bridge existing collections.

In regards to the publications, there may be opportunity to include a broader overview of NEAR and its products.

Our intention is to include some QR codes in the articles for readers to easily access further information regarding the blockchain and all its functionalities.

Thanks for your proposal, hope the council sees this! Cheers and good luck!

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Can you list your dapp on dapp radar ? https://www.bodega-nft.io/ to understand numbers of transactions and UAW in our Ecosystem. Thanks.

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Hi Dacha,
Will do. Will get on to it when I return from holidays in a couple of days.

Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for your proposal,

There are several things here that I, if we thread them in the right way, I believe could make this proposal work.

  1. I’ll start by saying the mere PR - paying for features in media - is out of scope of the Marketing DAO. However;
  2. It should be possible for a project to ‘bootstrap’ the cost of a publication, should they choose to proceed, by performing other activities that are eligible for funding such as Content Creation;
  3. As with every project building on NEAR and growing a niche community, I would encourage the team to create as much content as possible that explains how the technology is enabling you to do what you do - new business models, trust, whatever the case may be, WHY NEAR?, etc. The objective here is for others to be intrigued and inspired to also start projects that leverage the technology, or to tell others who will, or to give a try to other projects on NEAR stack, etc.
  4. Even though I have been following Cafe Cartel for a long time and can vouch to the legit activities and community support, it is actually not entirely clear to me how it relates or uses the NEAR tech stack.
  5. Another major area of opportunity which could also unlock funding would be to help activate your local community (Melbourne?). This synergy with the new Regional Communities strategy would be massive. As I am also in the region, I put my hand up to assist the team organise such a strategy.

I know that this is not the straightforward answer you were expecting. And that it may seem daunting or a lot of work, but I do encourage the team to take the time to reassess the proposal and I am confident we can find a way to make it work so that it accomplishes the initial goals and even excedes them. Happy to jump on a call if needed.

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Hi @sumo1 thanks for the proposal. We can’t currently fund PR, so in my view, a pay-for-play article in a 3rd party publication is out of our scope. Can you explain further your relationship with these publications? Is the funding requested essentially their fee for an advertorial article or is that the cost for your team to write the articles and submit them to the publications?

Also, how does this initiative meet the KPIs outlined in the guidelines for funding we currently have in place?


Hi @Bakaka i have reviewed your proposal and would echo the comments of @so608.
Unfortunately PR and direct advertising is currently outside the scope of Marketing DAO funding, so therefore i am unable to support this in it’s current form. Moving to Closed

@cryptocredit, it’s not my proposal nor related to it, I rhink is a typo error when tagging in the Suma. Thank you

Thankyou all for the feedback. We will revise the proposal and revert back with something shortly. Regards.

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Hey @so608 , Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
This proposal has been closed out, but thought I should provide you with some more details.

I have no affiliation with either of the publications. I have seen the publications in coffee shops here in Melbourne. The quality of the publication, the quality of the articles and also their market reach, made me think that this would be a good avenue to highlight what we are attempting to build through the El Cafe Cartel NFT project and also the technical capabilities of the NEAR blockchain.

This is potentially where my original proposal may have lacked some detail. El Cafe Cartel are looking to build a crypto coffee marketplace. This will allow users to connect their wallets, use native crypto and other tokens for discounts to purchase their coffee. It will also allow coffee roasters and other crypto projects to list their coffee products on the marketplace. This is where the article is targeted at the coffee industry and would not only highlight the NEAR tech stack, but would also attract new users to NEAR.

In relation to your question around, how does the initiative meet the current guidelines for funding, I believe the request meets the broad questions that are listed on the Guidelines for Assessment.

Will this project help develop a thriving ecosystem of high quality projects?

  • the project will bring new users to NEAR
  • it also allows other projects within NEAR to broaden use cases for their Tokens. For example, Sweat tokens could be used to convert to coffee rewards.
  • Brings other blockchain users to NEAR to purchase their coffee.

Will this project result in an entry point for Web3 talent?

  • We believe so. This will highlight how NEAR tech stack can be utilised.
  • The project would spike the interest of other developers in the space to connect and build on NEAR.

Is this project of reasonable quality to receive capital?

  • El Cafe Cartel have been part of the NEAR NFT system since its inception.
  • We have always been NEAR focused and have chosen to continue to build all our products on the NEAR Blockchain. Our most recent accomplishment was the introduction of Dynamic NFTs through the launch of Bodega.

The funding request itself is for the 2 x articles and approximately 10hrs of the teams time to interview, review the article and to discuss the article with the MarketingDAO before it went to publication.

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Hey @sumo1 I would love to discuss some PR with you and see if I can help in any way. Feel free to shoot me a dm on telegram or twitter.

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