[Declined] Starting a Flow Near Treats and Drinks


Food is the one thing that will probably never go out of fashion.

Most people eat not just because they have to, but because they love to. I, for one, love cooking more than eating. This is why, in spite of lack of funds, I finally started a small cafeteria/restaurant where, alongside local dishes, I make pastries, fries, batters, roasts, toast, barbecues, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks etc. In just a little over 2 months, my cafeteria now serves over 200 regular customers, beside the very many more who are not regulars. I have recently set my sights on expansion which will move my operations from the small roadside space where I currently use, to a more spacious lot close-by. This expansion will easily, exponentially increase my customer base and patronage. I realized that my restaurant and Near can synergise to achieve our goals of expansion and adoption. This is why I propose what I call “Flow Near Treats and Drinks” and “The Culinary Club” . *“We Flow” being the brand name I currently use.
With this project, I will use food and drinks as a tool to interface, engage and sensitize people to the benefits of the Near Protocol, and ultimately onboard them.

More than getting many people to open Near Wallets, we will incorporate Near tokens as a means of payments. This will certainly ensure that many Near wallets are used regularly. And as long as people countinue to eat, this project will make Near an essential bit of people’s day-to-day lives.

*To establish a restaurant that, not only accepts Near Tokens as a means of payment for purchases, but also borrows a leaf from Near’s eco-friendly approach to establish a 100% organic and eco-friendly farm.

*To start The Culinary Club where members will meet to create new recipe ideas that can be minted as NFTs on Mintbase for public sales. The Club will also produce quarterly magazines where its activities, past and present, will be showcased, and where snippets of down-to-earth and relatable educational bits about Near Protocol will be featured.


First Phase
I currently use a roadside structure with highly limited space and sitting arrangements. A more spacious, more aesthetically soothing environment will be created on a nearby lot, with a new building that will accommodate more diners at the same time and also afford them ample space to park their cars.

Second Phase

Once the restaurant is set up, promotional events will be hosted. These events will feature:

•Free food and drinks

•Help with opening at least 200 wallets

•Near Education and Sensitisation talks

•Near Airdrops


Most transactions will be paid for in Near. I intend to use discounts and giveaways to incentivise using Near for payments.

Registration of Flo’ Near Treats And Drinks
Building a Website

Restaurant Building

A small, but functional building will be erected. It will be the centre of operations for the Flo’ Near Restuarant. It will be modern looking with aesthetic surroundings that will play a huge role in attracting people in their numbers.

Cost of 4 (50 x 110 ft) plots

Cost of constructing [main Restaurant to include an office, restrooms and two stylish modern huts]


Chairs and tables
Office chair and table

Entertainment Center

A Computer

Air conditioners and fans


Electrical fittings and lightning
Refrigerator $700

Kitchen Equipments

Food Items

*Fliers, banners, infographics, etc. on walls for passive education, customised uniforms and aprons
Interior and exterior decorations
Plumbing (drilling boreholes, water tanks, etc)

Total: 68450
Total: $68880

Multi-Purpose Benefits of The Structure

•This building can be used to host small gatherings for talks and seminars or onboarding events.
•Near Users will grow and multiply, and they will always be welcome at The Flo’ Near restuarant which can serve as a mustering point for hanging out, Near-focused meetups, etc.
•The rest of the plot will be used to cultivate a farm that will foster the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the business, and ensuring high quality, healthy meals.

Phase 3

The Culinary Club (NFT)

The Culinary Club is an NFT project that will focus on minting 1/1 unique audio-visual food recipes and 1000 1/1 pictures of exotic food and drinks.
The Club will amass huge membership on Discord, Telegram, etc. and all its members will be properly onboarded onto the Near Ecosystem. We will meet deliberate, come up with culinary ideas that can be minted as NFTs. The NFTs also called NEAR FOOD TREATS will be given loud publicity, including celebrity advertisement. Members of the The Culinary Club will be involved in curating content for the Magazine, participating in tasks and rewards, etc. The ultimate reward will be getting your recipe or unique food picture selected for Minting on Mintbase!
Watch out for a Culinary DAO on the Near Ecosystem!!
A food game using these recipes, etc. is brewing.
Proceeds from the sales of the NFTs (Near Food Treats) will be shared with the Culinary DAO [to facilitate a smooth, independent running DAO] and the Marketing DAO.
The activities of the The Culinary Club NFTs (Near Food Treats) will be showcased in the Magazine.

The Club will organise activities and competitions to facilitate onboarding to Near.

Benefits Of The Culinary Club
•No less than 5000 wallets will be opened.
•The Minting of The Near Food Treats on the Near Blockchain will increase number of transactions on the Near Protocol significantly and give folks a taste of Near’s speed and affordability.
•More publicity will be garnered for Near Protocol and the restaurant.


Camera and other recording equipments

Social Media Community Management



Total $6700

Grand Total:

Wallet id:



I love the enthusiasm of this proposal. However, it’s not something the MarketingDAO will be able to support (IMO) for a number of reasons:

  • The amount requested is far beyond the scope. We have a soft cap of $10k right now.

  • This, to me, appears to be similar to a request for seed money for a business. We exist to enable projects, Guilds, and individuals building on NEAR to achieve success with their marketing strategy. I think this is really out of scope.

The team from crypto beer requested something akin to this, which was declined (although other funding alternatives were suggested):


Will NF be the owner of the restaurant?

@Mr_free. What a intended was a partnership of some sort between I and Near.
I felt it will be a sort of awesome ground for Near. People tend to have a soft spot for the finger that feeds them…

@David_Near thank you,for your reply.
I think I was just blown away by my progress in a short while and my imagination of what Near and I can achieve together. Besides, if you take time to go through the proposal, you will realize it wasn’t just about starting a restaurant. There is another phase ‘The Culinary Club’. I could have come up with a short and quick project that will still help to on board many using my my current arrangement. But when I saw a whole world of opportunity for Near and I, I decided to give it a shot. Besides, better to be turned down than never asking.

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@Mr_free the way the initiative was designed was that, it was to be the start of a Culinary DAO, proceeds from the restaurant was to go the ‘Culinary DAO’. Of course I will be getting some sort of compensation for my efforts.
The proceeds from the NFTs and magazine was supposed to be shared by @Marketing DAO and the ‘Culinary DAO’.

If it’s a partnership, what the other side could propose to the Near ecosystem?!

The Near Ecosystem provides you all tools to create DAO, the marketplace for NFT.
You can start to sell your NFT and get a profit.

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I don’t understand this question.

Actually, great idea. It’s very similar with City node project , except restaurant building.


Sorry, but your proposal looks like sponsorship for your business and airdrop for your clients.
I didn’t see any value for Near Ecosystem.

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Hello Hello ! Yeah, I was requesting $1600 to start a community business :vulcan_salute:

I believe the best way right now is the entrepreneurship program from Near University :cowboy_hat_face: where @Jloc applied to.

@FabDab Welcome ! How are you ? Good to share ideas, thank you, I will give you my feedback:

  • There are a lot of restaurants right now, and Crypto Beer project for example is a way to bring awareness and an experience so the restaurant can receive payments with crypto and then choose to keep receiving Crypto on daily basis.

  • I believe you should make yourself a name, like start contributing on small causes first and keep growing together with the community, so later you can ask for a Grant.

Wish you the best in this new route, cheers :beers:


I believe you can open “The Culinary Club (NFT)” and use Crypto Beer model for funding from Marketing DAO.

Good luck.

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:rofl::rofl:the way things appears can be amazing. Airdrop is an effective way for pulling crowds, its like paying for adverts. People love free things. You don’t want to imagine the way words will fly around the community when people hear that they can get free money, all they have to do is open a Near wallet, with a added advantage of eating for relatively cheap. You only need to taste of my meals to know where I’m coming from. When I start to cook, the whole Community is suddenly monitoring when I will be done with cooking. Now I’m bringing it at a cheaper rate, there will be a massive flood of new and operational wallets.
The truth is I don’t want it to sound like I won’t be benefitting from this project. The truth is I only feel it will be an honour, and my humble service to bring Near into it. In just two months of starting, I know the progress I have recorded. In my own little way, as a way of giving back to the community, I could do some info graphics… But I wanted that I didn’t miss represent Near, there’s a popular saying ‘the way you are dressed, is the way you will be addressed’. I just felt a loud presence will look better on Near.

@Fritzworm Thank you so much.

Thank you so much! This was helpful.

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Thank you for your proposal; unfortunately I don’t see the alignment to our mission: developing our ecosystem and supporting projects to acquire users and meet their goals.

It would be good if we start defining some common terms, for example"

  • promotional campaigns
  • partnerships/sponsorships
  • Organization of IRL meetups
  • educational campaigns
  • community growth campaigns
  • execution of marketing strategies

All of which need to be clear on:

  • who is it targeted to,
  • who gets the benefit of a successful delivery,
  • how success is measured and how is reported back to the community.

The restuarant was supposed to be on a everyday promotional campaign with near info graphics everywhere on the premises, and a help desk people can go to ask questions. Workers are to always appear in Near customised uniforms.
The Culinary Club was to be sadled with the responsibility of coming up with educational campaigns, Community growth campaigns and projects, execution of marketing strategies. I gave a brief explanation in the proposal.
The target are first the people in my community, and Nigeria as a whole.
The success is to be recorded b the number of wallets thatare opened and continues to be operational. And the number of people I will be onboarding through the Culinary Club.

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OMG $71K
Don’t MIND but you are helping the ecosystem or just looking to set up your own business? It is more like temporary growth. If you stop doing anything after sometimes, it will be your personal business/benefit because you can earn good from this restaurant without putting $1 from your pocket because the whole funding will be provided by NF.

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I already have my business, in all honesty, I will also profit alot from it, if it is sponsored by Near… I brought the ground plan because I felt it will look good on Near. A very loud presence. I wouldn’t dare stop doing it after sometime knowing just how much Near Protocol would have invested. The truth is, my intension was that everything used in the restaurant would have Near customized on them to include the walls…
The Culinary Club would have seen to organizing more Community projects to the benefit of Near.
Have you checked out how fast Solana grew, one of the secrets is that they spent so much on airdrops for NFTS project. You will see them giving rewards for activity contest to the tune of a thousand dollars. On an NFT discord server, you will find up to 15k members. How do you think they do it?

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