[Approved] | "The Grassroots Collaboration" Coffee service X Wallet activation X Social activation [September Funding]

The Grassroots Collaborations

The Grassroots Collaborations will involved 2 projects and CDAO
ElCafeCartel - MeteorWallet - CreativeDAO

After the success story in NEAR APAC, the El Cafe Cartel team is confident to organize another -Coffee Service- in NEARCON 2023 for a 4 days period starting from 7th of November to 10th of November.

Coffee has been a “media” for people to bring up a discussion, topic or connect with each other since a long time ago, we believe coffee will be a good start for every attendees to relax, network and catch up with each other.

But this time, we have decided to make collective collaborations with 2 grassroots projects in the ecosystem which are Creative Dao and Meteor Wallet.

El Cafe Cartel has boarded 570+ new wallets in NEAR APAC but at that time we realize what if we have several people who are expert in their things to educate and tell more about the NEAR ecosystem just through one platform which is Meteor Wallet. This wallet created by the NTU team has been in the ecosystem for almost 2 years and has gone through all conditions in NEAR.

Meteor wallet has been working as one stop platform for bring seamless experience to near community, they provided NEAR news update, staking feature that highlight every validator in NEAR, swap features as an aggregator for every swap platform that NEAR have, and integrated their main page to some several DApp in NEAR.

Creative DAO will be the next stop after someone onboarded and educated more about the ecosystem, CDAO will be part of the collaboration team that push the community activation on NEAR Social through CDAO Planet which will be built on top of BOS

Through this collaboration we believe that will give so much experience and value to newcomers in NEAR either they are crypto native or not, the community can enjoy their coffee while listen more about BOS and CDAO, at the same time Meteor wallet will make sure each of them onboarded to NEAR.

This will also be the time for El Cafe Cartel showcasing their first on chain COFFEE MARKETPLACE which will support NEAR tokens as part of the payment.
The community will have a $CAFE token to be spend as part of the transaction to get a discount, also the same thing will be done through our dynamic NFT!! We have prepared a special traits special for NEARCON where people can swap their Citizen NFT traits with the NEARCON traits!

Onboarding method:
(TBC) Cafe Cartel x Creatives DAO x Meteor Wallet
ShardDog x Minority Programmers NEARCON Build (tech support)

  • Scan qr code on Coffee page
  • Direct to Shard Dog
  • Create wallet or input wallet
  • NFT mint
  • Call back redirect to cplanet.org/BOS
  • Directed to Cdao Near social ( where there is #CDAO nearcon hashtag that will be directly used in the post they did) with a prompt to post on Hash

BOS Page Specifications

  • BOS Page with post and auto populated hashtag and embedded into post
  • Autotag cafe cartel and creatives dao on BOS
  • Require that a photo be taken around NEARCON
  • In the social page there are 2 links or buttons to click that assist people to Cdao telegram
  • Meteor Wallet where on the home page will be integrated Cartel’s coffee marketplace

Detail of funding:

  • Machine $342 USD
  • Coffee bean $2500 USD
  • Milk $1360 USD
  • Staff $ 3600 USD for all 2 projects and 1DAO
  • Merch and activation cost $2500 for all 2 projects and 1DAO
  • Booth (TBC)

Total requested: $10,302 + buffer $10,000 in case we need to pay for the booth and if we didn’t need to pay for booth than it will be send back to Cdao treasury

Expected outcomes:

  • Onboard 1500-2000 new wallet
  • Onboard 1500 new NEAR Social users
  • 4000 NFTs to airdrop along with 2000 posts on BOS
  • Serve 4000 cups of coffee (1000/day)

Every cost is in estimation number, every fund that left after transaction will be refund to Cdao treasury


Hi Sir, I am open to a discussion in my telegram Aescobar7359.

There is no one saying exact 20k will be spend, the 10k buffers is added just incase we need to spend that for booth or something will be charged extra, also 10k won’t be spend for coffee only as it’s collaboration of 2 projects and 1 DAO.

Coffee is a product that we can use as a “media” to bring more eye to NEAR. Coffee is part of lifestyle that can bring lot of value, that’s the intention of we having collaboration with the other grassroots.



Congratulations on your BIG Bag of Near.


At any event, people often seek refreshments, and caffeine is a popular choice. For attendees at NEARCON many will be taking a moment to relax and recharge with a cup of coffee. When there’s useful information or QR codes printed on that coffee cup, many people are inclined to scan the QR code out of curiosity and to pass the time, especially when they take a break alone during the event.

In my opinion, this concept is a great idea. Utilizing ShardDog is an excellent way to onboard new people and create wallets easily. The coffee idea and how to utilize it is brilliant.


Love the activations with coffee and the results given from APAC. The report from that should solidify this proposal.

P.S. Don’t listen to the trolls who make an alt account. Everyone has a say but when you have to hide behind an account that doesn’t even have basic privileges in a forum, does it matter? Near Social will fix this soon.


Let’s keep the momentum going and support the proposal! The team is well known in the ecosystem and has delivered continuously


It is a big pleasure to see builders coming together around the same goal. Also would be very happy to see builders with proven success record supported on their efforts to grow ecosystem. And as a personal note, so happy to see projects showcasing different aspects of NFTs


Hello friend,

Great to see the NEAR APAC momentum. Overall, I support the team in all their endeavours. Here are some thoughts specific to this proposal:

  • NEARCON is a very different event from others (even NEAR APAC?) as most people attending NEARCON are already within the NEAR Ecosystem. This forces us to rethink what onboarding looks like, as well as where the value accrues. A useful heuristic here would be:
    – Onboarding to NEAR ecosystem (broadly) v
    – Onboarding to a specific project by being placed in front of a new audience of high quality leads (already NEAR users).

Taking into account the above, I would think that the real value here would be to show off the latest solutions when it comes to Onboarding and Proof of Doing rather than onboarding to NEAR broadly. The Mintbase wallet and shard are mind-blowing, it is important to update people’s understanding of what is possible (even for OGs who already have a NEAR wallet).

The only other thing I will mention, and perhaps the most important, is that ND (organiser) has a meaningful budget for catering, including, among other things, coffee carts. I believe this proposal would be much better suited to be channelled through NF, and to have Cafe Cartel be an official provider to the event (along with its’s onboarding experience) than to put such a large item through CDAO.


Hi sir.
After go through several meetings with NF representatives and grassroots, we have been warned about the NEARCON attendants that will be diff from NEAR APAC.

It’s the reason of our collaboration, to give best experience of having coffee and understanding NEAR Social and what Creative DAO is doing in NEAR ecosystem while Meteor will be focusing on the meteor wallet features to educate people that they can do lot of things just through a wallet because we notice that not everyone keeping their self updated with the existing ecosystem product.

About NF, yes we in touched with NF to get the booth and support, the proposal was submitted before we got the “yes” from NF about the booth so 10k buffer was added just incase we need to spend something extra, but if we spend less than the main 10.3k, it will be send back to CDao


The cafe cartel coffee + shard dog link activation was on of the most effective onboarding activities at NEAR APAC. I was there personally with Aescobar helping to serve coffee, and was able to witness the positive impact serving coffee had for hundreds of guests.

The funding ask is very reasonable considering the materials and labour required to run an espresso stand. Keep in mind there was no allocation for staffing during the last event, and the workload was almost overwhelming.

I think AVB has some great insight on the differences in onboarding goals at NEAR APAC vs NEARcon, and perhaps the cafe cartel team can adjust their flow to better suite the attendees at NEARcon.

I support Aescobar and Cafe Cartel for the following proposal and cannot wait to see them at NEARcon.


going great .:heart:keep the spirit high

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After seeing the success of this at APAC I fully endorse this. Really think the follow up at NEARCON will be absoultely insane. Especially for local community who is curious about Web3 and Blockchain. At the end of the day blockchain can be a tad bit overwhelming for the everyday person. But coffee is something everyone can understand and im excited to see PT 2 at NEARCON.


I’ve seen how hardworking @Aescobar has been in Near APAC. And I agree to the feedbacks that was sent here, still an awesome initiative and just need a little tweak. Nevertheless, I support this :saluting_face: send coffee ser. :saluting_face:

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The proposal was granted approval on September 26th for $10,302 within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO.

Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant:

i think u are asking for way too much here. 20K is def not needed. You should know if you have to pay for booth before hand. Does not seem like a common sense move here

Hi sir!
Yes the approved number was 10k :pray: