[Proposal] Regional Communities DAO Council Member Brazil

Hello Dears,


DAO Council Member Self-Nomination Process:
Regional Community Working Group



Apply Region: Brazil, in South America.

1- Who are you?

Hello ecosystem, my name is Frado Monteiro, I’d like to represent NEAR Brazil to apply the position RC DAO Council Member. My NF summary stats since October 2021 is: 574 days visited, 8 days read time, 12.3K post read, 54 topics created, 341 post created and Community DAO Member in NEAR Forum.

My personal profile: Art and Technology Developer, founder of fraDAO, and a leader in creative projects, marketing, branding and audiovisual. I serve as a Creative Director and Leader in projects involving branding, community, social-projects, cinema, music, and art. I am a quick learner and have a passion for the intersection of technology and creativity.

2- What is your experience?

Develop art and technologies over 25 years, include electronic, Arduino, audiovisual(capture – edit - color), artificial intelligence with avatars, everything with audio including 8D sound and Metabuilder. I have experience in creating metaverses using NearHub, Onboarding more than 100 creatives in Web3 Community, incubating a big farm in São Paulo creating a “cosmo” NEAR token. Designing experiences for brands and museums. Leading and directing branding, coder and design teams. Workshops of creative NEAR products. Present in web 3 events with speaker, and ambassador of NFT Brazil – São Paulo 2023

  1. Any skills? Goals?

Project Management, Team Leading, experience Design, astroDAO administration, DAO Council, Branding, Metabuilder, audiovisual, I.A., teaching web3, teaching creative Dapps, teaching Ref. Finance, Teaching NEARHub, Creative projects, diplomacy, creative coding, creating interactive machines and artworks.

  1. How are you involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem?

I’m involved as a DAO founder, creative project leader, community DAO member invited in web 3 as Speaker and Ambassador ; Speacher in tech/innovations events talking about DAO.

  1. Where is your home?

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil – South America

  1. Which communities do you represent?

I represent creativeDAO over 1 year in Near Ecosystems, studying connections with Dev Dao, and few records in MDAO received funds for design thinking of fraDAO and creating I.D. Visual and social media.

  1. Why are you a good candidate?

I will try my best to explain NEAR / NDC mission and vision. Transparency process of funding with a clean documentation, KPIs, help communities to grow and share creative projects/Hackaton

  1. Why should people vote for you?

Honest, transparent, good human, diplomacy with others council and with the ecosystem. Be open to learning how to proceed with success in the KPI mission. Create nice meetings to supporting the community. My strategy is using experience design.

  1. Explain your strategy to develop regional communities.:

With experiences as director of branding and audiovisual for a multinational (I will leave a resume in the answer), dealing with the community and leading projects helped a lot at web3, with success and respect we played today more than 200 onboarding focused on tokenization of assets for farms and communities, always focused on education, universities and hubs with financial community potential. Learning how to proceed with success, the KPI mission to align with others regions.

Work with intelligence and integrated with the project https://learnnear.club/ and be open to learn with the specialists in our ecosystem.
Share my acknowledgment of 12 year of remote work and creative solutions.
Create meet and be present in events to supporting the community.

The graduate of the Brazilian federal institution Pedro II (founded by the Portuguese monarch) just received a fraDAO workshop where I taught about metaverse using NEARHUb and we will continue the relation about NEAR and College.

The other Faculty in Rio de Janeiro, in Ipanema, is looking to close a partnership in blockchain with us.

Besides educational, my strategy is to use Experience Design 5E model in our onboarding and educational processes in NEAR Protocol.

5E Model
1- Excitement
2- Entry
3- Engagement
4- Exit
5- Extension

  1. Let us know any expectations regarding your time commitment and compensation.

As a council, I can work 40 hours per month or 2k$ per month in stablecoin.I can stake NEAR monthly too.

  1. Kindly disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative!

In the present moment I’m council of fraDAO, if it was a problem I can leave.

Thanks and good luck to all!

@IgbozeIsrael @Bakaka @Yuen James @Ola


I can contribute with many creative solutions and workflow with all other continental Hubs, and so open to replicate amazing solutions from other continental hubs!
It’s all about community and not EGO. we need to communicate with a big continent with 2 languages.


I am rooting for you, Frado. You have many skills, leadership, and commitment. I believe you deserve this chance to expand! :rocket:


We’ve learned so much with you at FraDAO! Your passion for arts and technology, your commitment to the ecosystem and your generous ability to share knowledge is an inspiration for us. It will definitely be very positive for the artist community to have you in this role. Wishing you the best!

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happy to know that it is expanding its possibilities of action. I have great confidence in the work that Frado has been developing with fraDAO, as he has an excellent ability to transfer knowledge and leadership. Cheering for you!


Wish you best of luck Frado… LFG

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Thanks !
Really appreciate that !
Good energies for you! :dizzy: