[Draft] Regional Communities - Europe [RC-DAO]

Hey NEAR Community,

I hope you are doing well!

Despite the events that happened during the elections, the RC-DAO admins have decided that @AnaNastya , @Niall, and I are elected to lead the RC-DAO in Europe, so today we are very happy to share with you our first draft for the RC-EU DAO.

In our draft, we address the following topics: A. Introduction & About Us, B. Values & Community, Guidelines, C. Code of Conduct, D. Governance Structure, E. Strategy, F. Budget & timeline

Here you can find our RC-EU DAO v.01 Draft

We encourage everyone to go through the document, share ideas, and start discussions, either here or as a comment in the document.

If you would like to keep updated on the RC-EU DAO, you can do so HERE.

Let’s BUIDL together! :muscle:


Great work on your first draft guys…

Lovely to read…

Looking forward to the comments and suggestions other leadere and members of the EU Continental group has to add to it.


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