Degens Syndicate x Paras NFT: Love, Care & Animals

Following the plans of our project already today our first NFT project by Degens Syndicate was launched together with Paras - Love, Care and Animals! The purpose of the project: to transfer all funds from the NTF auction to the animal shelter to help our four-legged friends :dog: :cat:.

Description of the project:

Love. A feeling that every person has felt at least once.
Care. What we value in people and give it to our loved ones.
Animals. Lovely creatures, without which many of us cannot imagine our life.

We put all these three words into our NFTs so that our four-legged friends could live this life well-fed and warm.

According to the latest data the number of homeless animals in Russia is increasing every year. At the moment, this figure exceeds 670 thousand. All the time walking along the street we see how dogs and cats are trying to find themselves at least some kind of food or human care. Relatively recently, our team was in one of the animal shelters in our city, so we came there to help. We cleaned the enclosures and brought food. Unfortunately, there is not enough place and food for all of the animals in such shelters. Many of us took animals from the street and in the future we had a good life with them. We want to do everything so that a person feels the huge responsibility when he has a pet. Our NFTs are not a way to make money, they are a way to show people that they need to be responsible and do everything to help these animals. The story of each NFT is the story of how some people treat pets irresponsibly. We drew these images and wrote these sad stories so that people understand that an animal is a friend, you need to love it, you need to take care of it and never throw it out on the street.

We are confident that by joint efforts we will be able to make a step towards progress and firstly to help one shelter, then several, and this will increase more and more every time.

Each sad story of NTFs hides in itself problems that we can partly solve with your help!

First, by buying NTF from the Love, Care & Animals pack, you support our project and physically help the animals from the animal shelter with our hands! After the end of the drop, we will go to the animal shelter and help with animal feed, cleaning the enclosures, etc.

Secondly, by owning NTF, you have the opportunity to receive various bonuses in the future: physical items (T-shirts, sweaters), participation in future NTF drops, unique items in the future P2E games.

More info about each NFT Story in our article on Paras: Link

Link on auction on Paras

We were already at the animal shelter this week, chatted with volunteers, helped with animal feed and walked the dogs :slight_smile:
After the end of the auction, we will go once more to the shelter and show how things are going there.
Thanks to everyone who wants to participate in the project!

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