[Report] NEAR Degen Syndicate, October-December 2021

Project Name: NEAR Degen Syndicate

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting:

DAO: degensyndicate.sputnikdao.near

We adhere to the principle of transparency of our spending. Since we did not fully allocate our budget, we kept track of our expenses, you can see it here.

We allocated all funds to the creation of our studio and did not use it for personal purposes.

We have 50 Near at our disposal, they also will be used for the development of the project.

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Our last meetup [Report] Meet-up Travel to NEARverse, Sept 22, 2021 inspired young people, who did not even know about the existence of Near Protocol and blockchain in general, to study the ecosystem and further participate in its development.They were especially attracted by projects such as Near Crowd, Paras, SandBox, Pixel Pets.

We’ve got motivated feedback, after analyzing it, we decided that this is a great way to attract a new audience to the project. Also we were invited to the meetup as speakers by Crudo Guild, which will be held on January 9 in Kazan.

We plan to improve the quality of presenting information by telling complex things in simple language, as well as to cover topics in a broader way to attract new participants. We want to exchange experience and we will invite the most interested meetup participants to our city to show them our workspace and the structure of the Degens Syndicate team from the inside.


We made our first NFT drop in cooperation with Paras, for which we would like to express our gratitude to @andinipapy for the support and help in implementing the idea. You can learn more about the concept of our drop in this article:

Following the idea of our NFT project, we used all the proceeds to support the local dog shelter. Our four-legged friends are grateful to everyone who participated in the work on this project and to those who bought our NFT cards. This is our first drop, we analyzed all the stages and processes and decided not to stop and continue cooperation with Paras, making other drops.

To attract the interest of users, we have created a website http://degsyndicate.com/ which in the future we plan to remake and use as the official website of our project.

The creation process was carried out by the forces and skills of our team members.

@poddsy worked on the layout and design, as well as mobile adaptation of the site. @p0k was in charge of the technical part: website layout, programming and hosting a web page.


In the last report, we indicated that one of the points of our plan is to make a creative space for our team and other people interested in the development of the Near Protocol ecosystem.

We carried out most of the repairs ourselves to reduce labor costs. Since we didn’t have much repair experience , it took us a long time, so we were not so active in creating content, BUT in the long term, our own studio will allow us to rationally use our forces, budget, time and other resources.



Since there is a place where our team can get together and arrange brainstorming, our work will be much more effective. Degen Syndicate team is friendly and willing to share space with people interested in developing the Near ecosystem.



Any interested person can fill out the form.

If we like the ideas and creative solutions of the candidate, we will invite him to our creative space and help in the implementation of the ideas.


Despite the fact that we spent less time creating content, its quality has not deteriorated. The number of our Twitter followers has reached 2000.

The team worked on creating tutorials in the form of a Twitter thread, here are some of them:

The tweets received attention from official project accounts such as Aurora, community director of Octopus Network, Roketo.

We collaborated with Near Game Guild Telegram: Contact @NearGamesGuild on Telegram, exchanged content, created posts. There was also a collaboration with CronCat.

We’ve improved the quality of news videos, thought about a new, more lively format for covering the latest ecosystem news. We are always looking for new ideas and formats, so we try to make each video better than the previous one.

:zap: The results

We follow our plan [Report] NEAR Degen Syndicate, September 2021

and try to fulfill everything that we have in mind. 95% of our ideas have been implemented and we are not going to stop. All the difficulties that we overcome while working on tasks help us to unite and gain invaluable experience.

We are convinced that our team will contribute to the development of Near Protocol ecosystem in the long term. Our idea of ​​attracting people will help to increase the number of ongoing projects in the Near ecosystem and make it more recognizable, not only on the Internet, but also offline.

We want to thank everyone involved in the implementation of our ideas, without you our ideas would only be on the paper.

“If you develop one thing, then everything that is around changes.”
Paulo Coelho


Good morning. Will be great to watch your lesson about transparency and equal access to opportunities for Near Community members. You have a great example - Degens 1.0 project.


hi my name is Stella. It was very interesting for me to read about the team that opened Near for me. I was fortunate enough to be on their experience, on which I learned a lot of new information and then new projects. Thanks a lot guys! keep moving in the same direction! good luck to you!


these guys are doing a cool thing !! thank you for the great amount of information!

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