[Declined] Taking Proffesor Crypto to Lisbons NEAR CON

Hey @marketingdao-council this is an ASAP decission to be made.

Due discussion with Professor Crypto he asked to join NEAR CON. He did visit similar crypto conferences, here are few of them:

Those have like 150-400k views if it’s about hype.
If it’s about content looks more like an event visitor, i could perform better with my GoPro camera and perform interviews with conference authors. On protocol or product reviews he’s still pretty cool.

Wrote that can participate if plane and living is covered.

Cost a lot to get from Canada.

In general i see these kind acitvities as a nice opportunity for next conferences to invite nearest geo located influencers if they ask only plane and living expenses.

So @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @jcatnear @norah.near @Grace give your feedback on how you feel for this one.

Talk is about $5504.27 USD and flight is in 3 days in exchange some good hype and 150-400k views on his channel.

  • Let Proffesor Crypto join NEAR CON
  • Naaah, it’s not worth it

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Who is making the booking?

You’ve shared a screenshot of the cost of flights - who took the screenshot? Is that the guaranteed final price or can there be variability?

What about other costs? Hotel, etc. Has Crypto Professor agreed to pay for his own expenses while in Lisbon or is there an expectation to cover those as well?

How have you established and maintain communication with Professor Crypto? Would you be able to loop a Council Member in?

Overall, I am open to supporting the attendance of Professor Crypto to attend NEAR CON. However, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered for this to be viable. I would suggest us funding this as a reimbursement (provide proof of money spent and attendance to NEAR CON).

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At this late in the game, I’m afraid I’m going to decline. We are completely sold out, no more tickets!
In the future, we would always be open to consider this type of proposals with enough time to plan.


Hey Satojandro,
He would make himself.

Hotel living ment to be included for us.

We do have a close comunication with him.

Thanks for the tip, yeah, would be nice to ask spending proof for flight and hotel, will keep that in mind.

Yeah, too late, no biggie, hate the rush but seem like here everything happens in a rush. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In future would be really amazing for events to be covered from influencers.

Yesterday he posted his review on NEAR CON and GEN C. Pretty cool tho!

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