[Closed] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ October - November review [unfinished]

Wishing everyone all the best for last week of November!

Dear NEAR community members. Want to show you results, stats and share something more about what NEAR Stars Guild reached by past months.

Will mention proposals and their results.

RefFinance promo.


RefFinance will be on next vid and second review in advance.
Fully my fault, messed up in emails and said him to post vido live.
Still, for a long partnership we negotiated and he reduced his price till 2’5k USD per vid. For 43k views that’s a catch.

LJ Alves still working on it. Took a week to explain how RefFinance and other NEAR wallets work. So waiting for video by this week.

Mintbase promo

Blockchain Andy


Prestito skipped to next month due family travel reason.

Decentralised Chain (Firoz) just got back from vacation with family and is working on promo video. He’s not prepaid so we got his 500 USD in tresury.

We changed his promo for other youtubers that new Stars agent @koreacryptoplanet will take care from now by working with:
Koreans and their NEAR guild:


And with Russian youtubers:

NEAR Con and Gen C promo

Professor Crypto

We might had a chance to send him to NEAR CON

But were in big rush. Still a great thing to have influencers on NEAR events in future as a plan.

Hot Crypto News


Telegram: Contact @bitbusters 14k impressions
Telegram: Contact @clancryptos 14.5k impressions
Telegram: Contact @cryptycent 11k impressions

Cheddar Farm Reviews

From Crypto Rich we got 2 videos about Cheddar farm:
An AMA session with Blaze


1k views in total for both.

In future we won’t continue to work with Crypto Rich, since price and view ammount ratio is too high. Still, he is a pro, but we can work better with 190 NEAR.

Since Crypto Top Things to know got his account suspended

@sundradelune sundradelun began to start working with Russian youtubers and for same price got HQ video from YouTube bloger “Club Crypto Millionaires”


Hidden Gem Team review by Steve @holuongduc

in total got 81k views and dozen of articles about NEAR

Lite Lidger is still prepairing video in Lead with @JThompson123
Lite Lidger wasn’t prepaid, so funds are secure. JThompsons bounty of 25 NEAR is waiting on SputnikDAO
Hoping to get video done by this week.

I think that’s all about our partnerships that went trough.
I will update this post with statistics and fresh vids.
Posting it (unfinished) now becuse want whole NEAR community to know what we are doing at the moment.

So let’s mesure KPI that we got for now.

  • Total video views that we got by this month 194k views on youtube videos (for now, and feel like extra 10k will come after last video submissions)
  • 40k impressions on Telegram groups and SMM reach from youtuber twitter and FB acoounts (can’t messure all of them).

Worth mentioning.

Links in description:
Here is a screen of how many clicks we got.
One huge youtuber didn’t put links in description even after third time asking him (we won’t work with him anymore), so about extra 50 clicks we could got.
My thoughts of putting bit.ly links:

  • People don’t click them as often as regular links cuz they might think that it’s an affiliate link (or maybe malware) and is less trusted.
  • Bit.ly makes it look like sponsored content, i believe that subscribers don’t need to know that.
  • Not so many clicks due people don’t read descriptions or pinned comments. As for PR video marketing and group posting is the best, as for regular CTR marketing it just doesnt work.
    For future i feel that it’s much better to use NEAR product, guild or partner plain links.
    So they don’t look so suspicious and it’s really helthy for their projects SEO, no matter even if it’s a “no-follow” link.

About our guild members.

Yana @ago_banan did a marvelous job, like best assistant that i can find on whole NEAR protocol.
Here are stats for twitter promo job she did in one month https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild :

Tweet impressions 22.3K
Profile visits 5,334
Mentions 443
Followers 328

Top followers @rebakedinc with 52k followers
@blockchain_SPC with 4 200 followers

And it’s only in one month!

Also she did these cool designs and in future will help me with creating digital beauty like banners, roadmaps, text to design and rest things to make our guild look cool.
As an assistant she gathers most essential info about NEAR for me, topics for influencers and contacts NEAR Guild and product leaders and spoke persons.

And she has idea of “learn and earn” platform for NEAR. Hope to launch her project with help of Stars Guild.

Steve did great work with Vietnamese Hidden GEM Team. He goes trough video cotent scripts with them, makes article posts on https://hiddengemteam.com and handles down their Facebook and telegram group that has more than 40k members.
Hidden Gem Team | Facebook
Telegram: Contact @HiddenGemChat and official group Telegram: Contact @KiwigroupOfficial

We got on board new guild members that work with youtubers, so want you to introduce with them. Some of their NEAR profiles seem empty, but that’s just a beggining.
@sundradelune sundradelun Sasha did one video with Club Crypto Millionaires but due personal reason (and only) i don’t want to continue partnership with her.
@Hsmoney aka Stephen is a cool dude, studies in Nigeria University and has a HUGE view where blockchain can lead us. Since in Nigeria not so many youtubers, he will cover whole Africa with promo.
@koreacryptoplanet aka Martin is full of energy and enthusiasm, idk how, but he tosses youtubers from nowhere who want to partnership. For now he will take care with Korea (and assist their guild) and Russian youtubers. He mentoned that wants to work with Chineese and Spanish too but will keep on this for a whyle.
@luca is a proffessional he worked for company that does exactly same thing what NEAR stars guild does, he already provided me huge contact list of his clients and so many good offers he already can launch.

Those are really fantastic new guild members that we got and happy to teach them, train them, lead trough their first influencers.
It does takes much time till they become an independent Star “agents” but can deal with that.
To be honest that’s the reality check point for Stars Guild, in summer kept picture where we have self-suficient members that work with influencers on their own. And im fuc#ing amazed where it goes now! Like those times when you got a BIG picture in your head, and by NEAR Protocol and Gods will every pice of puzzle comes together.


  • Im still a newbie in crypto and creating communities online. So i’ll stick with help of @marketing-council for future, love to have group calls with you showing me posible ways of guilds growth and thanks for help.
  • Twitter is crazy. We didn’t get any other promo for our guild but it brings fresh blood and youtubers asking for partnership. We are getting noticed!
  • Having some good time trying different thigs, some work, some are just waste of time but gives isights about how to lead and optimize processes.
  • Getting new members to guild. People see what we do, they like what we do and they want to join us, to do what we do. ))
  • Youtubers started to reach us on their own. I believe it’s because of NEAR presance on youtube, have no doubts that after video creation youtubers have chats to each other whyle playing World of Tanks.
  • Guild leaders and NEAR project authors reach us on their own. This streghts belief in what our guild does.
  • Getting only good feedbacks about NEAR protocol. It’s not about that they get paid in NEAR or ask lower rates for promo. Simply people love NEAR and they see where it goes.
  • Personal ones. Taking a bigger picture by launching and having such opportunity for own projects inside guild. Simply cool to tell friends that im in crypto. Got such and interest that NEAR Guild Latvia starts to take place https://medium.com/@nearguildlatvia


  • Soooo much waiting time needed to get project approval from mrketing-council. Not blaming them or any negative winds, just getting some free time from them to get proposals upvoted did took for few two-three weeks. For such a reason we created our own DAO SputnikDAO and will launch a new one on Astro DAO since NEAR will use it more frequently.
  • DAO will solve timing problem. Since we lost few influencers for october promo (their plans changed) and to finish all plans we had to find new ones. From time that we were funded it took us till end of November. And it’s a huge thing to start to become more self-sufficient guild. More about that will describe in next three month proposal.
  • Hard to work with some youtubers. Even when conversation is smooth, you can not be sure that influencer will understand you fully.
  • It’s chaotic. Still from chaos a structure can be created. Plenty challenges and few dumb mistakes from my side lead to loss of time. Im on a way to organize this mustang since it grows fast. So some delays becouse of lack of skills i get. Getting new members on board who can rule tasks better than i should fix it.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to reach project admins. They simply ignore a helping hand for marketing promo.

For now we are working on launching NEAR Stars Guild Ambassador program:

More about it will try to post by end of week with an upcoming proposal for Stars Guild DAO and plan for next 3 moths.

And i think have mentioned all most essential things what we did in past month and a half.

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@David_NEAR @jcatnear @cryptocredit @norah.near @Grace @satojandro
Waiting for your comments and feedback if you got something to share. :sunny:

thank you for mentioning me. I am waiting for longer cooperation.

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Your the best keeping Vietnam NEAR mafia tight :sunglasses:


And with Russian youtubers:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm13MyV4yQP-Ci42vLnwbMg/videos video will be live by this day.

Still waiting for the video…

Could you please add in your report information about expenses per wallet / who /why/wallet ?

What the difference between startsguild.near and
starsguild.near ?

Thank You.

Dear @Zhunda I don’t know how you and your assistants work, but this channel promote scam projects like Mineral today, Avalon. Thousands people in Russia lost their money with Mineral and Avalon, everyone in crypto community knows about these scammer’s projects. How much Near paid to “Club Crypto Millionaires”?

I think you definitely need improve your research. If you have any concerns we can give you advice here Telegram: Contact @near_prices
We know all Russian Crypto YouTube bloggers.

Attn @Grace @jlwaugh @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council

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About expensess, not yet, still finishing work with one youtuber. Got like +500 USD left as treasury. Still you can view all transactions in explorer, got nothing to hide.

Startsguild.near thats why:

About “Club Crypto Millionaires” well, Sasha got him, she liked him. I don’t know each scam or ponzy scheme that happens in Russia.

If you want Dacha, can give us a list of those that feel are your favorite. If you want to work with these youtubers, can teach you to become a Star Agent. We pay a good bounty for each coworked video of 200 USD in NEAR to agent.
Will drop some info later in TG group.

Sorry, hard to understand who and how much got …
Could you please write information per wallet / ammount?
For instance: $370

For who? May be one of your assistances could prepare this report?

Absolutely scam.