[Approved] Merch for NFConference in April 2022 in Lisbon

Hello everyone

MintbaseDAO would like to apply for funding for the merch for the following conference:

This conference happens here in Lisbon, where our team is based. We already have our booth secured, @caromintbase will hold a speech at the event.

We will be producing 1700k postcards, on which we’d love to attach a QR-Code with 0,5 Near to each one of them.

These postcards will be inside of the merch-bags distributed by the event.

On the front-side, the QR code, on the back-side instructions to create your near wallet.

We will be at the event, partnering up with a local store, selling physical objects. So we can help them if they need help, and we will be demonstrating the strength of NEAR! MASS ADOPTION.

We were thinking to do this via NearDROP - and after 48 hours (time of the event), we’ll be cancelling the campaign. All the funds which weren’t collected will go back to the campaign creator.

The funds which weren’t used will be sent back to the MarketingDAO!

So our budget would be 850N. If the marketingDAO creates the campaign, you guys will be able to see how many wallets were opened, etc.

We can do this too - as the @marketingdao-council preferes!

[did not add target wallet, nor timeline, as I think it is not needed until we know who’ll be creating the Campaign & when]

target wallet: mintbase2.near
timeline: creation of drops as soon as funds come in. Cancellation of drops at the 6th of April in the morning!

Thank you in advance,



@Dacha @David_NEAR what do you guys think?


Good evening. Looks good for me, but I propose reduce each drop to 0.1 - 0.2 N. I don’t think that we can approve $17 000.

Thank You


Hi @dacha thanks for your anwer!

I understand your concern. 17k is a lot. But we probably wouldnt be using all of this, as the campaign can be cancelled anytime.

How about this - MintbaseDAO sends 300N ~ 3000USD to the marketingDAO. Would it be possible to fund the remaining 14k? Still too much? This is MintbaseDAO’s limit I think.

@LuisInfante since this is your baby (NFConference & Mintbase participation in there) would you like to add something?

What if we only allow the campaign to be online for 24 hours on the first day? This way, as I am thinking, only ± 30% of those drops will be claimed and the rest will be reimbursed instantly to your wallet…

Let’s chat more about this (keeping in mind the event is in 2 weeks time!)

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Thank you @marianeu for looping me in!
And hello @Dacha, nice to meet you!

I want to resume what will be the deal for the NFC, where we will be represented together with a vintage Portuguese brand Vida Portuguesa, where the idea is to bring those traditional physical products from the past and sell them throughout NFTs. In this way, we will have some postcards , with an invitation to our booth with NEAR link-drops, those will be in all the gift bags of NFC. That’s why we think NEAR could be involved just to ensure that all the invitees of the conference will have the opportunity to create a NEAR wallet assuring the fees for that.

What do you think?

I feel that it’s on your side to understand how you want to position yourself in the NFC, the 0.2 N covers the expenses for the creation of the wallet.


@MktngDAO_Advisors :slight_smile:

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Hey, there’s generally a soft cap of $10,000 for marketingDAO proposals. I think that this could easily be halved to 0.5 NEAR which would make the @marketingdao-council a little more open to this, perhaps?


Ok, from my side this sounds great. @LuisInfante I will agree to this! 0,5 sounds good.

Thank you. How should I proceed now @David_NEAR ? Should I submit a poll to the marketingdao or can I just request payout via the marketingdao astro??

Or will you guys create a neardrop campaign with 1700 neardrops with 0.5n each

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

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This hasn’t been approved by @marketingdao-council as of yet, so best to wait for it to be moved to Approved by council members. Shouldn’t be too long I imagine.


Hi @marianeu love the ideas presented in this proposal, particularly using real world use cases to onboard members to NEAR.

Would like to echo @David_NEAR comments regarding funding cap of $10,000. This is partly to ensure that we can provide marketing support to as many projects as possible.

Happy to Approve if you update your post with the revised amount being requested to fit this.


Hey @David_NEAR and @cryptocredit

yes, @LuisInfante, me and the whole team would be very happy for 0.5N x 1700

would you guys like to create the campaign on neardrop yourself ? It’s not approved yet right :sweat_smile: lmk if we can do something to help.

thank you in advance

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@marianeu Happy to support your project – it looks like the amounts have been updated. Thanks for doing that.

In terms of the Neardrop campaign, typically approved projects carry out their own implementation.

@marketingdao-council can you confirm that that would be something @marianeu and her team would need to do?


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


thank you so much! https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-236 this is my proposal, I created a wrong one before stating we need 8500 USD but we need 850N and the value differs as you guys know!!

Still under 10k!

I also submitted the google form already (because the conference begins in 10 days so I would like to ask for you guys to vote as soon as possible so we can print out the QR codes and get them onto our merch!

@Dacha @David_NEAR @cryptocredit pls approve my poll @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


Just struggling to understand the campaign.

You will create 1700K Caps. As in baseball caps- hats? Those hats will be placed in the bag of attendees and then it’s up to them to register. Wouldn’t it have been easier to partner with the event to secure registrations of a near wallet to airdrop?

This requires 1700 unique prints that require each person to redeem or value expires within 48 hours?

If these caps aren’t redeemed, then the money is just funneled to the creator. Which requires many additional steps for 1700 people to take in the midst of a conference to complete.

It’s a cool concept, there’s just a lot of extra steps required for someone just to revieve a free airdrop.

It’s a no from me.


Oh I wished I saw this before, we have a serious time problem.

The caps are baseball caps, yes. But we decided not to do them this time because of price & time issues…

you know when you enter a conference and you get a goodies bag? There’ll be the postcard. If they do not redeem the 0.5 at that moment, they might when they come to our booth. If not then, then they lost their opportunity.

But then we cancel the campaign and all the money goes back to the campaign creator. That’s why we were proposing you guys to create it, so no money is lost!

We are completely aware that itll be a very annoying job to stick the qr codes to the postcard we are planning to have inside the bag. Let me give you a preview: NOT THE FINAL DESIGN YET:

I do not understand where you see the extra steps.

  1. person receives bag, sees postcard, scans QR code, redeems / creates new wallet.
  2. Person takes the bag, doesn’t see postcard, comes by our booth, we onboard them, redeems QR code.
  3. Person does not want to make a wallet (whatever reason) takes it home. We cancel the campaign after 48 hours. QR code is useless.

LMK if you have more questions @Klint PLEASE. I am a little concerned about the time.

Thank you so much for your time,


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Hi Klint,

The Campaign involves the sale of NFTs in the shopping district of the non-fungible conference in Lisbon, where we are partnering with a Portuguese vintage products store. The idea is that these postcards are a pass for all-conference visitors to create a NEAR wallet and be able to buy products with NEAR in our marketplace.

The postcard that Maria shared is a draft, it will supposedly have the near logo on the QR or on the side, we thought the Non-Fungible-Conference would be a great opportunity to work towards mass adoption for NEAR in Lisbon.

We are actively working on activating the local community in Lisbon, giving workshops at our office:

Doing an NFC after-party in collaboration with @vandal and @frnvpr from Incubadora Dao.

Please reconsider.


Hey guys ,

Although @Klint is opposed, it looks like this is already Approved and has consensus from other Council Members.

You can go ahead and request the funds with the usual process.

@LuisInfante @marianeu


Thank you @David_NEAR we posted a poll on the marketing dao on astro but there is only one down vote from klint. Should I re submit ?

It can still pass without Taylor’s vote, so should be all good. No need to create another poll.

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