[Rejected] Near Protocol meetup in Tech Hub

I am a crypto lover and evangelist have been in the space a while now and have done some work in the past on Ows

I intend to host an event meetup for my students

I have a technology hub where i meet with students and teach them about technology and basic programming languages,
the first event was successful and we intend to build on it , in this session we will be focusing more on the developer tools and libraries


identify talents that can contribute to the ecosystem
Educate my students about near protocol
Explore near developer tools 
Show and help them explore opportunities
Explore with the near sdk framework in general


Wallet creation

Date - 29 April 2022

Time - 4 pm

Expected number of participants

David ( assistant instructor)

past report


Good morning, could you please share information about how many new near community members you onboarded on last event :

Wallet / name / thank You.

Could you please share your presentation in pdf. Thanks


Hi @icecrypt,

I note that this is a repeating event, identical to the one you held last month.

Please add dates to each application and reports to make it easier to navigate

I also note that you have recently submitted a Report for that past event, there are some questions pending there from Dacha and Myself.

Can you confirm whether you own the Technology Hub and you are renting it from yourself?

How many hours of preparation go into the event? $500 for one event seems quite a lot. I take issue with one small event being the equivalent of a full month of work for some people…

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ok well understood , learning the ropes

responding to them now

i am an instructor in the hub, i do not own the centre

the preparations centers on first of all discussing with the owner of the facility and securing a date , we will now talk to the students about the event , there are 3 sessions of students that attend the hub so we wait to talk with all of them this was done for four days straight , we also take immediate questions. from there the attendants are formed this group of 30 people i formed will be majorly same people that will attend my meetups till we get to the objective, they are the core ,
the 500 usd compensation i believe is reasonable for 2 people at 250 usd each. do you think otherwise?

what we have now is like a class, so definitely the 30 of them will create wallets, we are looking at the technical aspect of things, we will get to the testnet and then to the mainet( wallet account creation proper )

Have you completed a NEAR Certified Instructor qualification?

Also, given the technical nature of the participants and the cost, opening a wallet is a very, very low standard. I’d like to see other KPIs - perhaps students enrolling in NEAR Certified Developer program?

not certified yet

yes this part of the main aim and to see if they could come with a dapp on near protocol

thats exactly why we didnt do that in the first event it will come later as its really nothing much

I would defer approving any further proposals until you are a NEAR Certified Instructor. I think it would be greatly beneficial to bring you within the scope of the global Certified Instructors cohort and you’ll be in a much better position to onboard students to the Certified Developer program once you’ve been Certified yourself.

Just to clarify, something being extremely easy doesn’t mean it doesn’t get done at all. What it means is that is something that can be done without any funding and should’ve been done even prior to the event.



all good, if i am certified, i definitely wount be here asking marketing dao for a mere 920 usd for a technical based meetup, this would have evolved into a hackathon if you understand how it works . because i already have 30 dev students as a class.

this statement sounds like an insult to me. just to let you know , i did some work in ows in the past and created this wallets, which you know absolutely nothing about.

@marketingdao-council :blush:

Good evening, could you please give links on their near wallets? Thanks

super important to be able to explain step by step so people get more involved with the protocol. And hosting events it is definitely very useful. And is good to have some budget to fund their accounts and make them help others to open the wallet too

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@dacha i already responded above, " will create " its not created yet,it would be

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Good morning . Thank You.

No from me.

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There’s not enough clear information about the nature of this event. It’s a no from me.

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