Decision Tree for new NEARians | Looking for feedback

I’m fairly new to NEAR (mid-December). One of the challenges I faced early on (and still do to some extent) is “Where is everything?” and “How do I get x done?”. It isn’t well documented right now.

After conversations recently with Sofia and a few others, I thought I would put together a decision tree diagram to help people new to NEAR. Sofia with OWS and her team and I are working on a Playbook to hopefully smooth the transition for others incoming.

UPDATE: David Morisson and team and working on a wiki as well (see comment below)

I would love it if a few Senior members of the ecosystem could vet what I have done so far.

NOTE: This decision tree isn’t vetted yet, so if you are new, please don’t use this as a reference. It’s here for discussion and improvement. When it’s vetted, I will update this post.

See here if you want to comment or view the tree below

UPDATE: This version is old. The newest version is in this post - scroll down


UPDATED version below


Thanks for all the work on this, Mayur! Really appreciate it! This really ties in well with the discussions that we’ve been having around contributor onboarding. I’d love to help with this project to help new contributors navigate the NEAR ecosystem. Also, i think if this could be a miro board where anyone with the link can leave comments, that would be great so that we can have the feedback in the same thread.

In fact, since we already have a decision tree as a base, I think we can collectively continue to build on it and different end points- like education, marketing, graphic design etc can be owned by contributors who will continue to update and maintain it. If you’re up for visualizing this, here’s something that we could use as an inspiration(Bonus- it’s also open source):

Inspired by the above, I had even purchased the domain but unfortunately building out the decision tree requires time and knowledge of the NEAR ecosystem and we’re happy to support anyone who wants to take a lead on this. The NEAR Arabia community took this on for a while, but it requires more work: What can I do for NEAR [Github]


Hi brother, :raised_hand:

This is a good resource to guide newbies coming to our community. Decisions take time and can be difficult for everyone.

This is a skills based test !!!

I’m thinking, as an exercise to review your diagram and give all of us feedback to you, I propose the following:

  1. Let’s travel in the time machine to the past (let’s remember), when we were at the beginning, when we arrived at NEAR community. :eyes:

  2. Let’s follow this decision tree to the final result (the last box). Let’s be honest…

  3. Let’s compare that result with the current situation (the present!). Depending on the elapsed time, the result coincides or differs? What is missing from the diagram?

  4. Report feedback or conclusions

I’ll answer the experiment later! :rofl:


OMG Yes! That’s awesome. Would LOVE to help with this effort. When I see chaos, my tech writer and organizer brain goes into overdrive and I don’t give up. Would be amazing to turn the diagram into something much nicer like maybe a sexy web-version. We can use a shared Miro, but to be honest, a “code to diagram” tool is a much more elegant way moving forward and we can do github etc. Check out There was this other tool I used before… open source… will try and find it. I found this so far

Unitl we decide on which way forward here is a link that anyone can use to comment and edit

Dumb question: do we turn this effort into a DAO so that participants can get paid? Or I guess fellows can just start contributing? I’m unclear on this. Asking as I have at least a half dozen people (and a few more I’m meeting next week) that are eager to contribute their talent but may not be fellows yet (or ever).

I would love to get @joaquimley to get involved. Brought him into NEAR and he is a very Senior Dev and founder

Will check out the NEAR Arabia link as well


“Dirty” Trello below

Needs discussion

To Do

  • Setup hosting for (or update DNS Mayur can provide - I have hosting) @shreyas
  • Look for code-based open-source alternative @Mayur and other Devs that get involved
  • Bring UX and Design on to provide guidance and polish
  • Get Translators - I know someone that can Eng > Chinese and someone incoming (met her today) that can do Eng > Japanese as well (UPDATE: its @Itsumi)
  • Dev: See which is best from this link or this or this. Ideally want to find something a non-tech person can contribute to on github in plain language


  • Get more feedback from NEAR people to contrib ideas/comments - @shreyas can you pass around? I don’t know all the VIPs yet


  • Publish version 1 on gov

Part of this will be addressed with the NEAR Wiki which is currently under construction, perhaps we can fold this decision tree into part of that!


Awesome… would be good to do that also/alternatively


Thanks! I appreciate your input

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Not to offend, but it’s not a great user experience. I think we can do better. Also, instead of copy-pasta the domain, I would like to consider a shorter domain (these are all available):
welcometonear.(org/com) (I already have this and haven’t put it to use yet) (I already have this and haven’t put it to use yet)

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Something like this perhaps


This thing looks good and it seems like it’s something a tech writer or PM could work with also Chart Mage - Draw sequence diagrams and flowcharts at lightning speed.. I have sent an email to the owner to find out.


Also, would LOVE to integrate “make a wallet” into the experience

User journey:

user visits site > picks language > registers for a free wallet address > fills out their “skills” from a simple list > fills out their short bio > bio automatically registers them on near forums (if they don’t have) > bot invites them to Discord (if they give) > user goes through tree diagram > site keeps track of their progress and captures email (optional) for when the diagram is updated > user gets $ for completion? > win


Hello! I’m Itsumi from Japan and now I live in Melbourne Australia! I do social media marketing and advertising design marketing as my work. I will do the tree translation from English to Japanese! :jp:Nice to meet you! :blush:

In addition, Mayur posted on LinkedIn about NEAR and I got in touch with him and he showed me around NEAR earlier today and asked me for help!

Nice to meet you guys! If you need any Japanese helps, let me know!



Thank you sir @Mayur for this wonderful guild
Since am new here this will go along way in helping me find my way around .

Thanks! Keep in mind, it’s a work in progress, so it might be missing stuff. If you think it needs improvement, please do share here or click the link to edit/comment (see above)

Okay I will do that if need be

No worries at all, Mayur. Open to whatever makes the most visual sense to onboard a new contributor.

If you’re up for it, I’d love to jump on a call sometime to chat more about this and kick things off: Calendly - Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

Hi @Itsumi, nice to meet you too. You should definitely chat with @9dai5 and @sidpillai91 as they are building a community in Japan and could definitely use help and collaboration :slight_smile:


Certainly. I have setup a call.

Hello! Ohhh that’s so cool! I will send a message to them now!