[Introduction] A 1-stop-shop for all new members onboarding to NEAR

Hey team,

As you might know, my name is Bailey - a member of @ConciergeTeam Initiative and been lurking around NEAR Eco for quite awhile. :sweat_smile: :smiling_face:

Recently, @shreyas has came up with an idea to shipping out a site that has all the guideline for new members/users that got onboarded into NEAR Ecosystem. Like a one-stop-shop for newbie out there to enhance their on-boarding experience to NEAR.

Introducing : NEAR Community Guide - Powered by @ConciergeTeam

The idea was being a TL;DR version of our NEAR Wiki. From Wallet Interaction to Techs, Fundings, Regional Hubs, etc… We are trying to cover every possible ways that a new on-boarded member might interested in. The site was made with also a purpose to giving out resources for new member to take a looking on.

For knowledge, the more the better right?

Before rolling out critics (which we love to hear), the site is still in Beta Phase and your feedback will mean much to us.

The work was powered and provied by @ConciergeTeam with a lot of Great Experience, Amazing Guidelines and tons of Love.

So please help us to improve this along the way and enhance the new-user experience as much as possible by giving feedbacks and giving it a shout to the space.

Big shoutout to @shreyas for creating this Initiative and same for the folks who works tirelessly for this @stanisnear @HaiVu @Kemal and the @ConciergeTeam

From @ConciergeTeam with Love,

cc @marketingdao-council @creativesdao-council


Thanks @bailey12 !

From the Concierge sub-team, Project Ops team, we @LarryLang @HaiVu @Kemal are very happy that the


In addition to guiding project leaders, also serve as inspiration for the Community Guide and as a good frame to build it :rocket:

Big hug, keep going :love_you_gesture:



Hello, Great idea :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


nice idea, kindly keep us updated when the site is fully launched.

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You might be interested working with Onboarding DAO in which me, @FritzWorm and @zubairansari07 are serving councilship together with others. We are looking to expand our horizons and contribute big time to the ecosystem. I hope we can forge a relationship in NEAR future! :two_hearts:


Thank you very much for this opportunity and knowledge