NEAR Knowledge Sharing

Hello Everyone! DTC checking in here and I wanted to bring some attention to a community initiative I’m spearheading for the NF community.

I have a deep-seated belief that we should lever be the smartest person in the room, if we are we need to leave that room and surround ourselves with people we can gain knowledge and insight from to better improve ourselves and our community.

This is what I want to do for the NEAR ecosystem and for our slice of the space.

Over the coming weeks there will be one post weekly by myself or a member of my team featuring short interviews with members of NF and Pagoda sharing their stories of how they made their way into the space, what they’ve learned since working in it, how to navigate, and what qualities and ideals we can embody to help members of the community find their way professionally. My goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to excel and ensure the lessons we’ve learned are passed on to our community so that you can grow and thrive in our community and in the wider space as well.

Stay tuned and I look forward to sharing some of our stories and insights with you.


Thanks, DTC for kicking this off!
Also, don’t hesitate to make your voice heard, and let us know which topics you guys are interested in knowing more about. Constructive inputs are always encouraged! Cheers.


Yes! If anyone has specific items they would like us to cover like working in the space, how to navigate professionally etc.

We’re here to support you.

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Join the Content Creators Working Group Under the Marketing DAO for that real knowledge sharing

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I’m tapped in! Thank you for sharing! :eyes: