[Contest] Illustrathons African art competition!

Blaqk Stereo Dao presents: Illustrathons African art competition!
Themed : Ile [meaning HOME in Yoruba Language]

Link to proposal:

Are you an Illustrator or Digital Artist?
Do you have the skill set?
Are you innovative and creativity?
If yes, Then this is an opportunity for you to compete amongst Africans finest illustrators and win amazing prices.

Prices to be won

Winner - $200
1st runner up - $100
2nd runner up - $50

How to you can be a part of this contest:

  • Fill this Form https://forms.gle/SatuxFECvH7oHn8a9 or visit the artist signup corner under the artists category on our discord group Linktree to be verified. (You will be automatically added as a minter on our store).

  • Create a 2D illustration centered on the theme “ile” (meaning home)

  • This art contest is a 2D art contest only. (No 3D)

  • This is open to every illustrator around the world

  • Once you’ve filled the form, you will be a verified illustrathon and added as a minter to our store within a wait time of 1 hour.

  • After which, proceed to our Mintbase store Linktreeand mint your “ile” art. Here is a guide on how to do this: Mintbase store

  • Post your art on Twitter and tag us @blaqkstereo with the hashtags #blaqkstereo #illustrathons

Here’s an illustration sample

This is a picture of the Eyo masquerade, a great symbol in my home town, Lagos Nigeria.
Art credit: Credit


You must have a Near wallet to participate, reach out to us on discord or Telegram Linktree if you do not have a wallet. A airdrop link with instructions will be sent to you.

  • Be a member on our Astro Dao to participate, here is a guideline on how to do join Linktree

  • Ensure you’re a member of our Discord group and Telegram, also follow us on twitter and across all our social media platform Twitter

11th August - 28th August, 2022


Im looking forward to join this contest, can youu add me at your min base thanyou


Looking forward to joining this bounty


This is my entry
“Ile the home of all livingthings in africa”
“African safari is an expedition or a trip, usually by tourists, to observe animals in their natural habitat.”


My Entry for the theme of “Ile”
Artist : @ImJami2017
Tittle : Lagos Lagoon “ile”

Lagos Lagoon is part of Nigeria that they called it megacity. Fishing community lives here even though rivers are polluted. For them this is their home.

Hope you like my arts. :hugs:

Near Wallet : jami2017.near


Looking forward to join this nice bounty please kindly add me as a minter at your mintbase store
ID: pemmiee.near
Thank you so much!


You’ve been added to the store

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This is awsome art mysterious but i love whos the creator of this art :hugs::heart_eyes::innocent:


Good day fam i would like to be as one of the minter :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my near wallet is louietism.near, and i already fill up the form :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello, I have filled the forms and wish to be added to the store as a minter.


What’s your wallet ID

Here it is:
kennethjay.near Thank
you so much

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Please add me to your store, I met your requirements.


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Good day, Fam. Please add me as a minter at your store. Already fill up the form. Tysm!

Near id: swilart2.near

Hi Friends, here’s my entry.

Tittled: Bonny Home for all (ile)
This work is a representation of Bonny “Home for all”.
Bonny Island is arranged at the southern edge of Rivers State in the Niger Delta of Nigeria close to Port Harcourt. Ships are the primary type of transport to and from the island.

Wallet I.D


Hello Good day Fam, this is my entry

Title: Ile Mi, Eniyan Mi (“My Home, My People”)

Description: Where the Ile “Home” is incomplete if there are no people, this is my art represent the culture and Nigeria specifically yoruba tribe women taking all the house chores of Ile making all of this in their daily lives. displays their inner light in their hearts and shares kindness and love



Hello fam, my entry

Tittled: Ancient Zongo My home “ile”
Artist: sooty.

This is ancient Zongo. Zongo is a community located in Eastern region of Ghana was founded in 1892, and is now a small village with around 2000 residents.

Zongo village living standards are a world away from in the neighbouring towns. Nevertheless, this is my home, the starting of my beginning.



After a tiring day working on the field, coming home is the most exciting part being able to see your family is the most satisfying feeling, all your hard work will be paid off.