[Proposal] Illustrathons African art competition (July)

This is the coming together of African Illustrators to project rare African

art as NFT and in this edition, we will be making a master collection titled "(Ile)

which is the Yoruba language

for (Home)". We believe home is sacred in our culture, so we hold it with so much pride.

In this first edition, we are opening it to the community, and we would like all digital artists and artists in general to create art centered around something special about their homes in their countries. it is open to everyone now not only Africans.

Our intention is to grow a new community of NFT enthusiasts from Africa and possibly create a

Marketplace hub to showcase and project African or African-inspired arts to the world.


  • The Theme is “Ile” which means Home. So the arts will be home inspired.

  • Arts will be minted to our Mintbase store.

  • There are cash prices up for grabs.


  • Creation of banners

  • Twitter ads


Council Blaqk Stereo





2 weeks


Artworks will be minted to our mintbase store


  • 1st = $200

  • 2nd = $100

  • 3rd = $50

*Total = $350

*Requesting: $450

Budget Breakdown
-Banner Creation - $50
-Twitter Ad - $50


Interesting idea, would love to see African art & culture.

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Hello Guys, I wonder where can we see the results of this project, maybe in other topic?
guide me :slight_smile:


Hello, thanks for your question. Everything will be done on the forum here. A bounty will be created in which submissions will happen in the forum here.

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Absolutely, we got so many beautiful arts and artists here in Africa.

Hello @Hawwal,

Do you have any target group of artists in mind for this bounty? They’re Blaqk-stereo DAO members or outside NEAR?

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Hello @williamx
This is open to all artists both in blaqk stereo, the entire community and outside, a template of art would be provided and we’ll give the artists the freedom to express themselves through their arts.

Hey! Quick question re: the twitter ad. If this is open to blaqkstereo community and the creatives dao then what is the need for a twitter ad? Or, is it to bring it to people outside of NEAR via twitter, and if so, should that not have some sort of strategy for onboarding/introduction included?

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Thanks for the review @ted.iv
The intention is to bring people outside through the twitter ad campaign but we don’t want it to be a twitter campaign. We want this bounty to be held on the forum here. There will be a google form participants from twitter will fill and we will be contacting them privately to send airdrop links in which they could use in opening wallets and participating in the bounty. It’s a strategy we have used in a previous project before and we opened several wallets though that means.

Hey @Hawwal ,

Sorry, this doesn;t make sense to me, can you explain?
also, could you include a link to the previous project where this process was used?


hey @ted.iv
Ok, let me elaborate. A post will be made on Twitter about this bounty which is to be held on this forum, The Governance forum. this initial phase of the illustrathons, will be conducted on the forum, but our reason for posting on Twitter and running an ad in the first place is to invite people that aren’t on Near yet to come participate and in the process, interested participants who don’t own wallets yet will be contacted privately where airdrop links will be sent to them and we will guide them through on how to open the wallets. Wallet opening through Airdrop link process here is a link to a different project where I used google forms to open several wallets for people - Future is Near music competition

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Ok, @Hawwal , makes sense, and thanks for clarifying.

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