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Another exciting opportunity from Nearxart DAO.

One of the mandate of this guild is to shed light onto different aspects of life and to bring more coverage to certain areas of the world.

I present a project where you have E the ability to showcase different underdeveloped areas in your environment and express its story through photography.

Entry for this project will be via the following steps:

  1. A professionally developed photograph of a ghetto/underdeveloped area.

  2. Exact Name of the location and country

  3. A short story about the location and the inspiration of the picture taken.

  4. Mention possible Opportunities for improvement of the area via an NGO or a relevant organization

  5. A mid size initiative that can make a difference to the area.

Winners of the best photograph will receive the following:

First Place: $150
Second Place :$100
Third Place: $50

These photographs will be minted and 70% proceeds will go back to the NGO/initiative described in your entry above that helps the community and 30% would go to the photographer/creative.

**Note:**For your entry to count

  1. Join our telegram channel Here and request to be added as a minter
  1. Entries must be posted on Twitter and tag our Twitter (@NearxArt) account Here

  2. Entries posted should prompt collectors/buyers to support the project by purchasing the NFTs

  3. NFTs should not be listed below 5near

Goodluck! We can wait to see your entries and your stories.strong text


When is deadline Fam?


I will love to know the deadline

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Entry Name:

This location is in Aba (known as Tenant Road by Asa) in Abia State, Nigeria.

Due to high cost of stores in the City, these people volunteered their residential areas and converted them to a Market Place. They major in selling of Bags of Rice and Different Drugs.

I went to buy drugs for my Mum there, and the setting inspired me to take a picture for the GHETTO PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST.

The City is known for a lot of talented young men and women, but due to lack of funds to push their career, they tend to always enter street and find something to eat; either by riding Tricycle, pushing trucks or being sales boys.

Having a project that can fund Creatives in this area would be a large boost in their career. We could open a recording studio for them, and allow them record songs for free. As well provide video equipment for them, so they could shoot most of their music videos too. We could collaborate with Thespians DAO to make this happen.




Here is some photos of a famous and energetic market in Salvador/Bahia/Brasil where you can find a lot. I think a good way to improve the place is through new bathtrooms and rest spaces. The whole structure could be improved and whenever I go there I think of those people who work daily in very precarious conditions. Feira de São Joaquim is an incredible place that could certainly be better taken care of. While it is necessary to maintain the history of the place, it is also important to think about improvements to make everyone’s experience there even more incredible.

Feira de São Joaquim



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yes for sure. But you would have to show us your entry before getting into the store. thanks. Kindly join our telegram group


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title: home of imperfect ones
this is the catholic chuch of San Enrique, Negros Occidental, Phillipines.
i take this picture in purpose to show every one our belief and religion here in phillipines. we go in church every sunday 9 am and also have a night service mass at 8 pm. we gather as a family not by blood but family in Chirst Jesus our Lord.
also i take this picture for the GHETTO PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST. i hope you like my photography.

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The Virgin of Antipolo’: Antipolo’s famous church. Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is the well known “Virgin of Antipolo”: a wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, profoundly worshiped in the Philippines. It is known that the Philippines were invaded by the Spaniards and ruled by them for more than 300 years

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When is the deadline plese?

There’s no deadline yet


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Hello this is my entry for this bounty.

"ENJOYING THE DARKEST TIME":alarm_clock::hourglass_flowing_sand:
Living here in the slums of province makes me feel we can’t get what we truly desire, dreams and goals but here we experience life fulfilment, peace and whenever we are apart we still inside our heart the memories of our childhood.

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Entry: My Everyday Normal
Location Nicon Town Lagos, Nigeria
Despite living in the urban city, this is an everyday way of living for some in that Nicon town. Nicon town is an urban area but this getto is within portion of its undeveloped land. These people can’t afford the cost of high cost housing in this area so they stay here. Over time it has attracted same kind of people and they have a community. They create houses from themselves from woods and use trampolines as roofs. Due to poor state of the environment and litters of plastic waste, children get sick all the time. No medical centre in which they can afford so there is always the case of self medication

What inspired me to take this picture is the thought of how two different worlds can co-exist in the same place.

I feel the people can be educated to take proper care of their environment thereby a health campaign can be initiated and a local health centre that they can afford can be set up for them.
@NearxArtDao #Getto Photography #bounty


Hello NEAR community,
Here is my entry on Getto Project.

Each time I wake up, I usually feel devastated. The cry of badies, the noise from the neighbours, and the unpleasant sounds from the axes that pieces a log of wood makes me unhappy. I live in side this slum. It is located at 13-18 Bailey street, Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria. My environment is an underdeveloped slum. The road, and houses are worst.

The children cries for help. They all suffer from mal-nutrition. Almost everyday, the children dies. Their uneducated parents usually abandon them by leaving them to survive on their own. Their daily lives touches me. I desire to help them.

How can we be of help? We can help them by showcasing their predicament to the world and by raising funds to help them to develop their roads and houses and empower the women on different vocational skills.

My name is Adelekan Fortune, i am a native of Bariga. The name of my NEAR wallet is Afrigoldconcepts.near