[open bounty]: pet and wildlife

Exciting Opportunity To Showcase your Love for Wildlife and your Pets.

NearxArt is proud to announce our call for competition under the pet and wild life section.

A chance to win money by showing off your love for nature through wild life art and love for your pets.

We know these animals are our support, our friends,our family, and we would like you to showcase your love for them through art expressions.

Are you able to express your love for wildlife or your pets via music, painting, video, sounds, choreography etc?

If so, this call is for you.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Join the Pet and wildlife group on telegram via link Here

and request to be added as a minter on pet and wild life store.

  1. Mint your art on Pet and wild life store

  2. Post these forms of art on twitter, with the mint base link and tag @nearxart [https://twitter.com/nearxart?s=21]

  3. Gather your engagement!!!

The highest number of engagement will go home with a whooping sum of $150 USD.

Second place is $100 USD

Third place is $50 USD

Fourth place is $30 USD


  1. You must be following @nearxart Twitteron twitter for your entry to count

  2. Bonus points if your supporters are following @nearxart on Twitter

  3. Only arts minted on the store would qualify as a valid entry

  4. 40% of the proceeds will be donated to several animal rescue and shelter society all over the world.
    It would be beneficial to encourage your followers to purchase your work via creating awareness about the animal rescue donations.



This is Great .let’s goo…:fire::fire:

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I don’t have pet. I’ll have to catch the rat in our house then :rofl:


Hahahaha :smiley::smiley:that is creative you can submit an art with the rat. Can’t wait to see your entry

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@sabrinarupp decided to update you on this :grin:

@maryrazel.near sali po tayo :grin:

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Wow this is great want too join already join at your tg group

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My entry

My near address:


Hello. Please, could you add my wallet as minter in the store? luluca_l.near. Tnx :dog2:

And @igormoura look over here!


Hello, please add my wallet as minter at the store: isadanoninho.near :heart_eyes: :pray:t3: :brazil:



I already minted my entry to the mintbase store

Here’s the link of my entry have a good day :sparkles:


Hi !! Please, add my wallet as minter at the store: biancavictal.near

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Hello please could you add my wallet as minter in the store? bazer08.near

Here my entry

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Hello… please add me on your store.

You have been added, happy to see your NFT in the store

Hello! I already contact on telegram to add me to the store and send the NFT.

my wallet: mayramendes.near

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You have been added to the store
Thanks for your interest!

Hi. Here’s my entry.
The hearts simply symbolize the love for our pets and the pictures behind on the wall show the memories we have with our pets that we could capture.

Please add me to the store I’m on the telegram channel and I’ve requested so. Thank you.