[COMPLETED] Latin American dramaturgy trilogy (May, 2022)

Hello guys! My name is Johnny, I’m new to the Writers Guild and the NEAR ecosystem, I got here thanks to my friend Baga Defente, who helped with my onboarding. I am a multi-artist from the city of Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil.

As I am not fluent in writing in English, I apologize and count on your understanding during my communication.

Anyway, I work mainly as a poet, playwright and theater actor, but I also experiment with audiovisual and visual arts languages (painting, digital arts and photography). I am very grateful and happy to be here with you, I am also willing to contribute as much as possible to develop and spread crypto art, the NEAR ecosystem and the Writers Guild.

Today I’m doing my first project submission (I hope I’m doing it right and at the right time kkkkk). So, here’s my proposal:

Proponent: Johnny Faustino

NEAR account for payment: johnfaus.near

Duration: 31 days

Requested Amount: 450 USD in NEAR

Project name: Latin American dramaturgy trilogy

Objectives: Writing of three theatrical scenes in Portuguese that aim to bring together Latin American themes.

Description: The stories of the theatrical scenes take place in three locations in South America: countryside of São Paulo, Cabo Polonio in Uruguay and Foz do Iguaçu on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

The scenes will narrate stories of family relationships with characters who work, live or are fleeing to places in the South American region. In the countryside of São Paulo, three women in the maternity, dream of a new life, with better conditions than women in Brazil, wishing to live in Patagonia, where even without knowing it, they believe their dreams can come true. In Cabo Polonio, two brothers, a fisherman and a mountaineer, disagree about what to do with the body of their recently deceased father, in his dialogues, images are evoked that refer to the andes and the atlantic coast of latin america. In the Foz do Iguaçu scene, a woman needs to escape the police going to Paraguay, leaving her underaged daughter by surprise for her sister-in-law to care for.

The objective of the elaboration of these scenes is to create a material that brings together elements of Brazilian culture with other Latin American cultures. This approach is based on the professions, dreams of the characters, and the paths they took throughout their lives and geographical and sociopolitical references present in the dialogues. The texts were created by playwrights Elias Pintanel and Johnny Faustino, members of Cia Notívagos Burlescos de Teatro, from the city of Botucatu, São Paulo.

The Notívagos Burlescos group has 20 years of history and has great importance in promoting theatrical production in the city of Botucatu and in state’s countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. Playwrights, because they have experience in dramaturgical writing, bring with this work the objective of increasing the repertoire of texts for the scene, contributing to the theatrical work of directors and actors.

The project also foresees the dramatic reading of the texts, which will be done by the writers and guest actresses. There will also be an online exhibition of the reading on the digital platforms of the writers’ guild and retransmitted on the channels of the Notívagos Burlescos company, in order to publicize the guild and the NEAR ecosystem.

The choice of this project is based on the tiny amount of contemporary dramaturgy in the interior of Brazil and with this to contribute to the dissemination of unpublished texts for regional creation.

May, 2st at 13th — Finalization of three texts
May, 16th at 27th — Dissemination and rehearsals of dramatic readings
May, 28th — Face-to-face and live presentation of dramatic readings
May, 31th — Final report post on fórum

200 USD in Near to 5 actors ($40 x 5 actors)
200 USD in Near to finalization 3 texts ($100 x 2 dramaturgist)
50 USD in Near to art design creation

Final Products

  1. Finalization of three dramatic texts;
  2. Face-to-face presentation of texts in dramatic reading format, with virtual exhibition on Writer’s Guild channels and retransmission on Cia Notívagos Burlescos channels.

Additional benefits

  • Onboard of a professional in the NEAR ecosystem, who will be able to contribute with their skills in other projects;
  • Stimulate the development of theatrical writing as a literary genre within the guild, publicizing the guild’s initiatives to other audiences.
  • Fostering Latin American-themed dramaturgy, produced in state’s countryside of São Paulo, Brazil;
  • Contribute to the strengthening and dissemination of the NEAR ecosystem and, mainly, the Writers’ Guild through online initiatives.

That’s it, folks! Thanks for the opportunity!


Great Proposal my friend. I must confess how I got so carried into picturing your description and honestly, this is indeed dramatic. I look forward to realization of this. Cheers.

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Hello, thank you so much! We hope to succeed. It will be really cool to contribute to dramatic literature here!! Hugs!

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nice proposal, my friend :clap: :clap: :clap:

it will be really nice to see theatrical writing emerging here on our guild among other creative writing manifestations!

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Thank you my friend! :upside_down_face:

It will be a pleasure to contribute to the guild and the entire ecosystem. Let’s walk! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Project name: Latin American dramaturgy trilogy

Project Status: Concluded

Project Accounting: The objective of the project was successfully accomplished, with the writing of the three dramatic texts and the dramatic reading of them. The texts were read in the “Garage - Cultural Space” with the presence of the public from the city of Botucatu, SP, Brazil, and with the online transmission on youtube.

Self-assessment: I am very happy with the results obtained during the writing process, its completion and reading the texts. First I want to thank the partnership established with @eliaspintanel in writing the texts. We had intense weeks of writing the texts, many conversations about the stories of the scenes and procedures of dramaturgical creation. We thought not only that the dramatic situations had an initial situation of conflict between the characters, but we expanded this by placing more secondary conflicts in their personal stories that influenced the actions, speech and interactions with the other characters. In addition, theatrical elements such as subtexts, rhythm, physical actions (indicated in the rubrics) and the description of the scenarios, amplified the power of conflict and tension of the texts. That was my initial goal. I was very happy with the very conclusion of the texts within these parameters.

The dramatic reading carried out in the “Garage - Cultural Space” showed the strength of the texts. It was wonderful to realize how much the reading of the texts held the attention of the spectators. Of course, there was also the importance of the performance of the actors and actresses at the time of reading, but it is undeniable to see how the texts allowed the actors to have conditions to work. The spectators were moved, cried, laughed, amazed, with the lines, the situations and the conclusion of the texts. It was fantastic to realize the scenic potential of the texts and it wasn’t just one person who told us at the end how cool it would be to see the texts staged on stage. This positive feedback from the audience was wonderful.

Unfortunately, we had some setbacks regarding the quality of the live broadcast of the dramatic reading, as the professional who would perform it ended up contracting COVID and needed to remain in isolation. However, we managed to solve the problem in a timely manner for the reading to be carried out and, even though it did not occur with the quality we wanted, we managed to transmit it through the Youtube channel of Near Writer’s Guild and Cia. Notívagos Burlescos. In a new opportunity, if there are eventualities, we will try to have more satisfactory alternatives.

I am immensely grateful to the NEAR ecosystem and the writers-guild for giving me this opportunity to carry out this project. Unprecedented action in our city and which mobilized a lot of people’s interest in the next steps, in other unpublished writings and readings, as in the desire to know about NEAR, which we divulged during the previous week and during the reading. Thank you and I hope there are other moments like this and other exchanges!

Final delivery:
The finalization of 3 dramatic texts was carried out, whose dissemination took place in the format of dramatic reading. The reading took place in person at the “Garage - Cultural Space” in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil; also being broadcast live on Youtube by Near Writer’s Guild and on Instagram by Cia. Notívagos Burlescos. The onboard of @eliaspintanel was also carried out (with the help of @bagadefente and other members of the Writer’s Guild involved in the process).

Here’s the link:

I had some difficulties in receiving the first payment for the project ($225 in DAI), as I had little knowledge about the operation regarding the procedures to be followed after approval. However, @bagadefente (thank you very much for all the support!) managed to help me, both in this matter and in releasing access to Youtube and onboard @eliaspintanel.

I still haven’t been able to transfer funds from Near Wallet to a traditional bank account to make payments, but everyone involved is aware and will receive the first part or full payment agreed by the end of the week.

Once again thank you everybody, please check the dramatic reading video and don’t hesitate to ask me with you have any doubts!


Thank you so much for your detailed report! Please feel free to make the second payout proposal on Astro for $225 in DAI.

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Hi @ashleyc! I am grateful for the opportunity given by the guild. It certainly makes a big difference to the development and dissemination of literature and the arts in general. Perfect! I just made the payment proposal! Thank you one more time! :pray: