[COMPLETED] Dramaturgy Workshop (June, 2022)

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Guys, it’s my first project here at NEAR. I was added to the system by @johnfaus and @bagadefente. I hope to contribute to the development of the NEAR ecosystem. I’m not fluent in English, so I ask for patience in communication. Hope we have good exchanges here!

Here is my proposal for this month:

Proponent: Elias Pintanel

NEAR account for payment: eliaspintanel.near

Duration: 36 days

Requested Amount: 560 USD in NEAR

Project name: Dramaturgy Workshop

Objectives: Hold a dramaturgy workshop lasting four meetings, ending with a dramatic reading of the texts created by the participants, which will be broadcast live through the Writer’s Guild and Cia. Notívagos Burlescos. The texts and exercises performed during the workshop will be compiled in a magazine, in e-book format, made available and published on NEAR’s Mintbase, with 10% of its value reverted to the Near Writer’s Guild; this action will aim to publicize the workshop exercises and the texts created.

Description: In order to stimulate the creation of writers for theater in the region, the proposal here is to hold a dramaturgy workshop open and free to the community of the city and region of Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. Making a public call to fill the 12 spots planned for the workshop. The workshop will take place in 4 meetings of 3 hours each, totaling 12 hours of workshop, with the last meeting having a public reading of the texts created, which will also be broadcast live.

The workshop and public reading will take place at the independent cultural space “Garagem - Espaço de Cultura”, in the city of Botucatu. Having as speakers Elias Pintanel and Johnny Faustino, both are actors and theater directors, members of the collective Notívagos Burlescos de Teatro, which has 20 years of history and importance for the city of Botucatu and region of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. They have experience in the creation of dramatic texts, in the adaptation of literary texts for the stage and in theatrical direction.

The workshop will focus on talking about classic dramaturgy concepts, theatrical conflict, dramatic situations, character creation, writing styles and theatrical aesthetics. The meetings will be practical, with writing of texts for theater, more reading of theatrical classics and analysis of them. The objective is for each participant to present a final text to be read by actors and actresses in the city. The purpose of the last day’s presentation is for workshop participants to hear their texts being read by professionals in the scene and to people in the community. We hope not only to encourage the creation of theatrical texts in the city and region, but also theater readers.

Another product is the publication of applied exercises and texts produced, being compiled in a magazine in e-book format, with 30 editions, which will be made available and published on NEAR’s Mintbase, 15 of which are free and the remaining 10% of its value reverted for the Near Writer’s Guild. This action will aim to publicize the workshop exercises, so that they can be reproduced by any reader or interested in theatrical writing, and the texts created to stimulate and disseminate the authors.

June, 6th to 17th - Publication of the workshop.
June, 18th - First day of the workshop
June, 25th- Second day of the workshop
July, 2nd – Third day of the workshop
July, 3rd to 8th - Creation of the e-book magazine containing exercises and texts
July, 9th - In-person and live presentation of the dramatic readings and launch of the magazine.
July, 11st - Final report post on forum

250 USD in NEAR to workshop tutors ($125 x 2 - made for me and @johnfaus)
160 USD in NEAR for 4 actors ($40 x 4 actors)
50 USD rental of the space “Garage - Espaço de Cultura” for workshops and reading of texts
100 USD in NEAR to create design and files for the mint and minting process (made by @johnfaus)

Final Deliveries

  1. Realization of the dramaturgy workshop;
  2. Final presentation of texts in person and virtually, in dramatic reading format.
  3. Creation of e-book, minted as NFT at Writer’s Guild store on Mintbase.

Additional benefits

  1. Onboard in the NEAR ecosystem of a professional in the area of cultural production, responsible for the “Garage - Espaço de Cultura”;
  2. Fostering dramaturgy produced in the interior of the state of São Paulo;
  3. Fostering local theater production;
  4. Outreach to the NEAR ecosystem through workshop outreach, dramatic reading display and publication.

Hello guys! :alien: :grinning:

Reporting here a little about the progress of the project. We had to start a week later than planned due to a national holiday which made some entries impossible. The workshop had its second day today. In the first meeting, we talked about basic precepts of the dramatic text, such as our conflict, dialogue, tension, characters’ objective, scenic elements (as a basic precept of the theatrical text: it will be presented, staged for an audience). The day ended with the members writing a scene after a round of stories told/invented by the participants. These stories had to present some conflict. The written scene was also inspired by the drawing of one of Polti’s 36 dramatic situations. The scenes were read on the spot and also at the beginning of the second day, where the participants brought the more elaborate story. The second day consisted of scene synopsis and free writing exercises inspired by evocative images, taught by the workshop teachers: @eliaspintanel and @johnfaus. The objective of this second day of the workshop was to talk about elements of Campbell’s hero’s journey, as a reference to think about the trajectory of the characters, possible mishaps, encounters with other characters, etc. The meeting ended with each participant writing a monologue either from the scene from the first meeting or from today’s meeting (from the synopsis exercise). The objective is that at the next meeting the participants bring a text where there is a meeting of the dialogue created on the first day with the monologue written on the second day. Textual elements and scenic elements (specific to a dramatic text) are taken into account. Remembering that on the last day of the workshop (day four) there will be a dramatic reading of the texts produced by the people. Here are some photos from the meetings:
First day:

Second day:



Project name: Dramaturgy Workshop

Project Status: Concluded

Project Accounting: Project objectives were satisfactorily completed. We were able to hold workshop meetings where each participant produced their own theatrical text. On the last day of the workshop, the dramatic reading of the texts, done in person and broadcast over the internet, we concluded this stage. The project ended with the construction of an e-book with the exercises done in the workshop and the dramatic texts produced.


I am very happy with the completion of this first approved project within the Writer’s-guild. I would like to start by thanking my colleague @johnfaus for the partnership in the execution of the project. Who led the dramaturgy workshop with me, who made the e-book and carried out the entire process of transmission via the internet of reading the texts.

The workshops took place on Sunday mornings, from 9 am to 1 pm. This time was chosen by the workshop participants. We made a registration form and on that form we asked people what time would be best for them. We had a week delay on the project due to a national holiday. As many participants were traveling that weekend, the project was delayed.

Apart from that, the meetings were very gratifying. We wrote, we did dramaturgical writing exercises that involved the participants, which made them leave the space and go to the street to look for materials, we told stories to stimulate imaginations… And we talked a lot about dramaturgy, character creation, about conflict, classic laws of theater and dramatic situations. At each meeting we wrote texts, dialogues and scenes, followed by reading aloud and commenting on the production.

We had dramatic, comical, surrealist, realistic scenes, which were read by actresses and actors from the city of Botucatu, SP. It is interesting to report here that we had an audience that has been following us in our actions through NEAR (which appeared in the Latin American trilogy). As we have been posting and publicizing our actions on social networks, we have noticed that face-to-face actions are increasingly counting on an active and spontaneous audience. This consequence for us is a very welcome surprise. I make it clear that we always mention NEAR and the Writer’s Guild.

The workshop and the reading took place in the “GARAGE -Espaço de Cultura”. We appreciate the usual receptivity and the possibility of carrying out our actions in this space that is becoming our home, so to speak. Thank you, @pvpreviatto who is the producer of the space and who allowed this partnership!

Also remembering that we were also able to broadcast on the Youtube channel of Near Writer’s Guild and on the Cia’s instagram page Notívagos Burlescos.

I am very grateful to the NEAR ecosystem and the writers-guild for giving me this opportunity to carry out this project. Our actions by the Notivagos as theater writers, as playwrights, as readers of texts in public, are increasingly bringing people together and also making the NEAR ecosystem and The writers-guild known. Ecosystem that allows actions like this to happen and last.

Making people interested in our actions and the next ones that we will do in the city and the desire to know more about NEAR, which we disclosed during the previous week and during the reading. Thank you and I hope there are other moments like this and other exchanges!

Final delivery:

Completion of the workshop in 4 meetings. Writing and finalization of 6 dramatic texts (made by the people who participated in the workshop. I also included the cultural producer @pvpreviatto responsible for the “GARAGE - Espaço de Cultura” in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil, where we held the workshop, reading of texts and also being broadcast live on Youtube by Near Writer’s Guild and on Instagram by Cia. Notívagos Burlescos. Creation of e-book with the exercises and dramatic texts performed in the workshop.

Here’s the link:

E-book on mintbase:


I wanted to thank my project partner @johnfaus for helping me with how to make the financial transitions to be able to pay the team. I would also like to thank all the Writer’s Guild advisors for helping with this project when I needed some information. Thank you all immensely! :alien:


Here are some photos from the last day of the workshop with the dramatic reading performed.

Thank you everyone! :alien:


Thank you for your report Elias! You can go ahead and make the second transfer proposal for the second half balance of the project.

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