[CLOSED] web3thamizhadao -august-2022 | funding request

Thank you for sharing. This is not a creative proposal.

Adding @marketingdao-council for their review.


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hey mate thanks for this, I will tag @marketingdao-council for review.

Good evening,

  1. What problem is Web3 Thamizha DAO solving?

  2. How is the problem being solved?

  3. How does this help get to billions of users?


Hi @Dacha nice to connect with you,

  1. “Web3 Thamizha DAO” mission is to make all sustainable Web3 projects in NEAR Protocol and Educate the South Indian (Tamil) Community about Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Crypto and more about NEAR Ecosystem (In our reginal language). Web3ThamizhaDAO is the first DAO in India to do content in Tamil.

  2. As mentioned above. first thing we bring sustainable projects in NEAR ecosystem like BringBackBees, the second thing we educate Tamil community about web3 in Tamil language and finally we onboard students and web2 peoples in NEAR ecosystem by conducting webinar and events.

  3. we already started to do this, 200+ digital articles have released by mentioning NEAR and the upcoming India’s first apiculture NFT to support Farmers (BBB) project:

Thanks and regards

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You are just proving the point that whatever the guidelines set by creatives, a myriad DAOs pop up to maximise the funding available for every category regarless of work.

Council members are getting paid close to full time wages in many countries around the world. How much time are they spending, realistically, contributing to the NEAR ecosystem?


Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility.

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I totally understand it for I am seeing this concern in similar view as yours and yes I agree that there are DAOs, existing or upcoming that are doing this scheme - maximazing the funding proposal just to hit 30% for council work. We in Creatives DAO are aware of that and we are working progressively to create new guidelines that is effective also acceptable for the community.

The first step we take to combat this is to multiply the council members as the DAO increase its funding. Next is to limit the “rewarded” councilship to only 2 DAOs so we can prevent some that is only here to make job/employment out of the DAOs.

We are having our internal monthly reviews in which we deliberate and cross-check if the initiatives are match with asked funding and if the contribution of the said guild or DAO will be beneficial to the ecosystem.


As they should. We’re here to help get meaningful DAOs funded and the ones that don’t add value or follow the guidelines are not.
Stating that our guidelines give rise to a growth in DAOs is a good thing hence.

Just so you understand well, all DAOs are not funded. After a rigorous analysis by 9 mods the proposal gets approved or rejected.
So it’s better if more DAOs come in the system as only meaningful ones get funded.

The DAOs have grown in numbers and are engaging with the system making Creatives DAO community literally the biggest communities in the whole crypto space providing creative output collectively

We should and will keep redefining our guidelines to accommodate the changing landscape of the DAOs as per the growing size of the DAO community and what is needed to support the ecosystem.

Let us know if you need any help with that so our ecosystem can grow more. Always happy to help!


Sir, please… I am glad to see the Creatives DAO begin the process to come up with new guidelines and processes that improve on the current shortcomings. However it is equally important to recognise that the need for change is due to the ever growing number of questionable DAOs milking the community fund. It is also necessary to be realistic about this issue - new guidelines may help future applications, but you must also be critical and course correct on months of little to no standards or accountability.

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The whole premise of new guidelines is based on progressive correction. I don’t understand the obvious issue being stated like we’re unaware.

Please specify the guideline/s that in your understanding that will allow mods to measure value more effectively.


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It’s better to have discussions around guidelines and changes in a more focused space rather than on someone’s grant proposal.

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@Cryptonaut :white_check_mark: :100: Brilliant :clap:

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The link to the report is not working?

Hi mate plz check this.

Ok, thank you. We have Near University for education purposes. It’s no from me.


Hi @Dacha,

I agree we have NEAR University but not in our regional language, we giving training in Tamil (one of the regional language in INDIA), Kindly do reconsider it.

Today Post: Web3ThamizhaDAO


Is there any link to share with me to know more about Near University. @Dacha

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https://near.university @Romanus