[CLOSED] Artisans Family DAO AUGUST Budget

Our project got closed in July, so we could improve in some areas needed to work on, we’ve learned and adjusted many forms to keep us going.

August Project

DAO Adress: familydao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Council

[Previous Report]


Total Requested Funding Amount:

Projects & Timelines:



Photoshoot of crafts into NFTs, and Video recording of the progress for documentation $200

Council work and Social media & Dao management $ 850


Telegram: Contact @familydaoartisans




we will request for web design fond from Marketing dao


total requested fond adjusted now according to the shoes and bags price change @Paul @adrianseneca thank you :sparkling_heart:


  • The process of making the crafts will be recorded, minted and all serve as HOW ITS MADE monthly educational show in our community
  • All NFTs will be minted with the wallet of all artisans involved
  • NFTs Sales will be a split of 60% to to artisans 40% to FAMILY DAO Treasury for self sustainability
  • 10 Artisan Onboarded to carry out this project.
  • 9NFTs will be minted to represents physical crafts of the shoes, bag and the art
  • We are having 6 pieces of 6 finished process of Adire Material
  • We are minting images of the 6 materials, to represent them as an NFTs for the purpose participating in the ecosystem
  • The Near customised design will be sewed/styled before minted, while other designs will be minted minted with the materials and anyone that buys/collects them can choose the style they want before shipping to locations
  • EACH ADIRE NFTs will be minted at the rate of $400 in NEAR which includes shipping fee.
  • Everyone working on this project will be onboarded.

lovely projects, i love artisan :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


happy to be in it for this, working!


tagging @creativesdao-council for visibility :slightly_smiling_face:


shout out to the craftman’s dao


hi dear mods, pls we would like to know, if there is any error to fix ahead of time, se we could work on it, we appreciate your time and efforts. @adrianseneca @creativesdao-council


Hello all!
Glad to see you back this month and awesome to see you have a roadmap! As I look at your project I am wondering how this could expand and become more interactive than just NEAR paying for costs to make physical products that are minted as NFTs and sold for profit. Maybe more artisans could begin interacting on NEAR? It would be great to see a physical store open up too and for NFTs be the use of commerce!

Could you define what tasks are done for this so we can begin to provide clarity to each other around what council work is within our communities?


Yea, thank you so much @adrianseneca :heart: , as much as this should be our 3rd month funding, we’ve already grown up to 108 members on our Telegram

, major activities goes up there. But we are having our community call on Wednesday where we will be showing everyone how use to the forum, everyone have their own NEAR Wallet already, and will be the ones requesting for their funds on AstroDAO With their wallets this month.:heart: thank you.

Yes this is part of our goal which is supposed to happen By October according to our Roadmap

, but we could begin this project in September, to make faster.

Council Memebers: Myself, @sterryo iamsterryo.near and @Jummyk jummyk.near
we all meet physically from separate places On Every Fridays to visit artisans workshop, we do this to first introduce who we are and the platform we are bringing to the artisans world, this gives us chance to onboard them to NEAR & our telegram where we explain better about NEAR & Family DAO, share informations on web3, metaverse and discuss projects.

so basically

Council works includes;

  • Educating the Artisans about the NEAR WEB3 Ecosystem, its usage & benefits
  • Visiting of Artisans workshop which requires transports of council members from different places on Fridays
  • Writing and moderating of Reports and Proposals
  • Social Medias management and telegram moderating

total budget requested fond adjusted now according to the shoes and bags materials and price change @Paul @adrianseneca thank you :sparkling_heart: [Proposal] NEAR Artisan's Family DAO Adeniyi Bags, Mr Joshua, Fashbanji



Please adjust the main proposal, as it should be $1490, not $2000.

What plans do you have for self-sustainability? How $150 in your DAO treasury would help you to achieve that?

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thanks, done that now!

Monthly $150 is just 50$ savings from each of our 3 council members reward, the idea is to add to our future need & sustainability, as we believe it will appreciate with the rise of NEAR token.

Sales of physical Crafts will raise the money for our self-sustainability in the future,
I made mention of the sales split between the Artisans & the DAO here

@Paul thank you :sparkling_heart: @adrianseneca

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Hello again,

After considering your past reports and looking through your current proposal, we do not feel confident in approving your proposal as it is now. Other than minting your products as NFTs, we do not see how this project is interacting with the Web3 world and what your goals are beyond this.

  • The quantity of products being produced is too large. We do not see the need to create so many products and how this contributes to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • It’s great to see your roadmap but unclear how these goals will be accomplished. We do not feel that saving some funds each month is a well rounded plan for self sustainably.

Let us know if our concerns make sense to you, we hope you understand.

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please we need you to understand us and dont get confused again,

This project interacts with the web3 ecosystem, just the way #creatives:muti-dao produces art and transferring them into physical redeemable items, we are onboarding artisans which deals with day to day transactions with their crafts already. Onboarding them to the ecosystem is another way of exploring for them in their craft business, using the NEAR web3 tool to advance their crafts by turning it to NFTs, many of the heard nothing about web3 and NFTs before, we are the one introducing it to them and they are knowing this on NEAR Platform,

As for moy own experience so far, web3 interactions mean Using the Forum, Astarodao, Metaverse, Mintbase or paras,

  • We as a team represent our onboard artisans to handle the proposals for them after discussing it on our telegram group, Tomorrow is our Community call on Telegram, where we are supposed to teach everyone on how to use the NEAR Forum for wider interactions and to continue the proposals individually, but we have to call for this meeting today, as its better to bring them now, so everyone one this forum can see the interactions , i just dropped the msg on the group now and we expecting people once they wake up, to be ready for us Teach them how to use the forum

Everyone involving in the projects this month have their wallets already as u can see the wallets id in front of each peoples projects, and they are meant to request for their fonds by their-self on astrodao, we already taught them how to use that,

we taught them how to mint also, so individuals will be minting their works their-self this time,

Very soon we will be having our first metaverse event, where everybody will be participating on

The ability to Market these NFTs Globally beyond physical sales, which gives these Artisans light about the web3 ecosystem, and collectors the joy of being able to have their physical products aside from just purchasing its valuable NFTs is the goal.

Anyone can buy an NFT worth of 1000NEAR and all they could have is the digital art, but we have more than the digital art, the physical CRAFTs itself which gives collectors more more reasons to value our store.

the quantities have also now been reduced, so as the price.

Saving money from our own council rewards is not what we are depending on for sustainability, please don’t get confused, maybe we used the wrong word for the interest of saving our own money. (but we have scrapped the idea now so not to get u confused!)

Selling our products is already a great way to self-sustainability, and we are already discussing with NEAR HUB soon, and continuing to make more research on self sustainability as this will just be our 3rd month.

also the metrics of success have been added for this month,

kindly support us this month, to give us strength to carry out our movement. :sparkling_heart: @adrianseneca thank you.


hi, I’m an artisan, and @DUCHESS1 is helping us in creating proposals on our project, our Community call is tomorrow where everyone onboarded will be taught how to use the forum and begin to interact, bless you @adrianseneca @creativesdao-council


(post deleted by author)

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@adrianseneca we scrapped the idea of saving from our personal reward, so it wont get u confused for taking that as our actual depending sustainability, we have plans for that which we are still working on, and also already reaching out to NEAR HUB for this, but for now we still focused on obuilding and onboarding artisans first, while we plan out and doa-dao collaboration also next,

pls do support us with our work this month, which help us a lot in our development, bless you.


im adeniyi bags from Family dao,
excited for the projects to begin as being represented by the council team, thanks for having me!

my wallet id. andeniyibags.near


You’re welcome fam, @Adeniyibags

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hi family, its an honour to be reached out to for this project, and be will be excited to see this approved. thank you for the onboard. i’m Expressionlé
wallet address: xpressionale.near


hi all, thanks for the onboarding, glad to be part of this.

wallet address, benalim.near