[Closed] Participation of Kalakendra DAO in web3 Conf GOA

DAO : Kalakendra DAO

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Project: Participation of Kalakendra DAO in web3 Conf GOA

Council : @Monish016 @gurubaran @Aslam015

Target Address : kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Marketing DAO proposals

Marketing DAO funding

Previous Marketing DAO Reports

Previous Event Marketing DAO Report

Request amount: 6450USD in NEAR

In accordance with the proposal mentioned here.

We DAOs/guild & Marketplaces of NEAR in India would love to Participate in the Event Happening in Goa 12 to 14th of August. It is important to attend such events to grow and develop the emerging Web3 space and Community in terms of Community Growth, Activation, and Collabs between DAOs and Across Chains.

We at Kalakendra DAO are planning to attend the event by collaborating with Naksh, GoaDAO and other DAOs/projects based out of India.

Funding Requested

  • NearDrop - $540
    0.25 N x 500 = 125N @4.33/N
    As Kalakendra DAO rooted its mission towards onboarding artists into Web3 (NEAR). We use these funds to onboard users attending the Web3 Conf. Expecting the event would attract around 800 to 1000 participants.
  • SatoriNFTs which has the POAPs & Enables opening of wallet - $500
  • All-Access Pass(As only two passes will be given to sponsors) - $200
  • NEAR Web3 Conf NFT POAP Bounty - $200
    We Request $200 for the Bounty for the NEAR Web3 NFT POAP Creation to the Near Community on the forum.
  • NFT Lottery draw for community activation - $100

Rather than just Opening NEAR Wallets we’re also funding them with 0.25N via NEARDrop for community activation. We are planning to conduct a small event wherein they will be directed to an NFT marketplace to purchase an NFT for 0.1N which makes them eligible for a lottery entry. The winners will be selected at random and asked to share something on Social Media tagging NEAR & KalakendraDAO posts which the raffle money will be given.

1st Prize - $50 in NEAR

2nd Prize - $30 in NEAR

3rd Prize - $20 in NEAR

  • Travel,Stay & Food Expenses - $1150 for 3 Person / 3 days
  • KalakendraDAO Presence - $300 for Posters, Banners and Tshirts.
  • VR- Metaverse Experience - $300 (Optional) - Oculus Quest 2 - Rent 2Nos

We Also planning to Provide VR Experience in NEAR For the Participants attending the Event. We would love to Rent 2nos Oculus Quest 2 for the Event.

  • Planning to Show the VR Experience of NEAR Hub Various Rooms
  • Mintbase 3XR Stores/ Libraries
  • NFT MarketPlaces like Uniqart and Naksh (if possible).

Total Requested funds: $3290

Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility.

cc. @srilakshmi @gurubaran


Hey :smiley:
Great to see this proposal. Had a little query though.
If you’re planning to onboard 500 Users, why not use Satori NFT directly since it allows creating wallets(without deposits) while NFT is airdropped to that wallet.
I don’t think you’ll need both NEARDROP and SatoriNFT :eyes: Or you can additionally also drop 0.1 NEAR each using NEARDROP.


Hey @Kv9990 thank you, actually satori NFTs are most proved way of onboarding into near, but the account has usually 0 near, so after we get total wallet created we wish to near drop 0.25N to each created wallet to user using or check-in somedapps build on near.

Also, checkout the recent NFT Distribution Tool by Satori campaign we are running with satori

Yep I’m aware of that but User is onboarded and wallet is created. While we can have a debate on whether we should fund it or not after onboarding user, seems better to fund them with 0.1 NEAR instead and let them explore Ecosystem with that and let them take initiative to deposit Funds to their NEAR Wallet :hugs:


Agreed ! 0.1N it is then :slight_smile:

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Good morning. It would be great to see a list of achievements of the Kalakendra DAO in 2022.

Could council rewards cover the requested amount?
Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with your DAO and clearly don’t understand the council’s role.

I jumped deeper into three proposals and couldn’t find any points where their work is needed.



Thanks, Dacha for your saint “Where is money, Lebowski” mission :smirk:

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Hey @Dacha, Unfortuantely we havent documenting any council’s work so far, we will do that from Upcoming month - Lessons Learnt

In Terms of Council’s Role of Kalakendra DAO, Currently we have 3 Council, with responsiblities split
as KalakendraDAO Mission to onboard Web2 artist,Devs to Web3 Near protocol we are doing a lot of initiatives as a council to stick to our Mission.

As a Part of Council Our Responsiblities include

  • Creating Proposal/Report on the Forum
  • Educating on the DAOs or Web2 Artist through Gmeet orZoom for Onboarding into NEAR
  • Minting NFTs on to KalakendraDAO Store
  • Outreaching for Onboarding web2 Artist or a DAO into NEAR
  • Education of Tools and DApps on NEAR for the Oboarded Artist
  • Attending Web3 Events in regionals for DAOs Onboarding
  • Creating Campaign for Onboarding through Satori APP
  • Joining Indian Twitter Spaces and shilling NEAR and Kalakendra DAO for Onboarding

In terms of Achievement for Last 3 Month

  • We Recently Onboarded WEB3 Thamizha DAO
  • Created campaign through Through Satori for the Web3 Thamizha Community through Kalakendra DAO
  • Attended Twitter Spaces for onboarding web3 Thamizha and Bringback bees Community to NEAR Protocol
  • Attended 4 Plus IRL Web3 Events representing Kalakendra DAO Including Namastey NFT,
  • Cuarating and helping Onboarding Milkyway Infintiy Metaverse Gaming/NFT Project onto NEAR Through Kalakendra DAO
  • Helping and curating in Onboarding Cykura (DEFI Aggregator) to NEAR from Community Perspective through Kalakendra DAO
  • Onboarded Coral DAO through Kalakendra DAO , Educating them on Setting up their own DAO and Store on Mintbase
  • Curating and Supporing IIMG through Kalakendra DAO.
  • Onboarded 250+ Memebers by Creating Wallets through Satori App on Namastey NFT Event
  • Meeting And Disscussion Happening with Mimicry Artist and support Onboarding Through Kalakendra DAO
  • Discussion Ongoing on Onboarding Vishram from Dharamshala into Kalakendra DAO
  • Onboarded Kalakshetra bharatanatyam Dance Team on Web3 Space through Events.

we are doing a way lot initiatives to spread Kalakendra DAO in India, i must agree most of the events/Hapennings are not evidenced onchain or forum, we will stick to the same from future reports.

Thanks you

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Ok, but Creativities DAO approved $50 for the minting many times. Councils got reimbursement.

Would you like to cover the participation from the Fanstroke DAO fund? Creatives DAO approved $1000 for discovering games that needed $10.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the results of the discovery. It would be great to see. Thanks

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Hey Partner, Actually I would not do that, Mixing funds from Other DAO, Yes We have Received 1000USD for Fanstroke, Due to some unforeseen time, I could not contribute to the Fanstroke DAO, But I would like to do say that the funds’ value got depreciated as soon as we received the funding Also, I would take this place say the whatever funds received are in Fanstroke Astro DAO Treasury & Fanstroke.near wallet, I would invite you to be part of fan stroke as discussed earlier and drive the initiative of Onboarding Gamers into Near Gaming Ecosystem.

Also, if you are cautious about the funds utilized, we can cover Max 500 USD from Kalakendra DAO Treasury for the Conference.

Finally, this is really a great opportunity to represent Near and Kalakendra DAO to Indian Community, Especially Namastey NFT has opened a way lot of opportunities for Kalakendra to onboard and educate people about NEAR, we wish to get the same out of this web3conf happening in GOA.

Thank you


A large portion of the funding for this is contingent on the event in GOA.

What is the name of the event?

Can you provide an outline of the event?

Is it your event?

What is the Venue?

How long is the event?


Can you please list all the projects that you are currently involved with and all the proposals from Marketing and Creatives DAO?


At the moment, there are too many uncertainties in this proposal for me to support it in its current form. The issues I see in this proposal as presented here include:

  • No reports have been posted for previous funding. There is a list added here outlining a bunch of activities, but there are few links. And many of them are not what I would consider marketing activities per se.
  • It is unclear whether the activities listed on the forum after requests from council members correspond with what was in the original proposals, i.e. what the funding was for.
  • There is a general lack of specific detail about the event you are current requesting funding for.

I respect that the team here is active and has participated in the community for a long time, but I do not think the council should support funding for proposals that are unclear, lack proper reporting and generally make it very difficult to track. I think the responsibility of presenting a clear request for funding and showing clear results of past funding requests in the proposer’s.

What I would recommend is doing a comprehensive review and reporting of all past activity and results, with links and receipts where available, so that it is possible for council to review activity before approving future funding.



Hey @Klint Pls Find All the information to the Event Here

Hi @satojandro this is mentioned on previous post pls find below

Hey @so608, We have already made all the reports that we are accountable to the Marketing DAO, Now I have edited the Proposal to fit the Requirements of @marketingdao-council, Request to revisit the Proposal, and am happy to provide any support required to this proposal.

Thank you

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Hi @marketingdao-council, Am not aware why the Proposal got Closed. I have All reports for which Kalakendra DAO is Accountable to Marketing DAO. i would Request @marketingdao-council to take a second look at the proposal.

Good day. The best way is create a new one. Thanks

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