[Closed] VanCHAN Challenge #2 in Collaboration with NEARxPublish

A VanCHAN Story Challenge

With VanCHAN Challenge #1 currently underway, the goal of Challenge #2 is to shift things into Storytelling mode and lead into the expansion of the CHANverse in collaboration with NEARxPublish and creative members of the community!

Transforming an NFT into a Story

For reference, you can read the backstory of VanCHAN of the CHANverse as a foundation to work from when crafting your story.

Start Date - February 17th 2022
Deadline - March 1st 2022

How it works:

  1. Select One of the 10 chosen NFTs from Challenge #1
  2. Create a post here on the governance forum
  3. Link the VanCHAN NFT you selected
  4. Write a short Synopsis of your proposed story. Be as creative as you can!
  5. Tag #vandao in the tag bar and @vandal at the bottom of your entry

NFTs to choose from:

In the link below you can find the NFTs to choose from for your story!

Selection Process:

Shortlisting of a Top 3 will be done by NEARxPublish.

Members of VanDAO will decide the winning entry to be developed into a short story. This will be done by either a Poll in the Telegram channel or on the VanDAO itself, depending on the ability to create our core membership groups and voting on polls via Astro.

Once Selected:

If you’re selected you will be commissioned to write a 4,000 word short story based on the VanCHAN NFT you selected.

You will receive $250 in NEAR for your story. 25% will be streamed to you via Roketo with the remainder paid out upon completion. The deadline should be roughly 2 weeks from the date we announce the chosen writer.

Request from VanDAO: $250 in NEAR

Target: vandao.near


Is a good one but demanding, but is still possible.


It hasn’t started yet! I like to get all my proposals up and ready in advance, so we’ll be promoting it once the selection of the VanCHAN’s has been done! Thanks for your interest!


NEAR x Publish is excited to collaborate :fire::fire:


Ahhhh yeah! I’m going to take this image and make a visual for the collabo!


Are you ready?!? Competition is live now, select which VanCHAN you want to write your story about from the list!


We’ve had 4 entries and there can only be ONE winner… Have a look at the entries!





Stay tuned!!!


good luck to all who enter


Our winner is @eiza CONGRATS!!! Pls drop your near wallet address in a comment and we’ll begin streaming you the 25% of the prize! Looking forward to reading your 4K word short story!!!


Thank you so muchhhhh