[Closed] Three months (April - June 2023) Social Media and Events Marketing budget for NEAR through Cast and Banta, a music and web3 podcast and creators community

[PROPOSAL] Three months (April - June 2023) Social Media and Events Marketing budget for NEAR through Cast and Banta, a music and web3 podcast and creators community.

Hello NEAR Family,

Cast and Banta is a music and web3 podcast and community of creators, that focuses on providing education and insights for creators looking to enter into the world of web3. As avid supporters of the blockchain movement, especially Near Blockchain, we are collabing with the Loozr team, building natively on NEAR to onboard creators especially musicians into web3 and blockchain through the Near ecosystem.

We’ve successfully held twitter spaces hosting NEAR projects like Loozr and MetaPool.

It is evident that our activities aligns with the mission and values of NEAR hence we are proposing an appeal for funding to execute activities that’ll be beneficial to both of our communities.


TikTok videos and Instagram reels - We will create TikTok video’s and reels to educate lovers of visual contents about NEAR.

Social Media Contents - we will curate call to action custom (NEAR) social media contents to be used for marketing activities.

Monthly Music Bootcamp with it’s first edition to be premiered on April 22 2023 where attendees will get to onboard and interact with the NEAR ecosystem.

Host a Web3 and Music conference on behalf of NEAR at the South South Media Week on the 28th of April 2023

Weekly NEAR twitter spaces and podcast to drive web3 and blockchain education among creators.

Advantage for NEAR ecosystem

We will provide Near with exposure to our community of creators through our podcast, twitter spaces, community events and social media channels. We will also provide educational contents about Near and it’s offering to our listeners and creators community.

We’ll be solving the problem of web3 education for creators.

Increased awareness for NEAR among artists and branding of NEAR as creators friendly blockchain.

Empowering the NEAR ecosystem through collaborations with other communities.

Educate and onboard creators to join the NEAR ecosystem and learn more about the benefits of web3 and blockchain technology.

Minimum of 100 monthly sign ups for NEAR.

Cast and Banta Contact/Info

Our Social Media Links Twitter, Instagram, Facebook |(castandbanta | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

NEAR wallet: douglasefeeloo.near (Wallet holder: Douglas Efeeloo)
Budget Proposal - monthly - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens

Music Bootcamp - $500
Design and printing of NEAR branded items -$300
Professional video production - $500
Social media ads - $200
Total: $1,500 USD
2,910 NEAR

Proposal per month: $1,500 USD
2,910 NEAR

Total for 3 months: $4,500 USD
8,730 NEAR

Thank you as we look forward to a favorable response from the team at NEAR.

Cast And Banta Community


Hi @Douglasefeeloo

Thanks for your proposal. Can you provide URLs to the examples of work from the following parts of your proposal:

  • Twitter Spaces
  • TikTok Videos
  • Reels

Which channels do you plan on running the social media ads?

Where do you people sign up for the bootcamp?

Do you have any information about your background to help us understand why you’re the right person to run a bootcamp?

Please provide links to the promotional / distribution channels

Hello! Could you please share a link on your social media?

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In respect to my background, I am an artist manager with over 5 years of experience in the music industry. Due to my love for web3, blockchain and what NEAR is doing, I started a music podcast along side an A&R in order to equip creators with web3 education and eventually get them onboard the NEAR ecosystem.

Cast and Banta is partnering with South South Media Week. South South Media Week is the most thrilling & inspiring conference in the Niger Delta providing ample window for businesses & individuals to learn, collaborate, raise their profile and position as thought leaders in the creative industry.

With this collaboration, Cast and Banta is bringing web3 education to the community of creators and artists in the Niger Delta ecosystem by organizing a 2 days music Bootcamp as part of it’s pre-event activities and eventually a live podcast session on the 27th of April where we’ll be having the Co-founder of Loozr educate creators on the many opportunities within the web3 space and especially on the NEAR Blockchain.

We intend to run ads on all cast and banta social media pages.

Sign up’s for the Bootcamp will be done through a dedicated link. During the Bootcamp, all attendees must sign up on NEAR and also receive branded items bearing the NEAR logo.

You can check us out on twitter @ castandbanta

@ castandbanta on all social media platforms

Thank you for your proposal. I think you
should apply for a Creative DAO grant. Thanks.

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Hi @Douglasefeeloo thanks for your proposal - i have reviewed and noted the replies to comments by fellow council. Unfortunately i cannot support in its current form and would echo the suggestion by @Dacha to approach Creatives DAO for funding at this stage.

Hi @Douglasefeeloo – thanks for the proposal. In reviewing this, I can’t support the proposal in its current form. For transparency, here are my reasons:

  • We ask first-time proposers to submit for a single month of funding at a time and report back on progress before allocating additional funding to projects.
  • We have specific guidelines that projects need to follow so that we can responsibility allocate funding. Each proposal has to outline how it will meet the metrics established by the NEAR Foundation. If you do choose to revise this and resubmit, please shape your proposal so it addresses the KPIs laid out in the guidelines.
  • I agree with the other council members that this is a better fit for the CreativesDAO to evaluate.
  • Social media advertising (paid ads) are out of scope for the MarketingDAO so the budget would need to be revised to reflect that.
  • I don’t see the immediate value to the NEAR ecosystem in funding branded merchandise for this project. We have had many projects experiment with this in the past, and I do not think it makes a significant impact to the growth of the ecosystem. We’re more focused on funding initiatives that lead to open wallets, monthly/weekly active users, increased transactions on chain, more developers in the ecosystem, etc.
  • It does give me concern that the council asked for links to past work, and they are not shared here. It may be that you are restricted in how many links you can post because you are new to the forum, but in general, it’s harder to have confidence in supporting a proposal when we’re not getting clear answers to questions asked.

At this time and in this format, I do not support this proposal, but I do encourage you to continue participating in the ecosystem and working within the community to find a way forward for this project.