[Closed] Tenk Bay - Website management / Twitter Spaces [Report]

Dear Neareans,

This is my second month as part of the TenkBay team.

Title: Web Dev / TenK website & Community

Responsability: TenkBay Website + Helping the team with other task following their lead.

Hours spending: 12 hours per week

Informative website of Tenkbay creation and update. PM alone for only one project until date. Helping on different tasks with other projects or activities like banner ideations, community grow advising, project management assistance, onboarding. (Kokumo Kongz, Billionaire Bulls, Website).

Pending tasks

  • Collaborate with @iotachan and @Jloc to build even more our own community

  • Upload our website to Github

  • Onboarding 2 new projects right now


It is normal for new initiatives or startups to have open roles with not clear responsabilities or rules at the beggining. As we grow we have to develop more guidance for new members, step by step of course, without any rush but firmly.

My wish for TenkBay

A succesfull NFT projects incubator that builds up a huge community of collectors, traders and creators. Where a friendly ecosystem allows the possibilities for NFTs to evolve with different project cross collaborations.


Hello =) Now I will use this forum thread to keep the update of each week

Report for the first week of March:

  1. Meeting with @iotachan and @Jloc to discuss next steps about Marketing and Community. We also discussed how to improve communication on the team.

  2. Hosted with the help, coordination, designs from @naveen_in and @zubairansari07 who are helping a lot with onboarding NFT projects into NEAR. Recording:

  1. Failed to connect on a scheduled event with Extinct Heroes and NFT Club. It was all my fault; I needed to have more connective options. I have two internet providers and a particular mobile internet. The power went out, and the specific mobile internet didn’t work out.
  1. Keep the tenkbay.com webpage updated.

  2. Waiting for a meeting with @Dgetsylver to talk about the Twitter Spaces, on how to improve. And with @iotachan about the meeting with modomido#0356 from a New NFT project to set up the royalties and later also to set up weekly meetings about marketing and community.


The second week of March :cowboy_hat_face:

TenkBay team is improving, the new version of the webpage is being developed right now by @chadoh, and the workflow is going smooth thanks to @iotachan with new projects onboarded and scheduled.

In the meantime, my activities:

  1. Updating webpage with new scheduled projects ( Dumples, Near Yeti, Shinto Society)
  2. Setup Twitter Space with Gorilla Squad → Friday 3 PM UTC
  3. Working on a proposal for Community Growth on TenkBay (soon to be delivered)

Things to work out:

@naveen_in NFT Club partnership. From Tenk we would love to invite Naveen into a partnership, this will be managed by @Dgetsylver, and I will be closely involved.


The third week of March :cowboy_hat_face:


  1. Updating webpage ( Gorilla Squad new links / MonkeGodz )
  2. Setup Twitter Space with Gorilla Squad → Monday 3 PM UTC + Spread information
  3. Working on a proposal for Community Growth on TenkBay (before 23/03 Wednesday)
  4. Setup Meeting with the Concierge Team and xClaim (tenkbay partner)

From last week:

@naveen_in NFT Club partnership done :white_check_mark: thanks to @Dgetsylver

Things to work out this week:

Onboarding of new NFT project “Bet Ranch Horses”


Cheer for the twitter space you are hosting @FritzWorm Thanks for taking the ownership and push this initiative forward.

Can’t wait to see xClaim moving forward with your help. :100:

Lets touch base on Onboarding process this week at your convenience.


Proposal for Community Growth on TenkBay (focused on Twitter)

  1. Each time a project submits a request using our form, we will start spreading the news on Twitter.
    We will reference each onboarded project; however, the announcement will be incognito and there will not be a direct link to the project.

  2. While the team is developing the campaign, clues will be given about the project, and the public will be invited to participate in the riddle.
    Example: A project of wild animals from the jungle developing a game. We will be asking the community if it is a pixelated or 3d universe (these tracks will work as updates and will create public uncertainty and show that tenk is constantly working).

  3. There will be a lottery and rewards for the most accurate guessers who will also access the WL or NFT prizes.

  4. Thanks to polls and guessing games, we will be able to measure public acceptance and what public expectations are on the NFT projects. These activities will keep the network active and help our community’s growth.

  5. We will need to be careful not to reveal anything detrimental to the project. Still, in this way, the projects will also be forced to update frequently, and there will be improvements in the communication process.

Thanks, @Viviris and @Jloc for your help developing this idea


Another Tenk week :cowboy_hat_face:

We did a Twitter Space last week with Tenkbay, NFT Club and invited Near Nymphs - a project who aims to help sex workers with charity and other activities.

I will start a new initiative on Tenk Community resource, asking for the help of NFT Club, OWS, and @jlwaugh about creating a list of possible moderators for the NFT projects that the Tenkbay team can access.

Also pending: Near Gang Culture follows up and BeerPunks possible help with Community Moderation.

Organizing other 2 Twitter Spaces, one for April Fools day :grin: with MonkeGodz and another with Shinto Society

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Tenk week report :hugs:

  • Hosted MonkeGodz AMA on Twitter Spaces:
  • Schedule Shinto Society AMA for Thursday 8PM UTC

  • Participate on TenkBay meetings and helping NFT projects

  • Fixed some issues on the website :vulcan_salute:


  • Community Building → OWS x TENK Partnership @Sofia_Alum
  • Host the Shinto Society Twitter Space on the Tenk twitter account
  • Help Beer Punks finding moderator
  • Content creation: Financial Feasibility Sheet Draft
  • Build a draft for AMA Banners with the help of @whatshertoes

Tenk week report:

Another month =) with reports.

  • Meeting with Sofia and Iotha :white_check_mark:
    A partnership discussion was made
  • Shinto x Tenk Space :white_check_mark:
  • Beer Punks moderator :no_entry_sign:
  • Financial Feasibility Sheet (pending)
    For those who might question what is a financial feasibility sheet, it is a study of the feasibility of a project with a result on economic metrics like TIR, ROI, VAN.
  • AMA Banners Editable (whatshertoes pending) - I did made some editables for another project as I have been helping on that for Channel Ops (Near Concierge Team) :white_check_mark:
  • Website updated :white_check_mark:
    Gorilla Squad and Yeti are paused Collections so I moved them to the “In Process” side
    MonkeGodz, Nymphs, and Shinto are launched Collections so were moved to “Launched”
    World of the Abyss is a new Schedule Collection so was added
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Weekly report =)

  • Keeping track of partnership with OWS and Tenk
  • Organazing with @Ablaoublas the AMAs for the next week
  • Content Creation/Banner Design + Promotion for WOTA:
  • Website update adding “Im-Question”:
  • Meeting with @Monish016 and recommending 100% his NFT project to be launched with the Tenk team

Weekly report =)

  • AMA Host for BeerPunks

  • Online Meeting with Yuyulee to talk about promotion on the different channels and communities

  • Follow up with Millionaire Jack Club and assist with Zomboduck NFT Projects

  • Tenk to Guild Status follow-up, waiting for some final statements regarding the new program into on-chain communities

  • Stop website management as www.tenkbay.com will no be longer used,
    and we are now using www.tenk.dev


Partners, I just launched my own dApp ! :slightly_smiling_face: Is on mainnet now, and I will have a lot of work to keep growing it + my main job on the Near Community as representative. Things went very slow down for me this last two weeks with Tenk no AMA and there is no more need to update tenkbay.com as we have now tenk.dev remember partners if you need the domain I will love to transfer it to you.

I am taking this opportunity to open a new path and share with you that I am very grateful for the time we had together. :pray: Thank u all.

Hope to keep being useful if you need anything :wink: I’m retiring from the Tenk Core Team, but I’m still around if you need help with the Near Community, to connect with other projects, teams, or anything.

And as part of the Near Community you can reach me if you need assistance as AMA host. :wink: