Weekly reports TENK BAY NFT Incubator

Here is my weekly report #1

Since the next project is scheduled for March 22nd, I’ll be able to focus on the tasks that have been left aside for a while.

  1. First of all, I’m trying to get the ball rolling on the launch of our own NFT collection with Oliver and Whatshertoes. It will be necessary to brainstorm to determine the artistic thread to follow and to think about the usefulness that we wish to offer.
  2. Then, I will approach Viviana to improve the marketing strategy with the implementation of educational content we have discussed. We need to establish dates.
  3. I need to take the time to discuss with FSC to accelerate its development and start thinking about a launch date. This includes a part of management and redesign of his discord in addition to the requests he made directly to me.
  4. I will propose a long term collaboration with Near NFT Club to formalize the compensations.
  5. I will try to negotiate an offer of infographic bundles with Near Daily.
  6. Finally, I will take care of my moderation tasks as usual.
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Weekly report #2

From last week:

  1. Notable progress on the collection choices. Waiting for the choice of the type of art to determine the roadmap and the next steps.
  2. On hold, she hasn’t been very available lately. Will try again next week.
  3. He is waiting for the current economic climate to be more favorable for a launch but everything seems to be falling into place quickly.
  4. Naveen has some troubles with his phone so we will schedule something asap.
  5. Waiting for an answer.

Next week:

  1. Advance on our collection.
  2. Call with Naveen.
  3. Marketing assistance for Monkey.
  4. Near daily Negotiation.
  5. Creation of the Tenk Guild with Fritz.

Weekly report #3

  1. Looking for an artist for our collection. Budget to be defined with Whatshertoes so that it is reasonable and fair.
  2. Long term partnership negotiated with Naveen for a price of $250 per project we bring.
  3. Successful negotiation with Nair daily. We have a 10% discount for each purchase of 3 infographics.
  4. Collected complaints and feedback from the team to modify our processes accordingly.
  5. Marketing assistance to Tan dao + Yuree projects

Next Week:

  1. I continue to advance on our project with if possible the finding of an artist + discussion of the distribution of the profits.
  2. Transformation of the feedbacks received in proposal of modifications for Tenk.
  3. Implementation of some critical feedback (e.g. improvement of the onboarding process)
  4. Continued marketing support for Tan Dao and Yuree
  5. Created a schedule tracker for influencers on Trello + researched new influencers
  6. Meeting with new team member Ablaoublas to give advice

Weekly report #4

  1. After internal discussion, I put this task on the back burner while waiting for the evolution of our automated solution. I am still in discussion with NNC who will relay our search for artists.
  2. Feedbacks and areas for improvement were discussed during the weekly call. Following this call, many discussions followed on future modifications, a better definition and assignment of tasks within Tenk. Thus, Paul, having joined the team shortly, will take care of the EN marketing. The role of PM is unloaded of marketing role in the sense that it does not have to make particular research other than to put itself in relation with the responsible marketing geographical which will be able to propose collaborations for the projects.
  3. Marketing efforts made for Tan Dao and Shinto. Note that Tan Dao used one of the 3 infographics bought the week before.
  4. Meeting with the new CM, Ablaoublas to discuss his objectives and how to implement them. He will share with us all the information concerning the campaigns he wants to realize a few days beforehand for verification and budget validation if applicable.
  5. Meeting with Paul about expanding our Influencer Pool to offer more to incubated projects and developing a document with all their information.
  6. The calendar system for the follow-up of giveaways with influencers has been set up on Trello. Every person making a collaboration will have to add the corresponding dates in order to allow a better communication on these infos within the team.

Next week:

  1. Worked closely with Paul to ensure the selection of influencers that meet Tenk’s requirements and how to structure this information internally.
  2. Accompanying Ablaoublas for his beginning of activity as CM.
  3. Some people shared their desire to continue some individual meetings, so I will continue with these people next week.
  4. Marketing assistance for PM projects at this time.
  5. More active participation in the onboarding process as desired by Iotha.
  6. Ask Fritz again for the transition to Guild status

Weekly report #5

  1. I didn’t get as close to Paul as I would have liked, but I will be included in the loop for future important marketing meetings. I did manage to put him in touch with people who could help him build the list of influencers.
  2. Ablaoublas was pitched on his assignments. I look at his new tweet proposals as soon as he posts them. He messages me privately as soon as he has questions so pretty efficient about that.
  3. I finally finalized the last individual meetings and shared the fairly specific feedback with the other DAO members.
  4. Different projects like Beer punk and Friendly Sea Creatures are in contact with each other. Supervision of follow-up of some influencers like Femsi with whom I advise against working in the future. He takes too long to respond and therefore does not meet our requirements.
  5. Implementation of the meeting every week between the PMs to note all the projects, which happened this week.

Next week:

  1. In addition to the progress with Paul, I will try to allocate time to the creation of the Near-based marketing agency which, if successful, could serve as a subsidiary company of Tenk, allowing for a better separation of activities within the incubator.
  2. Meeting with Ablaoublas to define exactly what budget we can add to the marketing campaigns for Tenk on Twitter.
  3. PM and Marketing assistance for all projects launched during the week. Big week ahead!
  4. Gang couture connection to schedule all tasks to be completed in preparation for my role as PM for them.
  5. All routine and related management tasks.

Weekly report #6

  1. The project has progressed well but it was discussed that the project will have to make a name for itself and then integrate the projects incubated by Tenk if they are interested in this service.
  2. The meeting with Ablaoublas allowed to define a budget and then to decide with the team on how to fund the account for the advertisements
  3. All three projects were launched with varying degrees of success.
  4. I started to establish a history of all the earnings generated by Tenk and the overall volume of projects launched to be able to put it forward to our partners.

Next week:

  1. Working on migrating Discord to Slack for the whole team to improve our productivity
  2. Working on estimating Tenk’s past expenses to relate them to our earnings and thus estimate where the business stands from a profitability standpoint. This should allow us to create estimates in the coming months.
  3. Gang couture connection to schedule all tasks to be completed in preparation for my role as PM for them.
  4. 2 projects that have received a grant to introduce to Tenk
  5. All routine and related management tasks.
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Weekly report #7

  1. Task still in progress.
  2. Expenses have been gathered and interpreted into an excel file as planned.
  3. Gang couture is still waiting for the contract to be signed with them so I’ve been busy checking Jordan’s MoU and adding two breach of contract clauses. So the contract should be ready for signing by Sunday or Monday.
  4. Both projects are looking for an artist and prefer to wait to find one before planning the rest.

Next week:

  1. I’ve had time to look at how slack works, but I’ll have to find out about integrating third-party apps that could be useful.
  2. Now that the expenses have been collected, I have to take care of the task of creating a forecast for the next few months by cross-referencing the revenue document with the expenses document. This should be helpful in determining what budgets to allocate, etc.
  3. Meeting with Gang Couture for contract signature and PM role
  4. Meeting with World of the Abyss to get to know each other and estimate the workload of the role of PM for them, as well as start their achievements if possible.
  5. All routine and related management tasks.

Weekly report #8

  1. I put the migration to Slack on hold because there was already too much to deal with in the items to follow.
  2. The contract signing still hasn’t happened because the form of the contract hasn’t reached a form that suits everyone. Review to be discussed with Emily. Possibility of learning from what was shared with us by WGMI.
  3. Finally for world of the Abyss it was more than just an introduction since they are launching next week. So I made sure everything was on track to deliver on April 27. All that’s missing is the art generation and the minting website to be ready. They completed the launch fact.
  4. I took it upon myself to negotiate a date for the I’m question mint that was in our pipelines by answering their questions and making sure it was manageable in relation to our schedule.
  5. Assistance with Beer Punks, including coordinating their social media posts on Tenk + answering their various questions when Yuree was not available.
  6. Handling Near tree which is getting impatient in our pipeline.
  7. Dealt with some internal issues.

Next week:

  1. I hope we can conclude on the form of our contracts so we can finally sign them to our projects, especially Gang Couture.
  2. Managing the launch of World of the Abyss with preparation for their main launch on May 12.
  3. Managing the launch of I’m question within the week. I wasn’t the designated PM but since I took it upon myself to answer them, I’ll take care of answering their various questions.
  4. Assistance of Yuree for Beerpunks.
  5. Assistance with Near Tree requests (setting up bots on their discord, etc).
  6. Meeting with FSC and Iotha to start planning their launch.
  7. All routine and related management tasks.

Weekly report #9

  1. No progress on the contract but after discussion with the team, they agreed to settle for our MoU draft pending the final form of our contract.
  2. The World of The Abyss was successfully launched but not without complications. Everything was going well from a technical point of view but the project team had no knowledge of blockchains so it was a bit complicated to make sure everything was understood on their side. There are still 4 chests to launch in the coming weeks for them.
  3. Project management I’m question. There was a problem with their metadata because their artist hadn’t made all the NFTs with layers so it was a bit complicated. So we have to do everything by hand. Normally, everything should be ready soon. Nevertheless, a launch on a Monday is never ideal so I hope everything will go well.
  4. The Beer Punks launch went well, I helped with some marketing and social media topics.
  5. Assisted Near Tree in setting up their social media and especially their discord server. All moderation bot, etc…
  6. Assistance of Yuree for Zomboduck which was close to not carrying out its art generation and smart contract development with us. Date negotiated at the end of May.
  7. Introduction and distribution of tasks for Marmaj
  8. Negotiation of the meeting with FSC and determination of the launch date at the end of May.
  9. Filling out the very long WGMI questionnaire (deserves its place here haha)
  10. Management of different meetings (weekly call, weekly marketing, weekly onboarding, weekly dev, etc).

Next week:

  1. Launching of I’m question with hopefully no problems with date and metadata generation.
  2. Continued support for Near tree
  3. Introduction and implementation of PM role for Raiz Farmshares. Still to be determined what they really need but it is a project with a lot of potential.
  4. Setting up WGMI support, I plan to help them start working and answer their question with Ioannis.
  5. Hopefully I will be able to move forward with Gang Couture. When in doubt, I’ll start handing out their tasks so the wait is not for nothing.
  6. It’s a little out of my scope, but I’m planning to expand Tenk’s content on Twitter a bit. I’ve been doing it for the past few weeks and it seems to be working well so I’ll continue
  7. All routine and related management tasks.

Weekly report #10

  1. I’m Question was able to launch without any problems and quickly sold out!
  2. Continued support for Near Trees. They contact us constantly for information. This is a good thing for the quality follow-up but it takes time.
  3. Raiz is left on hold for the moment but they already have the necessary elements to work in parallel.
  4. WGMI is taking more time than expected and still needs info from the Team to create different infographics.
  5. I have prepared all the next steps for Gang Couture. However, when I shared them with them, they expressed the desire to restructure their project a bit on their side. So we will wait for some information on that level.
  6. Done and we are about to reach 2K followers. This is good news because we will soon be able to include this as a full part of the marketing introduction that we propose to the incubated projects.

Next Week:

  1. Organization of all with Near Trees in preparation for their launch. This means several meetings to adjust the dates desired by the project for the different launches (seed, nft, etc).
  2. I will use some of my time to go through the projects in the pipelines and try to determine a launch date so we can better anticipate our launch schedule. So, better manage the mint page 2 weeks before the launch as Chad would like, etc.
  3. Recovering April’s profits and expenses to update our statistics.
  4. Normally, this should be good to organize the next steps for Raiz. I will try to see what is possible in this direction.
  5. Preparation of the FSC launch as I am also doing this. I have to see exactly where the project is at dev and NFT level because a priori the community build is good.
  6. All routine and related management tasks.

Weekly report #11

  1. Everything was organized with Near Trees. Nevertheless, the additional workload justified a 10% increase of our commission, which was accepted by the project.
  2. The fall of the market has scared many projects so it is difficult to settle on launch dates. The tendency is even to postpone.
  3. I didn’t have the time, so I’m pushing this task to next week.
  4. Raiz is making progress on his side having launched an airdrop via Satori’s service. We will be able to move on the rest shortly.
  5. On track. Project just hesitate to postpone their re-branding after launch which would make sense to avoid confusion.

Next week:

  1. Seed launch for Near Trees. I have to make sure everything is fine on the dev side but normally no problems to report.
  2. Recovering April’s profits and expenses to update our statistics.
  3. Getting in touch with the many NFTs projects that are migrating to Near from Terra.
  4. Continuing the organization of the next steps for FSC and Raiz.
  5. All routine and related management tasks.

Weekly report #12

  1. Unfortunately, the launch of Near Trees went wrong with a problem in the wallet display. Although this problem is not dramatic since the data in the blockchain is the right one, it was enough to generate FUD. In addition, the launch was also subject to a sybil attack which did not help the situation. We are working on a solution and another launch.

  2. The costs and revenues until August 2022 have been retrieved and adapted in the excel. This data is available on demand.

  3. I have been in contact with several Terra projects in high stages of development. The only problem is that some of them are linked to incubators on Terra to which they will owe fees. Thus, they have little margin available to pay the percentages we want.

  4. FSC had a meeting with all the actors needed to launch. A first version of the site has been made. The PO is just a little scared about the launch given the state of the market and the FUD generated by Near Trees.

Next week:

  1. Catch-up launch for Near Trees, along with an explanation of why this is a problem to the community.

  2. Launch of FSC. Also, discuss honorary NFTs that the project wants to launch and explain to him that it is not a good idea to include them in the main collection.

  3. I will try to get the onboarding team to schedule dates for the pending projects. Otherwise, our calendar starts to get empty with projects being delayed or hesitated due to the market situation.

  4. All routine and related management tasks.