NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly [February-2022] Report

Guild: NEAR NFT Club
Introduction Post: Introducing the NEARNft Club! - Near Guilds

  1. Community Management:
  2. Design and Development
  3. Website Maintenance and SEO: 2049 New Users
  4. NEAR NFT WEEK: 3 Issues
  5. Social Media Analytics:
  6. Rewards
  7. Contact Us
  8. Introducing Our Paid Services

. Community Management

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Check Daily Artist Feature Sheets and Sent Email’s
  • Weekly meeting with team members
  • Consulting Communities and NFT Artists to connect with NEAR NFT Club and use of hashtag
  • Collaborating with new NFT Communities to promote them till their launch/minting date.
  • 21 NFT/ WL Spot Giveaway events hosted by NEAR NFT Club on Twitter in February
  1. :handshake: 16mspstory.near - 1 NFT Giveaway
  2. :handshake: Metamon App - 25 WL Spots
  3. :handshake: Ugly Apes Society - 25 WL Spots
  4. :handshake: Vision Art NFT - 1 NFT Giveaway
  5. :handshake: Syko NEAR BEAR - 2 NFT Giveaway
  6. :handshake: Vexed Apes Club - 5 WL Spots
  7. :handshake: Genji NFT - 5 WL Spots
  8. :handshake: TORA Project - 20 WL Spots
  9. :handshake: NEAR I AM - 2 NFT Giveaway
  10. :handshake: The Arrogant Youth Circle - 5 WL Spots
  11. :handshake: Billionaire Bulls Club - 3 WL Spots - 1 NFT
  12. :handshake: Chads on NEAR - 5 WL Spots
  13. :handshake: Dino Social Club - 10 WL Spots
  14. :handshake: Engineart - 20 WL Spots
  15. :handshake: Curious Ape Club - 5 WL Spots
  16. :handshake: Skele Toad Society - 2 NFT Giveaway
  17. :handshake: Funky Frogs- 10 WL Spots
  18. :handshake: NEAR Future - 3 WL Spots
  19. :handshake: Bright Bunny NEAR - 3 WL Spots
  20. :handshake: Chads on NEAR - 5 WL Spots
  21. :handshake: Rich Bird Ace Gang - 10 WL Spots
  • Approving NFT WEEK content to be posted, four times in a week.
  • Monitoring the growth and promoting the use of hashtag #NEARnft within the community. Detailed Report Below

Partnership with NAKSH Marketplace

1.1 Hashtag Reach

Note: The #NEARnft Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) for the month of January is $1.64 Million with the social media reach of 22Million.

2. Designing (Graphic Designer)

Graphic Designed Posts: 95
Reels: 88
Stories: 518

3. Website Maintenance and SEO

3.1 Website Analytics

New Users: 2049

3.2 Organic Traffic Insights

3.3 Google Search Result Analytics

3.4 Backlinks Activity

Total Backlinks: 150+

Developed one website for @Jahzonemusician :
without any charge.


4.1 Twitter Analytics
Impression: 22.7K
Profile Visit: 8,043
Mentions: 653
New Followers: 115

4.3 Blog Analytics (GetRevue)
News Letters:

Letter No Letter Link Opened % Subscribers
22 NEAR NFT Club - Issue #22 Revue 24.3% 108
23 NEAR NFT Club - Issue #23 Revue 35.71% 113
24 NEAR NFT Club - Issue #24 Revue 29.01% 133


5.1 Twitter

Followers: 8783
Account Impressions: 236K
Profile Visits: 209K

Twitter Spaces co-hosted by @FritzWorm

5.2 Instagram

Followers: 1413

5.3 Facebook

5.4 Discord

5.5 Telegram

Telegram Group:

Total Users Active Users New User Avg. Daily Messages
942 321 437 98

Telegram Channel:

Total Subscribers: 355

New Channel Introduced for Shilling the projects

Total Subscribers: 59

5.6 Pinterest

Impression Engagements Total Audience
Pinterest 776 97 102


  1. Community Management= $2800
  2. Graphic Designer = $1900
  3. Website Maintenance + SEO= $1300
  4. NEAR NFT WEEK = $1500
  5. Social Media Account Moderators + Admins + Handlers = $2450

Total= $9,950


New Accounts
Instagram: Login • Instagram


We have received 26 projects requests since 10th Feb to 25th March. To handle this work our new Initiative of NFT Degen is taking the lead. Sharing the pie chart of the requested services.



Quite Detailed Report As Usual, Those Analytics Numbers Are Really Huge :fire::rocket:


Nearnft have build Music Artists Website for @Jahzonemusician

Yes am so happy I got my website from this site, :heart::heart::heart::heart: keep doing the good job.
I appreciate

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Amazing Job the one you do!

Thanks, @naveen_in and @zubairansari07 for leading the NFT Club and the support you give to the community all around



Awesome work Team :100:! Keep it up! In love with digits :star_struck:


The Best Thing of @NearNft

  1. Support Team : When we ask anything in website or telegram or even in gmail team will contact and solve your problem within 24hrs

  2. NearNFT Developer Team So strong that they have all solution of WordPress @Yashannapolis

I am so happy with #nearnft


Council Members: @Grace @jlwaugh @zana

Please check our payment poll on Astro DAO [2 Days Pending]


Hi team, as has been requested through David, please get in touch with me on Telegram to discuss this proposal and the NFT Guild’s future funding plans. Until this conversation the funding proposal posted to the Ecosystem Development DAO will not be passed as that DAO vertical has been retired as a funding option: [UPDATE] Ecosystem Development DAO Vertical

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Tagging this to the attention of the @community-team. Previously this group was supported by the Ecosystem Development DAO so let’s review this proposal and decide on next steps.