[Closed] Signature Campaign v1.0 by Kitchen Guild πŸš€

Welcome to the Kitchen Guild :slight_smile:

We had the idea of holding a Signature Campaign for Near Protocol in the vastness of the Bitcointalk forum.

At the moment, the Bitcointalk forum has become less popular, but this does not negate the fact that real professionals in the cryptocurrency world are still communicating and developing there.

It is worth remembering that almost all the famous creators of cryptocurrencies published their announcements and proposals on this forum. As part of the Degen Army, I head the Bitcointalk direction and I can say with confidence that there is still a lively and active communication going on there.

For example, you can see it here. We have created 15 threads and these are the total figures for them for 3 months. It seems that the figure is small, but we need to take into account the fact that Bitcointalk is a very highly specialized place and we get absolutely relevant traffic.

It is also worth considering the fact that due to the termination of many bounty campaigns (reduced profitability), real fans of cryptocurrencies remained on the forum. We conducted a study and analyzed who most often comments on our threads on the forum.

As we can see in the diagram, full and legendary members are most often active. These are high-ranking forum participants who have several years of active participation on bitcointalk.

What is our proposal?

Based on our research, we can attract high-ranking forum participants to participate in a signature campaign for Near Protocol.

For a better understanding, the signature campaign implies the creation of a signature and an avatar in the personal account of a bitcointalk participant.


All links in such a signature are clickable and you can click on them and view information about the project. The signature is created using a code that perceives the bitcointalk forum.

We also suggest wrapping each link in bit.ly to track the number of clicks. This will help to assess the effectiveness and expediency of the signature campaign.

We propose to establish the following rules for participants:

  • Must wear avatar

  • Must make 25 quality posts per week to be paid

  • 15 posts per week must be in β€œAlternative Crypto” sections

  • Posts must be constructive and on topic

  • 125 characters minimum

  • Users not posting enough to qualify for weekly pay can be removed with no warning

  • One bitcointalk account per person

  • If you receive neg trust while enrolled, the offense will be looked at and could disqualify you from being paid.

  • You may not advertise any other sites in your signatures

  • Posts in any sig campaign or bounty threads will not count

  • The funds will be distributed only to near wallets

We analyzed the average payments by market and determined the indicators (payments per week):

Sr. Member - 45$ per week

Hero - 60$ per week

Legendary - 70$ per week

We suggest making the number of participants small so that to start looking at the indicators, it’s never too late to increase the campaign Sr.Member (x2), Hero (x3), Legendary (x4). In total, the 9 participants.

Budget for participants: 550 USD per week or 2200 per month.

Our responsibilities:

  • Creating a thread

  • Management

  • Weekly task check

  • Creating signatures for participants

  • Selection of new participants

  • Monthly report

Total per month: 2200 USD for 9 members + 800 USD for 2 managers (~400 NEAR)

Since we consider this direction to be a test, we are ready to wind up the campaign in case of its failure within a month after the start. Analytics will be provided in the form of service statistics bit.ly

We also see the development of the Bitcointalk direction (creating translations and content), but first we would like to show the result in the signature program.


It was decided to reduce the number of participants.

Hero (x2), Legendary (x2)

Total: 1040 USD per month for participants.


I think this is an AWESOME idea!

However, I think we should reduce the scope as a trial run. I propose a reduction by 50% to 1100 USD and then we can assess the results :100:

I am of the opinion that BitcoinTalk doesn’t hold anywhere near as much clout as it once did. Most users are on more traditional social media channels.


Yes of course. I agree with you! We can reduce the number of participants and reject Sr.member.


Sounds great!

Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility :white_check_mark:


Updated the information :slightly_smiling_face: