[Closed] Side-Event & Activations during Ethereum Mexico 2023 - Event & Community Growth

NEAR Side-Event inside the Official Calendar of Ethereum Mexico 2023.

@Bancambios and @MexicoHub.near are presenting this initiative to organize a Side-Event during Ethereum Mexico 2023, including a BOS workshop and SWAG campaign during a Side-Event during Ethereum Mexico Week



Web3 Community constantly growing

Below see NEAR Protocol at the official calendar for Side-Events during Ethereum Mexico 2023


  1. Make NEAR Protocol to be present at Ethereum Mexico 2023
  2. Marketing on the BOS features to the Hackathon audience
  3. Let the Web3 Community and attendees about FastAuth - wallet creation
  4. Showcase NEAR ecosystem projects build in Mexico or by Mexicans
  5. Promote and build community to NEAR Mexico Hub
  6. Onboard more users to the DApps
  7. Onboard new Web3 Devs to NEAR either Rust, JS or Solidity
  8. Release some Articles about NEAR Technology in Spanish
  9. Generate Social Media content
  10. Update the Community on NEAR Technology, NEAR projects (latest fundraisers), BOS widgets, NDC Elections, Horizon Cohorts, and Future growth of NEAR within Mexico.

Marketing Activities

  • 4 Twitter Spaces with Web3 Communities previous to the event
  • 1 Twitter Space after the main event to recap
  • Rooftop NEAR Protocol Happy Hour Side-Event “Road to Ethereum Mexico” Organized by @MexicoHub.near with the support of @Bancambios and NEAR Foundation (Venue & Drinks).
  • We are inviting other projects on NEAR to display their logos: NDC, Metapool, Jutsu, RAIZ, NearHub, Tamago, Open Web Academy, and more to join us.
  • Twitter Spaces with Ethereum Mexico Organizers
  • Event advertisement inside Web3 Communities within Mexico
  • Twitter Space with Metapool, Jutsu, RAIZ, NearHub, Tamago, HER DAO LatAm, Open Web Academy, Blockchain Academy Mexico and more.
  • Special Edition Hoodies + NEAR & Eth MX2023
  • Special Edition T-Shirts + NEAR & Eth MX2023
  • Special Edition stickers + NEAR & Eth MX2023
  • NFT “POAP” campaign through a Keypom
  • Raffle through Keypom Envelop (content on social media, IG, Twitter, Telegram)
  • Meme Competition (NEAR in Ethereum Mexico)
  • Raffle Competition with the Users sharing our posts on Twitter
  • Invitation to join NDC and submit an Art of project to be displayed at Official NEAR Side-Event during Ethereum Mexico 2023.
  • Invitation to create #IAMH and vote on the NDC Elections
  • SWAG + Food & Open Bar for NFT ticket holders
  • Medium Article on How it is possible to build DApps on EVM using BOS/NEAR


  • Guild name: @MexicoHub.near @osc.near @Bancambios @SOXAvisual @GerryAlvrz @roseglzart
  • Funding scheme: This only applies to October specially for Ethereum Mexico 2023
  • Initiative summary: Promote the elections on NDC, promote + BOS + Horizon
  • Make NEAR Protocol look like a what it is, a top blockchain entering Spanish market, and be present at Ethereum Mexico. Where Vitalik, Stani, and other ETH Devs and Sponsors would assist.

Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community:

Metrics for measuring success:

  • 80 new near wallets to be created
  • 60 Posts using #CreateWithoutLimits near on Social Media
  • 200 new followers on Near Mexico
  • 80 Keypoms NFT claimed as POAP
  • 40 envelops claimed
  • 20 New Devs on BOS
  • Promote the participation at NDC elections on October 07, 2023

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones: By October 28

Funding Details:

*1 Month (October)

  • Total requested amount in USDC or NEAR (price based at the time of posting): $3,500
  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: mexicohub.near / mexicohub.sputnik-dao.near
  • Wallet owner’s name: osc.near
  • I-Am-Human: bancambios.near


For this Special Edition round, we are proposing NEAR to be seen as the leader Blockchain reaching Ethereum Mexico, for the month of October, below the payment scheme, distributed as follows:

Activities Description Budget period
SWAG 24 Hoodies $528 October
SWAG 40 T-Shirts $372 October
SWAG 16 NEAR Bottles $320 October
SWAG 600 Stickers $240 October
Team of 4 Co-organizers, event coordinators, speakers, social media campaigns: @soxa.near, @osc.near, @GerryAlvrz @roseglzart $1,600 October
Other Associated costs NFT & Graphic Designs, Minting costs, Team Logistics $300 October
Professional Video Video for Reels, Social Media, showcasing NEAR Brand, Swag, Community $260 October
Article distribution in Spanish (optional) Creation of 1000 words article with pictures, infographics, technology innovation at BeInCrypto Spanish $650 October
NEARCON 2023 Raffle of 4 tickets to NEARCON23 $316 October

Total requested amount

Description USDC
With Article **$4,586 **
Without Article **$3,936 **

Near Wallet ID: mexicohub.near

Name: mexicohub.near / osc.near

Telegram handle: @olahworld


FYI @Bancambios voted and continues inviting people to participate on the elections.



Looking forward to hearing from you all and LFGrow NEAR in Mexico!! :taco::saluting_face::sparkles::raised_hands:t4:
@marketingdao-council @David_NEAR


It is the best tiem to grow NEAR in Mexico. Crutial moment at purfect timing during Ethereum Mexico 2023. Let’s Freaking Grow!! 🫶🏽


Nice work Oscar! Looks like a solid plan with solid outcomes that will benefit NEAR community.


Why include 4 tickets for NEARCON, which have not related to this event (Ethereum Mexico) ?


It is a Raffle of 4 tickets to NEARCON3 for the attendees of Ethereum Mexico 2023. NEARCON is a Blockchain event. Blockchain Developers, DApp users and attendees would have a change to know everting about it. Thanks for your question.

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LFG! There’s great potential to rise awareness about the BOS and Near ecosystem with the Ethereans.

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Thanks for the proposal. I think you have a great mission here, but we’re pulling back on MDAO funding for live events for Q4 as the focus for the NEAR ecosystem turns to NEARCon in November.

Again, the October proposal should be submitted from October 1-10, not in September.

More information about the new guidelines can be found here. Guideline

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Hi @Bakaka thanks for sharing the guidelines and express your input.

Yes it is a great mission, and it is achievable. We are on track.

Okay, noted. We will cancel this proposal and submit a new one during October 1-10, 2023.

In our honest opinion, it does not sounds very aligned to not support live near-related events at anchor events like Ethereum Mexico 2023. Here some chains who are super active in Mexico: Polkadot, StarkNet, Vara Network, Solana, Algorand, Fuel Network, all doing IRL events around Ethereum Mexico 2023. - We cannot have NEAR missing the action.
The competition in Mexico is very tight as the last winners from Bogota, Waterloo, Korea has been Devs from Mexico. And a new breed of Devs and quality projects has been arised in the last years.

The Web3 people who is traveling around the World and assisting to Ethereum Mexico, are the NEARCON3 is looking for. And we are inviting them all through this IRL event.

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That’s great looking for a great future of near LFG ! :tada: MarketingDAO Community


Yes, we are growing the NEAR Ecosystem in Mexico City.

Hi @Bakaka

According to your instructions, here it is the next post:

Nice job, I like your plan, it looks pretty solid!

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hey, hank you !!

Sometimes, it’s all you need to hear to keep pushing : ) we are here to help!

Yes, we have access to all the top universities in Mexico, as well the medium level, and public universities most, and we are targeting the software, mathematics, engineers to bring to them the easy way to access Web3 development through BOS and other AI tools now available on NEAR Protocol.

We actually are introducing Boris from NEAR DEV HACK with the organizers of the Hackathon of Ethereum Cinco de Mayo. At the moment there is 150 registered, with a maximum of 600 maximum capacity for a IRL Hackathon. And it seems our introduction it’s working, as Boris and NEAR DEv hACKS aims to enter for bounty and prize. This is massive we can onboard massively into universities.

Thank you again for the positive comment.

hi @Bancambios just moved this proposal to Closed


We should do Marketing for the next event in Mexico with students from 20 top Universities.

Ethereum Cinco de Mayo

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