[REJECTED] Near Mexico March 2024

Hola a NEAR en Español! :mexico:

We bring forward the new generation of community, we empower devs and entrepreneur to be change makers and create the Open Web. :globe_with_meridians:

Near.social of all core team members:

Link to the Social Media accounts:

March will be a month of quick growth :fire: :rocket:

:spiral_calendar:January 31st - February 5th (quick recap)

We have visited Cholula Puebla, ETH cinco de mayo hackathon to establish our presence as NEAR Mexico. We have just officially started activities and started bringing awareness in Mexico. We sponsored along with DevHub a Diamond Track where we held 4k USD for winners. We hosted a side-event with local impact communities and more. It was proper to take the opportunity of the big event to grow NEAR Mexico and establish it as a top blockchain community, reaching the opportunity to start estabilishing collaborations with local communities and educational projects, we had 2 online given to local universities for devs and lots of activities.

Devhub and OpenWebAcademy collab, judging and mentoring

1/2 online university workshops for devs given by OpenWebAcademy

Our collab with Alan from OpenWebAcademy providing a talk about B.O.S. for hackers

Alan from OpenwebAcademy at our side event, talk about B.O.S.

For February we have reached the required milestones due to the nature of the event. Therefore we just need to maintain the growth strategy and keep posting on social media and generate noise.

We have learned so much into the making and creation of this community, we noticed unknown challenges we faced for on boarding people and keep engagement.

Therefore, for March, we will be working on the collaborations we managed to establish during the hackathon to keep creating high quality content in Spanish for devs and entrepreneurs.

We know that this rythm will only keep on growing and we will be trying to push it up a Tier.

:calendar:Our plan for March:

Tier D


  • 25 wallets:

2 online courses with collaborations- Colledge, Tododecripto, Blockchain Latam and more. improving not only our referral system, but the engagement as well.

  • 5K impressions:


for these month, we developed a strategy to harvest impressions on our social media. We will keep on pushing collaborations with big Web 3.0 inlfuencers to grow fasters.

  • 25 active members:

We did it before, we can do it again. We grew out Telegram channel adding 25 active members from the hackhaton, we will keep pushing the campaign. We believe that with the collaborations we have, we can grow our numbers for March.

  • 10 average txns for 12 new wallets: we learned from previous experiences that you must have the contact and name of the wallet owner to keep the interaction alive. Therefore, we will push this in the educational events we can provide, to ensure this number of transactions and more.

  • 2 videos/ 300 views/ month: We are ready to bring the next series of videos.

  • Webpage creation

  • Translation of latest NEAR news and reports

We are happy to be part of the NEARIAN community in Mexico, and our push and drive will continue to grow. We are working on interesting partnerships with Blockpay and Evolink to bring DeFi solutions closer while having more brand awareness, helping grow the community further.

We will be uploading our full January report soon.

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Hi @GerryAlvrz may you please include your social media handles and team members to the proposal? Please take an example from previous approved proposals.

Looking forward to your report!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello Team,

Thanks for your proposal.

I think it’s super important for us to see some good numbers in first 2-3 months. Once you reach all KPIs ij starting months, we can think to level up. Currently, I would request you revise it to $1300 for Tier E after we updated our Tier rewards for March.

Also, would be better if you share a Diagram with us on what KPIs you will work in month of March. For diagram reference please check this proposal: Near Turkey Proposal

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I’d like to receive a more detailed explanation regarding the KPIs, and I’ll only vote for the proposal afterward.

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Hi NEAR Mexico.

Thank you for your proposal!
According to our charter, new communities need to start with tier E for 3 months to demonstrate their stats before applying to the higher tier.
Please revise.

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Report uploaded :saluting_face:

Hello @JerryAlvrz and team, I have studied your proposal, unfortunately I am not ready to support you in March.

You mentioned translation of the latest news in your sentence, I checked your twitter. There is very little news about NEAR.
It is also clear that your telegram channel is not very active.

Hello Team,

Even after discussions, I don’t see any conclusion here. Meanwhile, I observed that your guild is mostly focused on events. Which is good thing and I really appreciate your efforts, but Globe DAO is focusing on all KPIs.

Currently, I can understand there are lot of conflicts. Therefore, I can’t support this proposal for March.

Hope, you come with some solution for other KPIs in April. We will re-consider.

Thank you!

Hello NEAR Mexico,

As you haven’t changed tier D to E, and today is the deadline, I must refuse the proposal.

As you got the funds for Feb, please do your best and make the report, and then we will comeback in the April proposal.

Tier E Achievement Proposal for NearMexicoHub

Hello, after reading your comments the team got to work and changed the course of action. We got so hung up in the -more actions less words-, that we were wanting to post this update post with the changes from your previous observations made, without realizing about the deadline :melting_face:.

During your last observations, we have been translating more content in Twitter, we created a Medium with 3 entries, and hosted a space to talk about spanish NEAR certifications. We have been posting more of our activity at the Telegram group, and we will be generating new NFT dynamics to increase engagement. We are trying to align as fast as possible within the GDAO as we have been here for 30 days aprox within this sub-DAO.

Therefore, we ask if it’s possible to have a chance to update the March proposal, as lot of work has been done by the team, and us not posting was because we were correcting.

We see the need to translate basic documentation (we have published the first article and scheduled more), to onboard new people for them to understand in their own language.

We have confirmed collaborations to talk about NEAR protocol in Spanish and onboard them into NEAR Mexico.


Successfully meet the Tier E KPIs for NearMexicoHub, focusing on community engagement, content creation, and technical participation within the NEAR ecosystem. Achieving these objectives will not only elevate our hub’s status but also enhance the overall visibility and adoption of NEAR technology in Mexico City.


  • Total Budget: $1300

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Community Engagement:
    • Grow to 15 active community members.
    • Achieve 3,000 social media impressions.
    • Host 1 event with at least 10 participants.
    • Deliver 3 swag items each to 3 developers to encourage participation.
  • Wallet and Transaction Growth:
    • Create 15 new NEAR wallets.
    • Achieve an average of 7 transactions for 7 new wallets.
  • Content Creation and Outreach:
    • Produce 1 video related to NEAR technology or community activities with at least 100 views per month.
    • Publish 1 piece of Medium content to share knowledge, updates, or insights about the NEAR ecosystem.

Strategies and Activities:

  • Community Building and Engagement:
    • Tactics:
      • Run a social media campaign leveraging hashtags, NEAR influencers, and engaging content to boost impressions and attract attendees.
  • Technical Support and Wallet Growth:
    • Tactics:
      • Host a wallet setup workshop during the event, guiding participants through the process and encouraging transactions.
      • Offer small NEAR rewards for completing transactions within a set period post-event to stimulate usage.
  • Content Creation and Distribution:
    • Tactics:
      • Produce a high-quality video showcasing the event, participant testimonials, and the value of joining the NEAR ecosystem. Promote across social platforms to reach the target views.
      • Write and publish a comprehensive Medium article covering the benefits of NEAR technology, highlighting community projects, or providing a tutorial on getting started with NEAR.
  • Incentives and Rewards:
    • Tactics:
      • Design and produce attractive swag items (e.g., t-shirts, stickers, notebooks) branded with NEAR and the hub’s logo, to be distributed to engaged developers.
      • Implement a referral program with rewards for existing members who bring new, active participants to the hub.
  • Performance Bonus:
    • Tactics:
      • Allocate a bonus pool for exceeding Tier E KPIs, especially if the hub achieves Tier D standards in community engagement and wallet activity.

Measurement and Evaluation:

  • Community Growth: Track the number of active members, event attendees, and social media impressions.
  • Wallet and Transaction Metrics: Monitor new wallet creations and transaction activities.
  • Content Reach: Evaluate the viewership of the video and the readership of the Medium article.

Once again, sorry for the lateness. We hope our job counts, and we’ll keep in mind deadlines next time.

Thank you.