Createbase Guild - Monthly Report - June 2021

Project Name: Createbase Guild

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: Current account balance (16.07.2021) - 310.86 NEAR


Updated Project Timeline:

We continue on our mission: onboarding creators to NEAR and Mintbase, researching new use cases, technologies, tools and services, organizing events in VR and IRL highlighting NFTs, promoting online community calls as a platform for information, networking and discussion, producing tutorials and other video content, funding bounties to foster community growth, and providing support on NEAR and Mintbase forums and social channels.


  • 47 proposals approved and funded through the DAO
  • 10 Open Bounties
  • 5 new guides produced
  • 25 artist talks and performances
  • 5 VR events (art tours, artist talks, DJ sets, parties, art exhibitions)
  • 2 Community calls
  • 6 AMA sessions
  • Social channel numbers:
    • Createbase Twitter - 986 followers (+86), 5.158 profile visits, 46.2K impressions
    • Createbase Telegram group - 564 members
    • Createbase Youtube channel: Community calls, Wildeverse Launch Party, NFT AMA for artists, Creatives DAO launch event (going forward we will put more focus on Youtube content)

DAO activity

In the month of June 2021, 96 proposals were submitted to the Createbase DAO. We have as of today 375 proposals submitted in total and we are very happy to be the SputnikDAO with the highest volume of proposals (we even “broke” the DAO in June when the UI ran out of gas while fetching all of the proposals to display).

Powering NFTs creation on Mintbase NEAR

Coming close to 400 stores created in total on Mintbase mainnet and with continued organic growth, we shifted the focus from creating stores to incentivising store owners to manage their stores, using the ‘add minters’, ‘default royalties’ and ‘default revenue’ settings functions.

Our bounty “Mainnet NFT Store Deployment” attracted lots of submissions, and was discontinued after we reached the goal of 60 new stores funded.

Our new bounty “Minting Together” has two tiers of rewards, a basic one for anyone performing the task, and a bonus that we will choose for the best use cases. The aim is to incentivise people to not only engage with the tools, but also reward extra creativity and truly novel use cases.

The contract with most minters added currently is the Wildeverse contract, created for the Hybrid NFT Festival initiative happening in July and August and experimenting with several novel use cases for NFTs. We engaged the community with an open call for artists to participate in this event and join the contract as minters. The Wildeverse contract has currently 87 minters added, created 631 transactions, and 359 NEAR earned. As the artists minted on Wildeverse, we hosted artist talks, music performances and art tours in the two VR worlds of Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space, where virtual versions of the festival “NFT House” were built.

VR Events

We hosted the South Pole Green NFTs charity auction in the Createbase cryptovoxels parcel, with over 30 artworks exhibited. The auction resulted in over 2.3k NEAR in sales.

In preparation for the Wildeverse Festival, we had 6 events in our Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels parcels. Together they featured 26 artist talks and 9 music and performance sets (two in this series of 6 events happened already in July)

For each VR event hosted by Createbase, the space is custom built by one of our community builders according to the event theme and goals, taking advantage of our open bounty for metaverse builders.

Real World Events

Mintbase is partnering with Wilde Möhre, a large music and arts festival in Germany, to demonstrate several use cases for NFTs and onboard thousands of new users to NEAR. This initiative is called “Wildeverse Hybrid NFT Festival”öhre-festival-6ae4fdb86ba3

For this Createbase requested an additional budget last month that is being used to prepare for this special event, happening in July and August. We will have a more detailed breakdown of all the festival related activities in our reports in the following months.

Community submitted projects (highlights)

The projects sent by the community during the month had on average very good quality and we were happy to approve the majority of them. Below a few highlighted projects which are currently in different stages of completion:

Articles and guides

Our bounty for writing guides and other articles continued to be very popular and resulted in several articles being written.

We highlighted a few of them in this blog post:

Integrations with NEAR dapps

We have a community drawing bounty using the Pixelparty dapp, with 12 frames owned by Createbase and assigned to different community members that draw together, often around a theme (for June it was Pride month). We will be minting the drawing as NFTs and assigning royalties to the participating artists starting this coming month.

We are planning more NFT minting bounties, to be released by the Createbase store and the CreatebaseNFTs account. The Createbase store is also minting commemorative NFT badges to be distributed at events, the first of them was given during our last community call:

Community Calls and AMA sessions

We hosted two community calls on Airmeet and 6 NFT AMA sessions on Discord and Airmeet, presenting news about Mintbase features and community projects, and providing a space for networking and answering questions by the community.

Community management

Apart from the Createbase facilitators, we continue to have bounties for community members to help manage our communication channels, like Reddit and WeChat, as well as our website updates.

Technical Challenges

For a little over a week, the DAO was inaccessible due to a bug in the UI affecting DAOs with over 250 proposals. We were the first to reach this number and expose this bug (now fixed - thanks SputnikDAO team for the quick response!) Unfortunately this period coincided with the discontinuing of our popular bounty and resulted in several proposals expiring.

Having DAO proposals include a link to this forum helps a lot in communication with the proposers, but we still had several cases in which we could not contact the proposer, or proposals were sent before being approved in the forum by the team. We are looking forward to more automation between forum and DAO (which we hear is in the works), as this has the potential to make the proposal submission process more user-friendly.


Createbase has been growing fast, and we are constantly experimenting in order to better support the community. In the next report (July 2021) we will start publishing a summary of our learnings during the respective period, so that other guilds can also benefit from our experiences and avoid some of the challenges we might face.

Next Steps

  • Plan and launch bounties in which people with different skills can network and collaborate (visual artists, musicians, writers, software developers, marketers, etc)
  • Plan and launch bounties for new use cases (i.e. gaming, fashion, marketing);
  • Improve work processes: social management tools, channel integration, etc;
  • Onboard community members to these new work processes;
  • Expand and structure Youtube channel with more short-format content, interviews, invited guests, discussion of new use cases, and improved branding;
  • Continue developing Createbase website (FAQ, tutorials, etc);
  • Initiate community discussions about the evolution of Createbase.

This wonderfully detailed report was a delight to read @lenara! And I especially like that you will be publishing summaries of your learnings as you experiment. I know I’ll learn a lot in turn and I can’t wait for other Guilds to grow and learn too based on what you share.

@chloe and I are on hand to assist with and contribute to those Createbase evolution conversations when they take place!


So much stuff :raised_hands:t4: great to see it all in one place @lenara thanks for getting this in.


request 8 NEAR for opening a shop on Mintbase - mongphong.near

Rejected as there is no open bounty for opening new stores atm.

Request 8 NEAR for opening a shop on Mintbase - nonameaha_1135.near, Thank team

@hoanhle @anhquocdzt @mongphong Am I missing something? Where were the 8N promised to whoever wants to open a new store? Update me please :slight_smile:

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But where did you get the information that we are giving away near for that ? I am really curious…

I need 8 NEAR to open a shop on Mintbase, please help me, thank you - nampham7394.near

We never offered to give away funding for stores on this post… :face_with_monocle:

If you would like to mint but don’t have 7 NEAR to open a store, there is a solution! You can ask to be added as minter to stores that our community members have kindly made available - Please contact @chloe or @TRENDHEO (thanks so much for making your stores open! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Also - stay alert to our Twitter channels @mintbase and @createbase1. We are doing an airdrop today for opening new stores.


Request 8 NEAR for opening a shop on Mintbase.
my wallet: kiemtienthem2021.near

please read the previous answers to this post.

I read this information on some of the near forums, so there is no such thing here?, and please give me some information about the airdrop to open the shop, thank you

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Hey @Hoanhle, I really do not know what this is about. Thank you for the information… Could you send me a link so I can stop the misinformation? We are not funding the simple deployment of a store.

We had an Airdrop yesterday on Twitter for opening stores, but this is already over…
We will be opening OpenBase in october again. This is a shared store where everybody can mint. :slight_smile: