[Closed] Near German May / June 2023


Hi @marketingdao-council

Since November 2021 we are growing a NEAR community for the German-speaking area (DACH = Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Our community exists on Telegram, Twitter, Medium and on NEAR Social. You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our latest report.

Previous reports and proposals: Profile - cryptoheitzi - NEAR Forum

Guild / Community Name: Near German

User: near-deutsch.near

Funding scheme: 2 months (May / June 2023)

Near Social of core members:

Our social media channels:


In the next months we will focus on Social Media Management, Content creation, attend Blockchain events in the German-speaking area eg.: blockchance.eu / blockchainweek.berlin and connect with German crypto enthusiasts, builders, devs and influencers to bring them to the NEAR ecosystem. As I am a Software Engineer, I aim to attend or organize Blockchain Hackathons and maybe build a project on NEAR together with the developers / builders.

We want to resume our work on Telegram, Twitter and Medium. Our main goal is to reactivate our users to believe in the future of NEAR. For that we are planning to do the following tasks:

  • Twitter: We will share daily the latest news within the NEAR ecosystem on our Twitter account.
  • Telegram: The main goal in our Telegram group is to reactivate our users and to increase the engagement again.
  • Giveaways: To reach a good engagement in our social media channels again we are planning small promotions. On Telegram we are planning an activity contest where the most active users get rewards for their engagement. On Twitter we are planning small giveaways to attract new users and get higher impressions. For Near Social we are also planning giveaways and contests to attract new members. And we want to onboard people to verify IamHuman.
  • We want to translate/write articles of the NEAR ecosystem in German and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. We think it’s important that there is some high-quality content in the German language to engage more German people for the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Events: We want to do some small events (e.g. AMA, contests, quizzes) with other German-speaking communities. We already have built some partnerships throughout the German-speaking area and we want to work with them again for Near.

What problem is the proposal solving?

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are many creators, developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. Over 10 million people currently hold crypto assets in the German-speaking area and they dare to discuss more in their mother language. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there live many people who are financially strong and are capable of investing high amounts in projects. They are also owners or co-owners of well-known Venture capital firms that are investing in the crypto space.

Our current situation is that the general conditions are changing continually and it’s really hard to make a plan and focus on the goals of the NF.

How is the problem being solved?

We plan to continue with our activities in the Near German community. At the beginning we will focus mainly on Telegram, Twitter and Medium and do the tasks mentioned above.

After the first two months we can add further tasks like create videos/interviews with German Youtubers, do Online/Offline events (e.g. Near German Meet-Up, Near German Hackathons) etc. The tasks will be adjusted on MDAO and RDAO’s requirements and on the growth of the community.

As mentioned above our main goal is to connect with builders and devs in the German speaking area and build a project on NEAR.


Till end of June, we are expecting to reach:

  • Active Telegram group and active Twitter account
  • Latest news within the NEAR ecosystem shared in our community
  • 8 (4 per month) articles about NEAR in German Language
  • 100-200 Near Social Followers
  • Host successful events with other German communities


Social Media → Promotion/Distribution → Twitter:

  • Task: Share daily news on Twitter about the NEAR ecosystem
  • KPIs : Amount of posts, increase followers
  • Metrics: 1-3 daily news, +100 new followers on Twitter
  • Budget : 450 USDT

Social Media → Community Channels → Telegram:

  • Task: Support community members 24/7, share daily news within the NEAR ecosystem, activity contest, small giveaways to increase group activity
  • KPIs : increase group members, amount of daily messages, high contest participation
  • Metrics: +100 new members on Telegram, 50+ contest participations
  • Budget : 800 USDT

Social Media → Others → Giveaways:

  • Task: Giveaways on Twitter to increase followers and impressions, Giveaways for Near Social to increase followers, onboard people to verify IamHuman
  • KPIs : Increase followers on Near Social, increase followers on Twitter, increase members on Telegram, more people to verify IamHuman
  • Metrics: 100 new followers on Near Social, 100+ new followers on Twitter, 100+ new members on Telegram, 50+ IamHuman verifications
  • Budget: 550 USDT

Social Media → Others → Contest:

  • Task: Telegram activity contest to increase engagement on Telegram
  • KPIs : amount of activity contests, high contest participation
  • Metrics: 1 activity contest, 50+ contest participations
  • Budget : 150 USDT

Content → Writing → Guide:

  • Task: Write/translate 4 articles about the Near ecosystem
  • KPIs : amount of articles, engagement on the articles
  • Metrics : 4 German articles, 10+ likes and comments on our Social Media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Medium)
  • Budget: 250 USDT

Social Media → Events:

  • Task: Host events (AMA, contests, quizzes) with other German-speaking communities
  • KPIs : number of events
  • Metrics : 2+ events
  • Budget : 200 USDT


  • Monthly Report, AstroDAO, Weekly Community Calls, Coordination
  • Budget: 400 USDT

Additional tasks:

  • Onboard new team members

Monthly Costs: 2800 USDT

Total costs for May and June: 5600 USDT

AstroDAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-german.sputnik-dao.near

Link to the Near Social post: Post by NEAR Protocol German | Near Social

Name: Stefan

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cryptoheitzi

E Mail: neargerman@gmail.com

PS: I have taken the updated RCWG process into account.

Thank you for your support!


Please, change timeline to begin from May.


This should be one of the key tasks as mentioned in [Regional Communities Update] Procedures .

Also, who are the core members of your community? What are their near.social accounts and wallet IDs?

Also, how many people will you onbaord to verify IamHuman?



Hello @IgbozeIsrael

I’m the leader (cryptoheitzi.near) Çizi (cizi31.near) supports me.
Due to the uncertainty, lack of funding (last funding was in December) and some internal issues our team got smaller. But in May we will get a new team member and we are are looking for further team members, everyone from Germany, Austria or Switzerland is welcome.

IamHuman: We all don’t have much experience yet, I don’t want to be too optimistic, so I guess 50+ would be the goal for us at the beginning.

Ok, I have added Near Social to the key tasks, on Near Social the goal would be 100 followers, but it won’t be that easy here either, we’ll do our best to reactivate our community again.

Regarding the timeline i have adjusted the proposal according to our Roadmap.

To increase trust we are always open for a call with you.

Thank you for your support and thank you for your great work!


Due to the fact the near.social and IamHuman are a primary goal for the Working Groip, i suggest your team makes the funds for bounties for attracting new members to be higher than other handles.

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Also, help us know how much your community needs per month. As discussed, funds are going to be distributed monthly, even after roposals are approved. This is to help the community be sure of each community reaching their milestones.

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I have adjusted the proposal again considering your comments. I also have changed the metrics and budget to a monthly basis.

We will use most of the Bounties (Giveaways) for Near Social and IamHuman

I think now we should be able to reach our goals.

Thank you!

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@cryptoheitzi could you please explain further, why @cizi31 is in your core team while running another community group too from different region and country??

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How is Cizi a core member of more than one community? Is it a different Cizi?

It’s me. Our aim is to onboard new core team members in the German-speaking area but till then I am helping out Stefan.

You can’t be a leader in other group and also a core team member in another one in different regions, you can be a designer, mods not as a leading team. @IgbozeIsrael please look into this

As i mentioned above due to the uncertainty, lack of funding (last funding was in December) and some internal issues our team got smaller. Others left, bu we are still here because we love to work with our community and we see a high potential for Near in the German crypto market.

It’s fine for me to remove him from the core team and add him as a supporter / mod as Cizi is already doing that kind of tasks.

I am already in talk with german Crypto enthuasists and Near German community members who support since one year, if this get approved we will be able to add new core team members.


How do you plan to meet your metrics by yourself if Cizi disengages himself due to the issue of his own community if your core team members aren’t there? Why don’t you reach out to them and invite them to join the team before the fund is approved, or look for people who want to help the community grow? If they can’t stay without funds, that means if something happens again, they might stop participating.

I will suggest that, try to start reach out to them and update the proposal before approval.

Thanks for your contribution to the community.

Just my short feedback regarding the NEAR DACH “Community”.

Twitter mostly reposts news from other sources with kinda cheap (google/deepl?) translation (like the medium articles) and if you check none of them has any comments/retweets/interactions.

Telegram: Silent for days, about 6-8 monthly active users. You get a lot of spam dms when you are in that channel. I remember there was a quiz one time and mostly bots participated & won this quiz - mostly no real users.

So imho “Near DACH Community” has no community currently.

Hi all,

The bulk of your argument is built on a screenshot about a post made on Aurora’s forum, over half a year ago. Not particularly relevant to this current proposal.
In addition, publicly posting a screenshot of a private conversation is in violation of our Community Guidelines.

If you have concerns about this proposal, please share them as they relate to the present state.

Although you are right in pointing out that Kemal’s post should be considered off-topic here, but it was fairly factual.
However, in large part, your response consists of personal remarks aimed to discredit Kemal. That is against our Community Guidelines.

I’ll keep the thread open for now, as other community members (@Danielzo and @Bakaka) raised some good questions about the proposal.

I’d like to encourage everyone to stick to discussing what’s being presented here.
Legitimate critique and well-reasoned rebuttal is welcome, mud-throwing is not.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread - please play nice!


Hi @Bakaka

i have already edited the proposal and have removed Cizi from the core team. It’s fine for us. Cizi will continue to support me as a moderator. As he also works for the Turkish community he can help me with his experience and knowledge very well.

As I already mentioned in the proposal we signed the last agreement with the Near Foundation and received the last funding 5 months ago (December last year). Due to the changes for regional communities in the last months there was no plan, no strategy for us and many other communities how to continue.
Now with the new process for RCs we hope to be able to continue and implement a strategy again. As i mentioned above we will get new team members in the next weeks

@Danielzo I accept and appreciate any feedback. Saying there is no community is easy, but remember you are part of the community. As mentioned above, we have been supporting Near voluntarily in the group for months and we are happy to do so. As part of the community, you are cordially invited to support us, you are welcome to take over the content creation. If you have ideas share it with me. What should a new member think of the discussion here. This topic starts with a proposal, let it remain a proposal. You can contact me on Telegram or directly here in the forum. I look forward to your ideas.

Have a nice day!


@cryptoheitzi – thanks for the proposal and your work in the ecosystem. As this falls under regional communities, and the Marketing DAO is trying to collaborate with the Regional DAO council for these kinds of proposals at the moment, I will wait to hear more feedback/thoughts from @IgbozeIsrael @bakaka @dacha before responding further. Thanks!


Hey @IgbozeIsrael and RCWG team, how can the RCWG approve a proposal when not only are there obvious concerns about the team and management, but the community has concerns about quality as well?


Hello! Because of M DAO short on funding, we cannot support your proposal, even if RG DAO working group members agree.
Thank you!