[RC Updates] Regional Community Working Group Proposal Updates

Hello NEAR community!

Sequel to the agreement made with the @marketingdao-council and RCWG to make funding available to Regional Communities, as found here, the Regional Communities working group made a process for all Regional Community Working groups to follow.

Following the above, many proposals were received as seen on the Trello board and reviewed based on the guidelines and previous works done by each community.

The following proposals are hereby recommended by the Regional Community Working Group to the @marketingdao-council for approval after making their proposals in line with the focus of the working group.



Some proposals were submitted out of the deadline date while some are in clash with other proposals hence, will be pending on review for next month.

[Proposal] Blockchain Club of Uganda Quarterly(May,June&July) (conflicting communities from the same country)

[Proposal] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - May / June 2023 came out of the deadline date.

[PROPOSAL] NEAR Arabic community (MAY-JUNE) (inactive telegram with many dead accounts, and Twitter too)

HACKAHOLIC | NEAR Protocol Hacker House in Chennai (communication on rates and other ideas)

To help us keep a good check on the communities that have onboarded people to IamHuman, we have made this form for Community leaders to share with their community members as they get to verify IamHuman. also, this tracking sheet shall temporally be used to track all weekly activities of Regional Communities.

We ask community leaders to endure the stressful process in this revamp. We (the Regional Community Working Group) promise to make processes easier as we move ahead.

NOTE: As the MarketingDAO will approve proposals, funds will be distributed based on monthly milestones accomplished.

Thanks to @Bakaka , @Ola , @James, @kiskesis and everyone from the GWG who made the research and brainstorming possible. May the success of NEAR be near you because you guys are the BOS :grin:




Now that we have comunity funding back up… Lets start building and collaborating.



Lets take NEAR Communities to the moon again…

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Thanks @IgbozeIsrael @Bakaka

Lets take Near to the Moon.

Pushing out Maximum efforts :100:


Thanks to the @rc-admins for the this process of reviewing proposals. This takes dedication and commitment and I personally commend you for the great job.

A few things I have observed;

  1. There seems to be only a small portion of RC DOA members making reviews. In fact, the average number of reviewers is two(2) per proposal of which the two are similar across a number of proposals.

  2. Secondly, from

I have failed to trace such a thing like conflicting communities in the RC Guildlines which triggers and idea of updating the same guidelines to something line “if there are two similar proposals from a similar region/country, call for merging in a given number of days”, “If a new community submits a proposal from a region with an already existing community with similar objectives, they shall be referred to the existing community” and maybe “If there are more than one community proposals from the same community and they can’t harmonize/merge the RC DAO does x,y or z guidelines should also be set if the RC DAO advises on merging” otherwise it makes no sense to defer a proposal on grounds of having more than one proposal from a similar region as it particularly limits diversification of different marketing ideas & strategies.

  1. Third is a question. Can the @marketingdao-council reject a proposal recommended by the RC DAO for approval?? In each case (yes or no) is it not right to argue that a proposal not recommended for approval can also be right for funding by @marketingdao-council ?? something to ponder… And how about the proposals that are submitted in time but not listed on Trello :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: ??

  2. Lastly, I wonder whether the recommended proposals will be further discussed by the @marketingdao-council esp in regards to budget and other marketing priorities?? Also, can one submit a proposal to the marketing DAO directly without passing through the RC DAO?? One would also wonder the dimensions between the two esp when the RC DAO gets fully established to being funded from NF or any other source for that matter(to precise when it has funds it controls)??

Hey Mayer @Dacha you used to have ideas on such queries, will be glad to see one of your responses :pray:


Hey, @Mucu256,

Thank you for your message and your concerns. I appreciate your interest in the proposal review process.

  1. The investigation process and proposals discussion are conducted confidentially by the RC DAO councils. However, we can consider making more information available on the forum as well. Also, there are more than two members involved in the analysis.

  2. The reason why your proposal is pending is because it was submitted after the deadline of 25.05. Therefore, it will be reviewed in the next month. You will need to resubmit it.

I believe it would be beneficial for the RC DAO if we can find a way for the two communities to resolve their issues and work together towards a common goal. Alternatively, we can create an instrument or framework to objectively evaluate the performance and delivery of each community, which can help us make informed decisions on funding and support, but it will take a time. What do you think would be the best approach to ensure that the DAO’s resources are used effectively and efficiently?

  1. All proposals that were submitted on time have been added to the Trello. If it is a regional community, it can be funded only after the RC DAO review.

  2. The Marketing DAO council can review and make decisions on any proposal that fits their goals and needs. It is possible to submit a proposal directly to the Marketing DAO without going through the RC DAO, but most likely it will just be redirected to RC DAO. The relationship between the two will be further defined as the RC DAO gets fully established and begins to receive funding from various sources.

Thank you again for your interest and questions. If you have any further concerns, please let me know.


Your questions prove me right that being on regular calls are important.

These questions were answered previously on calls and I can refer you the link to go over the meetings.

Please kindly note that because all 5 @rc-admins Members dont all comment on each and every proposal do not mean we are all not reviewing proposals and working on the proposals…

I can state categorically that every proposal submitted by the community is first individually reviewed and then collectively reviewed by the RCDao members which then recommend for approval/Funding.

The Marketing Dao and RCdao work collaboratively on matters of Proposals and Funding

While you can send proposals directly to the @marketingdao-council if it coming from a regional based community, it will be redirected back to the @rc-admins for review unless the proposal is focused on Techical Product building which will then have the proposal directed to the Developer Dao

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