[REPORT] Near German December 2022 / January 2023

Hi everyone,

Since November 2021 we are growing a NEAR community for the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Our community exists on Telegram, on Twitter , and on Medium.

In October and November 2022 we didn’t receive any funding from the NF, but still continued with our support. In this topic I am going to show you what we did in the last weeks for Near Protocol German:

Previous reports and proposals: Profile - cryptoheitzi - NEAR Forum

Approved Amount for December and January: 3780 USDT

Our social media channels:

NEAR German Twitter (https://twitter.com/NEAR_German)

On Twitter we also continued with our work. We had tweeted the latest news and updates within the NEAR ecosystem and made some contests together with German crypto communities. We have an increase of followers / impressions and mentions on Twitter.



NEAR German Telegram (Telegram: Contact @near_german)

On Telegram we continued with our work in our Near German group. We answered questions about NEAR and its ecosystem and supported some interesting discussions about the future of the crypto market and the future of NEAR. We also managed to get new users into our group. Currently we have about +1200 members in our group. (+250 members in the last two months)

Events on Telegram

Events on Twitter

German articles

In the last two months we translated 9 articles to German and posted them on our Medium account

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are many creators, developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. Over 5 million people currently hold crypto assets in the German-speaking area. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland there live many people who are financially strong and are capable of investing high amounts in projects in Euros. In my opinion it is important that we continue to provide them with the latest news and updates within the Near ecosystem and give them answers to their questions in German language. Therefore I am going to support this [Feedback Requested] Gov. Framework Polling Round 4**